Discover the Ultimate Goddess Tier List as Rated by Presidents!

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Discover the Ultimate Goddess Tier List as Rated by Presidents!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Neptune: The CPU of Planetune
  3. Noir: The Goddess of Last Station
  4. Vert: The Goddess of Leanbox
  5. Blanc: The Goddess of Lowee
  6. Ram and Rom: The CPU Candidates of Lowee
  7. Uni: The CPU Candidate of Last Station
  8. The Other Dimension Goddesses
  9. Orange Heart: The Goddess of Planeptune's Other Dimension
  10. Nepgear: The CPU Candidate of Planeptune



Welcome, gentlemen, to another exciting tier list! Today, we will be ranking the goddesses of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series. This unique series showcases a world where the main protagonist, Neptune, believes that the universe revolves around her. So, without further ado, let's dive into the rankings!

Neptune: The CPU of Planeptune

Neptune, the CPU of Planeptune, takes the spotlight as the main protagonist. Her larger-than-life personality and constant fourth wall breaks make her a standout character. Some may argue that her humor has become stale over the years, comparable to certain political comebacks. Despite this, Neptune's undeniable charm and significance within the series warrant a top-tier placement. Let's give her the well-deserved S-tier!

Pros: Charismatic personality, main protagonist.

Cons: Humor can become repetitive.

Noir: The Goddess of Last Station

Noir, the Goddess of Last Station, is a strong and independent character who prioritizes the well-being of her citizens above all else. However, her stubbornness in accepting help from others and occasional disregard for her sister can be off-putting. Considering these aspects, B-tier seems to be a fitting place for her.

Pros: Strong and independent, cares for her citizens.

Cons: Reluctance to accept help, cold towards her sister.

Vert: The Goddess of Leanbox

Vert, the Goddess of Leanbox, is known for her ample assets and her love for gaming. While her physical attributes may overshadow her personality at first glance, she is a caring sister and a formidable force if crossed. Let's place her in B-tier, considering her deep affection for her siblings and her unique role as the embodiment of a famous gaming company.

Pros: Caring sister, represents a gaming company.

Cons: Initially overshadowed by physical attributes.

Blanc: The Goddess of Lowee

Blanc, the Goddess of Lowee, may lack the physical attributes that some of her peers possess, but she makes up for it with her determination and protective nature. She deeply cares for her younger sisters and her country, which is based on a renowned gaming company. With her no-nonsense attitude and strength as a character, B-tier suits her well.

Pros: Protective nature, cares for her sisters and country.

Cons: Lack of physical attributes.

Ram and Rom: The CPU Candidates of Lowee

Ram and Rom, the CPU Candidates of Lowee, embody contrasting personalities. Ram takes after her mother, being bratty and mischievous, while Rom embraces her shy and good-natured side. This sibling duo deserves recognition for their unique dynamic, earning them A-tier and C-tier respectively.

Pros: Unique sibling dynamic.

Cons: Ram's bratty behavior, Rom's shyness.

Uni: The CPU Candidate of Last Station

Uni, the CPU Candidate of Last Station, has a strong affinity for firearms. While her enthusiasm for guns may be intimidating for some, it stems from her desire to differentiate herself from her sister. Uni's character development includes attempts to befriend former adversaries, showcasing her growth and making B-tier the appropriate placement.

Pros: Growth and character development.

Cons: Overemphasis on firearms.

The Other Dimension Goddesses

Moving on to the other dimension, we have the goddess known as Orange Heart. Despite being perceived as boring by some, Orange Heart possesses an intriguing blend of strength and vulnerability. With her caring nature and occasional swings in personality, she is a strong contender for S-tier, deserving recognition for her complexity.

Pros: Complex character, caring nature.

Cons: Perception of being boring.

Nepgear: The CPU Candidate of Planeptune

Finally, we have Nepgear, the CPU Candidate of Planeptune. With her title of "best girl" bestowed upon her by an AI, it is hard to argue with such authority. Nepgear's character development and growth throughout the series make her a well-rounded and beloved character, securing her place in S-tier.

Pros: Character development, growth throughout the series.

Cons: None.


In conclusion, the goddesses of the Hyperdimension Neptunia series are a diverse and captivating ensemble. Each character brings something unique to the table, showcasing various strengths and weaknesses. The tier list presented here takes into account their personalities, character development, and overall impact on the series. Remember, this ranking is subjective and open to interpretation. Now, let the debates begin!


  • Neptune takes the spotlight as the charismatic CPU of Planeptune, deserving an S-tier placement.
  • Noir's strong independence and caring nature position her in the B-tier.
  • Vert's love for gaming and caring nature as a sister earns her a spot in B-tier as well.
  • Blanc's determination and protective instincts place her comfortably in B-tier.
  • Ram and Rom's unique sibling dynamic leads to A-tier and C-tier rankings respectively.
  • Uni's growth and attempts to befriend former enemies solidify her place in B-tier.
  • Orange Heart's complexity and caring nature make her a strong contender for S-tier.
  • Nepgear's character development and growth throughout the series secure her place in S-tier.


Q: Is this tier list subjective? A: Yes, the tier list is subjective and open to interpretation.

Q: Why is Neptune ranked higher than the other goddesses? A: Neptune's charismatic personality and main protagonist status contributed to her higher ranking.

Q: Why is Ram ranked higher than Rom? A: Ram's bratty behavior and mischievousness set her apart from Rom, leading to a higher ranking.

Q: What criteria were considered when ranking the goddesses? A: The rankings were based on personality, character development, and overall impact on the series.

Q: Can the rankings change over time? A: Certainly! As the series evolves and new developments occur, rankings may shift based on character growth and storylines.

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