Discover the Ultimate Shape and Platting Generator Addon

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Discover the Ultimate Shape and Platting Generator Addon

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Blender Software
  3. Add-Ons
    • Shape Generator
    • Plates with Gravels
  4. Modeling the Sci-Fi Portal
    • Deleting Default Cubes
    • Generating the Shape
    • Adding Subdivisions
    • Creating Plates with Gravels
  5. Detailing the Shape
    • Modifying Random Seeds
    • Adjusting Gravels Amount
    • Altering Scale and Shape
  6. Adding a Teleport Realm Portal
    • Scaling and Placing the Portal
    • Adding Loop Cuts and Inset
    • Extruding and Shading
  7. Shading and Materials
    • Adding Emission Shaders
    • Creating Blue Tones
    • Adjusting Roughness
    • Applying Different Materials
  8. Enhancing the Model
    • Adding Additional Shading
    • Assigning Materials to Edges
    • Creating Textures and Details
  9. Final Touches
    • Adjusting Lighting
    • Capturing the Angle
    • Adding Animation and Effects
    • Incorporating Planets or Stars
  10. Conclusion

Modeling a Sci-Fi Portal: A Step-by-Step Guide

Blender is a powerful software that allows you to create stunning 3D models and visual effects. In this tutorial, we will walk you through the process of modeling a sci-fi portal using Blender and some handy add-ons. We will explore the techniques and steps required to create a complex shape with ease.

1. Introduction

The sci-fi portal we will be modeling is a visually captivating element that adds depth and intrigue to any scene. By following this tutorial, you will learn how to utilize Blender's features effectively and create impressive models without spending excessive time or effort.

2. Blender Software

Let's start by familiarizing ourselves with Blender. Blender is an open-source 3D creation suite that offers a wide range of tools and functionalities for modeling, rendering, animation, and more. It is a popular choice among artists, designers, and animators due to its versatility and user-friendly interface.

3. Add-Ons

To make the modeling process even more accessible, we will use two paid add-ons: Shape Generator and Plates with Gravels. These add-ons provide a streamlined workflow and unique features that simplify complex tasks and save valuable time. During the month of March, you can avail of a 20% discount on these add-ons at the checkout.

3.1 Shape Generator

Shape Generator, developed by Mark King's North, is a powerful tool that allows you to generate intricate shapes with just a few clicks. By adjusting parameters such as random seeds and extrusions, you can quickly create complex yet visually appealing forms.

3.2 Plates with Gravels

Another useful add-on we will be using is Plates with Gravels. This add-on enables the creation of realistic plates and gravel details on your models. With options to control the amount of gravels and adjust random seeds, you can achieve stunning results effortlessly.

4. Modeling the Sci-Fi Portal

Let's dive into the process of modeling the sci-fi portal step by step. We will begin by clearing the default cubes and proceed with generating the base shape using the Shape Generator add-on.

4.1 Deleting Default Cubes

When starting a new project in Blender, it is essential to remove any unwanted objects or meshes. In this case, we can delete the default cubes that are automatically generated.

4.2 Generating the Shape

With the Shape Generator add-on enabled, we can quickly generate a base shape for our sci-fi portal. By adjusting parameters such as random seeds and extrusions, we can create a rough shape that serves as the foundation.

4.3 Adding Subdivisions

To add more complexity and refine the shape, we will enter the edit mode and apply subdivisions. By dividing the shape multiple times, we can achieve a more detailed structure for the portal.

4.4 Creating Plates with Gravels

Now, it's time to enhance the visual appeal of the portal by creating plates and adding gravel details. Switching to the Plates with Gravels add-on, we can generate plates with random seeds and adjust the amount of gravel to bring the model to life.

5. Detailing the Shape

In this step, we will focus on fine-tuning the shape of the sci-fi portal by altering the random seeds and adjusting the scale and proportions of the model.

5.1 Modifying Random Seeds

By modifying the random seeds in the Shape Generator and Plates with Gravels add-ons, we can experiment with different variations of the shape and achieve desired results. This allows for customization and provides a wide range of possibilities.

5.2 Adjusting Gravels Amount

To control the amount of gravels on the plates, we can adjust the parameters provided by the Plates with Gravels add-on. Increasing or decreasing the amount of gravel can add texture and detail to the model, enhancing its overall appearance.

5.3 Altering Scale and Shape

To achieve the desired look for the sci-fi portal, we can further alter the scale and shape of the model. By squeezing or elongating the shape in different axes, we can refine the proportions and create a visually pleasing result.

6. Adding a Teleport Realm Portal

To make the sci-fi portal more intriguing, we will add a teleport realm portal to it. This will create a sense of mystery and add an additional layer of visual interest.

6.1 Scaling and Placing the Portal

Using the Blender tools, we can scale and place the teleport realm portal in a strategic position on the sci-fi portal. By aligning it properly and ensuring it is centered, we can achieve a balanced composition.

6.2 Adding Loop Cuts and Inset

To create the necessary openings and details on the portal, we can add loop cuts and perform the inset operation. This will give the portal a more intricate and captivating appearance.

6.3 Extruding and Shading

After creating the necessary openings, we can extrude certain faces inward to give the portal depth and dimension. Furthermore, we will add shading to the model to enhance its visual appeal.

7. Shading and Materials

To bring life to the model, we will focus on shading and applying materials. In this step, we will utilize emission shaders to create a striking visual effect.

7.1 Adding Emission Shaders

By adding emission shaders to specific parts of the model, we can create a dynamic lighting effect. This will make the sci-fi portal appear as if it is emitting light, adding to its futuristic and captivating nature.

7.2 Creating Blue Tones

To achieve the desired color palette, we will create blue tones for the emission shaders. This will give the sci-fi portal a distinct and alluring appearance, contributing to its overall aesthetic.

7.3 Adjusting Roughness

To add realism to the model, we can adjust the roughness of the materials used. By finding the right balance between smoothness and roughness, we can achieve a visually appealing result.

7.4 Applying Different Materials

In addition to emission shaders, we can apply different materials to various parts of the model. By using a mix of textures and tones, we can add depth and detail to the sci-fi portal, making it more visually interesting.

8. Enhancing the Model

To further enhance the model and add intricate details, we will focus on specific aspects such as additional shading, material assignment to edges, and creating textures.

8.1 Adding Additional Shading

To add more dimensionality to the model, we can incorporate additional shading techniques. By focusing on specific areas and edges, we can create a more visually pleasing result.

8.2 Assigning Materials to Edges

To give a sense of definition and structure to the model, we can assign specific materials to edges. By selecting these edges individually and assigning materials, we can create additional visual interest.

8.3 Creating Textures and Details

To enhance the overall texture of the sci-fi portal, we can create additional details and textures. By adding these elements strategically, we can make the model appear more realistic and captivating.

9. Final Touches

In this step, we will focus on the final touches required to bring the sci-fi portal to life. This includes adjusting lighting, capturing the desired angle, adding animations, and incorporating additional elements such as planets or stars.

9.1 Adjusting Lighting

Lighting is a crucial aspect of any scene. By adjusting the lighting setup and experimenting with different light sources, we can create the desired mood and atmosphere for the sci-fi portal.

9.2 Capturing the Angle

To showcase the sci-fi portal effectively, we need to capture the right angle. By carefully selecting the camera position and framing the shot, we can highlight the most captivating aspects of the model.

9.3 Adding Animation and Effects

For an added visual interest, we can incorporate animation and effects into the scene. This can include subtle camera movements, particle effects, or any other creative elements that enhance the overall appeal of the sci-fi portal.

9.4 Incorporating Planets or Stars

To further enhance the futuristic atmosphere of the scene, we can include additional elements such as planets or stars. By positioning these objects strategically, we can create a visually stunning composition.

10. Conclusion

By following this step-by-step guide, you have learned how to model a sci-fi portal using Blender. Through the use of add-ons, advanced shading techniques, and attention to detail, you can create visually captivating 3D models. Keep experimenting and exploring the possibilities Blender offers, and let your creativity shine!


  • Learn how to model a sci-fi portal using Blender
  • Utilize Shape Generator and Plates with Gravels add-ons for streamlined workflow
  • Customize the shape with random seeds and extrusions
  • Add depth and detail with subdivision and shading techniques
  • Enhance the overall realism with carefully assigned materials
  • Incorporate lighting, animation, and additional elements for a captivating scene


Q: Are the Shape Generator and Plates with Gravels add-ons free? A: No, these add-ons are paid, but you can avail of a 20% discount during the month of March.

Q: Can I achieve similar results without using the add-ons? A: While it is possible to model a sci-fi portal without add-ons, using Shape Generator and Plates with Gravels significantly simplifies the process and saves time.

Q: Can I apply the techniques learned in this tutorial to other models? A: Absolutely! The techniques covered in this tutorial can be applied to various 3D models and scenes, allowing you to unleash your creativity in Blender.

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