Effortlessly Generate PDF Documents with PDF Generator API

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Effortlessly Generate PDF Documents with PDF Generator API

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Document Generation Challenges
  3. Available Tools for Document Generation
  4. Introducing PDF Generator API
  5. How PDF Generator API Works
  6. Customization Options with PDF Generator API
  7. Use Cases of PDF Generator API
  8. Customer Success Stories
  9. Benefits of Using PDF Generator API
  10. Conclusion

Document Generation Made Easy with PDF Generator API

Have you ever faced challenges when it comes to document generation in your software applications? Whether it's invoices, reports, contracts, or picking slips, the complexity of document layouts and customization requirements can be overwhelming. As a developer, finding the right tools to simplify the process can be a game-changer.


Hi, I'm Donnell, the founder of PDF Generator API. We specialize in helping developers and software providers easily add document generation capabilities to their applications. Our flexible web API and template editor allow users to create and manage document templates using a browser-based drag-and-drop editor, reducing development and support costs.

Document Generation Challenges

In every software project, document generation requirements often arise. These requirements can range from simple invoices to complex contracts. The challenge arises when end users need to modify the document layout or make any customizations. This growing scope of customization requests can significantly increase the time and effort needed to meet the requirements.

Available Tools for Document Generation

When researching a service or library that could streamline document generation, I realized that most available tools were developer-oriented. They required writing HTML code or using separate software for template editing, such as Microsoft Word. I wanted to provide a seamless user experience and simplify the integration process for developers.

Introducing PDF Generator API

With PDF Generator API, we've created a solution that caters to both developers and end users. Imagine running an e-commerce application where your users can take online orders, manage the fulfillment process, send email invoices, print packing slips and labels, and more.

How PDF Generator API Works

PDF Generator API enables developers to implement three API endpoints to provide customization tools to users. First, users can fetch a list of available templates. The workspace logic allows each user to manage their templates without seeing other users' templates. Additionally, public templates can be introduced, visible to all users but saved as private copies in users' workspaces when modified. This way, you can provide a set of default templates to your users.

Second, the API allows users to edit templates seamlessly. The template editor can be opened from your application, either in a new browser tab or within an iframe to provide a smooth user experience. Users can make changes to the templates, alter the layout, add components, or map components with data fields.

Once the user is satisfied with the template, they can save it and close the editor. Finally, users can generate a document by merging the data and template. The result is a downloadable, printable, or savable PDF document.

Customization Options with PDF Generator API

The customization options with PDF Generator API are endless. Users can change their logo, adjust paragraph size and font on labels, or add custom marketing content to invoices. Regardless of the customization request, PDF Generator API allows for easy handling and implementation.

Use Cases of PDF Generator API

PDF Generator API has been successfully utilized in various industries. Bigbank, an international bank operating in nine countries, improved their document template management process by integrating PDF Generator API. This allowed business users to easily change the document templates and generate contracts and other important documents without involving the entire development team.

Another success story is Weku, an inventory and fulfillment platform serving e-commerce merchants and service providers. By incorporating PDF Generator API, Weku enabled their customers to design and print multiple template types for invoices, packing slips, address labels, and more. This approach significantly sped up the onboarding process and reduced the reliance on the development team.

Customer Success Stories

  • Bigbank: Improved document template management, reduced development time.
  • Weku: Speeded up the onboarding process, empowered customers to make template changes.

Benefits of Using PDF Generator API

Using PDF Generator API offers several benefits:

  1. Simplifies document generation process
  2. Reduces development and support costs
  3. Enables seamless user experience
  4. Streamlines customization options
  5. Increases efficiency in document template management


In conclusion, PDF Generator API is the ultimate solution for developers and software providers looking for an efficient document generation layer in their applications. With its easy integration, customization capabilities, and cost-saving benefits, it allows businesses to streamline their operations and provide a superior user experience. Don't hesitate to contact us at tunnel@pdfgeneratorapi.com if you have any questions about PDF Generator API.


  • Simplify document generation process with PDF Generator API
  • Reduce development and support costs with the flexible web API and template editor
  • Enable seamless user experience and easy template customization
  • Increase efficiency in document template management


Q: What is PDF Generator API? A: PDF Generator API is a flexible web API and template editor that allows developers to easily add document generation capabilities to their applications.

Q: What are the benefits of using PDF Generator API? A: Using PDF Generator API simplifies the document generation process, reduces development and support costs, enables seamless user experience, and streamlines customization options.

Q: How can PDF Generator API be integrated into an application? A: PDF Generator API can be integrated using three API endpoints: fetching available templates, editing templates, and generating documents.

Q: Can users customize the document templates? A: Yes, users can easily customize the document templates using the browser-based drag-and-drop editor provided by PDF Generator API.

Q: Are there any success stories of businesses using PDF Generator API? A: Yes, businesses like Bigbank and Weku have successfully utilized PDF Generator API to streamline their document generation processes and improve efficiency.

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