Enhance Your D&D Experience with a Free Web App!

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Enhance Your D&D Experience with a Free Web App!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Need for a Virtual Tabletop App
  3. Features of Cobalt Helper
    1. Initiative Tracker and Combat Effects
    2. Random Encounter Generator
    3. Integration with Combat Tracker
  4. Setting Up a Combat Session
    1. Adding Party Members
    2. Setting Initiative Order and Attributes
    3. Adding Monsters
  5. Managing Combat with Cobalt Helper
    1. Tracking Health and Status Effects
    2. Broadcasting Combat Effects
    3. Rolling Dice and Dice History
  6. Enhancing the Game with Random Encounters
    1. Calculating Party Challenge Rating
    2. Generating Thematic Encounters
    3. Adding Traps and Hazards
  7. Conclusion

Cobalt Helper: A Versatile Virtual Tabletop App for D&D Players

Have you ever found yourself struggling to keep track of combat encounters in your tabletop gaming sessions? Fumbling with pen and paper, forgetting important details, or inadvertently neglecting combat effects can disrupt the flow of your game and frustrate both players and the DM. If you're seeking a more streamlined and efficient way to manage combats, look no further than Cobalt Helper.

The Need for a Virtual Tabletop App

Cobalt Helper was born out of the frustration of a DM who recognized the limitations of traditional pen-and-paper methods for tracking combats in tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons. Realizing the potential of technology to enhance the gaming experience, the creator decided to develop an app that would simplify combat tracking, initiative order management, and combat effect broadcasting for both the DM and players.

Features of Cobalt Helper

Cobalt Helper is a free web app designed specifically for Dungeon Masters looking for a digital solution to enhance their tabletop gaming sessions. Let's explore some of its key features:

Initiative Tracker and Combat Effects

One of the standout features of Cobalt Helper is its initiative tracker, which eliminates the need for manual tracking of turn order. As the DM, you can easily broadcast initiative order to all players' browsers, ensuring everyone is aware of whose turn it is and what effects are currently active. Additionally, the app allows you to set and broadcast different combat effects, such as advantage, stun, or paralysis, saving you from the hassle of remembering and manually enforcing these effects.

Pro: Streamlines combat tracking and ensures accurate enforcement of combat effects.

Con: Users must have access to a browser and an internet connection to use the app.

Random Encounter Generator

To add an element of surprise and excitement to your gaming sessions, Cobalt Helper includes a random encounter generator. By inputting the party's challenge rating (CR) and choosing from a variety of threat levels and terrain types, the app generates thematically appropriate encounters on the fly. This feature not only saves DMs valuable time in planning encounters but also keeps the game fresh and unpredictable for players.

Pro: Creates dynamic and well-balanced encounters based on party CR and chosen parameters.

Con: The app's database relies on pre-existing monster and terrain data, limiting customization for unique campaigns.

Integration with Combat Tracker

Cobalt Helper seamlessly integrates with a built-in combat tracker. After setting up your combat session, including inputting party members and monsters, the app automatically adds them to the combat tracker. This feature allows you to easily manage combat encounters, track health, and record combat status changes for all participants. The combat tracker also provides quick access to the SRD content of each creature, ensuring accurate reference during gameplay.

Pro: Simplifies combat management by centralizing all combat-related information in one interface.

Con: Users with slower internet connections may experience delays in adding or updating combatants.

Setting Up a Combat Session

Before diving into combat management with Cobalt Helper, it's essential to understand how to set up a combat session. Follow these steps to prepare for seamless combat tracking:

Step 1: Adding Party Members

Start by adding your party members to the app. The app conveniently remembers the party members across different combats, saving you from entering their information repeatedly. You can also store party member data in local storage, so it remains accessible across different gaming sessions. By clicking on "Party Members," you can easily add, edit, or remove party members as needed.

Pro: Saves time by storing and recalling party member data for future gaming sessions.

Con: Manually entering party member information can be time-consuming for larger parties.

Step 2: Setting Initiative Order and Attributes

To streamline combat, Cobalt Helper offers an automatic initiative roller. Once your party members are added, the app automatically rolls initiative for each combatant, considering their respective initiative modifiers. This feature eliminates the need for manual dice rolling and ensures a fair and balanced turn order. Additionally, you can input attributes such as advantage, perception modifier, stealth modifier, and insight modifier, which automatically factor into the initiative roll.

Pro: More immersive combat experience with dynamic initiative rolls and attribute modifiers.

Con: Direct control over initiative rolling and potential customization limitations for advanced playstyles.

Step 3: Adding Monsters

After preparing your party, it's time to populate the combat encounter with monsters. Cobalt Helper offers a comprehensive gallery of SRD monsters, allowing you to easily search and add them to your combat session. The app even provides a color-coded visual indicator based on the party's challenge rating, ensuring you maintain balanced encounters. Make use of the search function or manually enter the desired monster's name to quickly add it to the combat tracker.

Pro: A vast array of SRD monsters at your fingertips for quick and easy combat encounter setup.

Con: Limited customization options for monster attributes or unique monster creation.

Managing Combat with Cobalt Helper

With your combat session set up and participants ready for battle, let's explore how Cobalt Helper simplifies combat management for the DM:

Tracking Health and Status Effects

Cobalt Helper's intuitive interface provides clear indicators for each combatant's health and status effects. As the DM, you can easily track changes in health and apply status effects, such as unconsciousness, stun, or paralysis, by simply clicking on the respective creature. This feature ensures all players, including the DM, have a clear visual representation of each combatant's condition, reducing the chances of overlooking critical combat details.

Pro: Real-time tracking of health and status effects enhances combat immersion and reduces calculation errors.

Con: Users must manually update and apply status effects, potentially leading to oversight in fast-paced encounters.

Broadcasting Combat Effects

One of the remarkable capabilities of Cobalt Helper is its ability to broadcast combat effects to all players' browsers. This feature eliminates confusion and potential disputes by ensuring every player is aware of ongoing combat effects, such as advantage or disadvantage, as well as any changes to the combat situation. Broadcasting combat effects keeps the game flowing smoothly and allows players to make informed tactical decisions.

Pro: Transparent and synchronized communication of combat effects improves game dynamics and player engagement.

Con: Over-reliance on broadcasting may hinder personal player agency and surprise elements.

Rolling Dice and Dice History

Cobalt Helper offers a reliable dice roller that allows both the DM and players to roll dice directly within the app. All dice rolls are automatically broadcasted to the DM and other players, maintaining a transparent and accountable gameplay environment. Moreover, the app features a dice history section, enabling easy reference to previously rolled dice results. This history function ensures fair gameplay and provides an additional layer of transparency.

Pro: Built-in dice roller promotes fairness and convenience for both DM and players.

Con: The reliance on digital dice rolling may detract from the tactile experience of physical dice.

Enhancing the Game with Random Encounters

Random encounters add excitement and unpredictability to your gaming sessions. Cobalt Helper offers a straightforward and customizable system for generating these encounters:

Calculating Party Challenge Rating

To ensure balanced encounters, Cobalt Helper incorporates a party challenge rating (CR) calculation. By inputting the party members' levels, the app automatically suggests an appropriate CR for encounters. This feature helps DMs gauge the difficulty of encounters and adjust the challenge level to suit their players' abilities.

Pro: Efficiently calculates a recommended CR for encounters, optimizing the balance between challenge and enjoyment.

Con: Oversimplification of encounter balancing may overlook unique party compositions and strategies.

Generating Thematic Encounters

Cobalt Helper's random encounter generator allows DMs to create thematically appropriate encounters based on various parameters. By choosing from a selection of threat levels and terrains, you can generate encounters that suit your campaign's setting and tone. Whether you're exploring a haunted forest or delving into a treacherous dungeon, the app provides a range of potential encounters to keep your players on their toes.

Pro: Enables the creation of engaging and immersive encounters tailored to the campaign's setting.

Con: Limited customization options for encounter parameters, which may not accommodate highly specific campaign needs.

Adding Traps and Hazards

In addition to creature encounters, Cobalt Helper offers the option to add traps and hazards to your gameplay. By generating traps, DMs can surprise their players with unexpected twists or increase challenge levels. These randomized traps come complete with difficulty class (DC) checks, potential damage, and unique effects, such as a swarm of snakes bursting out of a concealed pit.

Pro: Injects unpredictability and excitement into gameplay with dynamic traps and hazards.

Con: Encounter customization relies on pre-existing trap templates, limiting creativity for unique trap designs.


Cobalt Helper is a versatile web app that empowers DMs to streamline combat tracking, initiative order management, and encounter generation. Its intuitive interface and practical features simplify the gaming experience, promoting better immersion and reducing the cognitive load on DMs. Whether you're a seasoned DM looking for a digital aid or a newbie seeking an accessible and user-friendly app, Cobalt Helper is a valuable tool that enhances the enjoyment of tabletop role-playing games.


  • Cobalt Helper is a free web app designed to simplify combat tracking and management for tabletop role-playing games.
  • The app features an initiative tracker, combat effect broadcasting, and integration with a comprehensive combat tracker.
  • A built-in random encounter generator offers thematically appropriate and balanced encounters based on party challenge rating.
  • Cobalt Helper enables DMs to track health, apply status effects, and roll dice with ease.
  • The app enhances gameplay with features like dice history and trap generators.
  • Cobalt Helper is an invaluable tool for DMs seeking a streamlined and immersive gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can I use Cobalt Helper for games other than Dungeons & Dragons?

A: While Cobalt Helper is primarily designed for Dungeons & Dragons, its features can be adapted to suit other tabletop role-playing games with similar combat mechanics.

Q: Does Cobalt Helper require an internet connection to function?

A: Yes, Cobalt Helper is a web app that requires an internet connection to access its features and synchronize gameplay between the DM and players.

Q: Can I customize the monsters and encounters in Cobalt Helper?

A: While Cobalt Helper offers a comprehensive database of SRD monsters and pre-generated encounters, customization options for individual monsters and encounters are limited. The app prioritizes efficiency and ease of use over extensive customization.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of party members or monsters I can add in Cobalt Helper?

A: Cobalt Helper does not impose a strict limit on the number of party members or monsters you can add. However, excessive numbers may affect the app's performance and load times.

Q: How often is Cobalt Helper updated, and can I suggest improvements or report bugs?

A: The developer of Cobalt Helper actively maintains and updates the app. Users are encouraged to provide feedback, report bugs, and suggest improvements in the comments section to help make Cobalt Helper even better.

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