Epic Boat Refit: Bye-Bye Generator!

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Epic Boat Refit: Bye-Bye Generator!

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Purchasing the Sailboat
  3. The Need for Refit and Repair
  4. Trip to Paris
  5. Delayed Engine Delivery
  6. Removing Old Equipment
  7. Trip to the Hardware Store
  8. Plan for Removing the Generator
  9. Executing the Plan
  10. Unexpected Trip to Urgent Care
  11. Moving the Generator Safely
  12. Regrouping and Adjusting the Plan
  13. Successfully Removing the Generator
  14. Conclusion

Article: Refitting and Repairing our 50-foot Sailboat: A Journey of Challenges and Triumphs


In this article, we will take you on a journey through our experience of purchasing and refitting a 50-foot sailboat named Magic Dragon. From the initial excitement of owning a sea-going vessel to the challenges we faced during the refit process, we'll share the ups and downs of this adventure. Join us as we recount our recent trip to Paris, the unexpected delays in engine delivery, and the meticulous work involved in removing old equipment and preparing the boat for future upgrades.

Purchasing the Sailboat

Roughly one year ago, we embarked on the exciting journey of purchasing our dream sailboat, Magic Dragon. We were drawn to its sturdy construction and the potential for sea-going adventures. However, we soon realized that the boat required some refit and repair work to bring it up to our desired standards. Undeterred, we rolled up our sleeves and dove into the project with enthusiasm.

The Need for Refit and Repair

Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that our newly acquired sailboat needed some tender loving care. Various components, including the engine, generator, and AC compressors, required attention. We understood that the refit process would be time-consuming and challenging, but we were determined to transform Magic Dragon into a vessel that would carry us on many memorable journeys.

Trip to Paris

During the refit process, we decided to take a break and embarked on a trip to Paris with Kirsten's parents. The vacation provided us with a much-needed opportunity to recharge and disconnect from the boatwork. However, little did we know that our plans would soon take an unexpected turn.

Delayed Engine Delivery

Upon our return from Paris, we received news that our new Yanmar engine delivery was delayed by three to four weeks. This unforeseen setback meant that our initial plan to focus on the engine bay was no longer viable. Undeterred, we quickly adjusted our priorities and shifted our attention to other aspects of the refit process.

Removing Old Equipment

With the engine out of the equation, we decided to tackle the task of removing old equipment from the boat. This involved dismantling the old generator, AC compressors, and various wiring components. The process was challenging and required careful planning to ensure the safe removal of each component. We were grateful to have Kirsten's father's expertise in navigating this intricate task.

Trip to the Hardware Store

As the refit progressed, we found ourselves making countless trips to the hardware store. Whether it was for supplies, tools, or replacement parts, each visit presented an opportunity to refine our plans and make necessary adjustments. These impromptu trips became a recurring theme throughout the refit process.

Plan for Removing the Generator

One of the major tasks on our to-do list was removing the generator from its current location. With careful measurements and meticulous planning, we devised a plan to safely extract the heavy generator without causing any damage to the surrounding structure. The use of a main halyard and a well-thought-out support structure ensured a smooth extraction process.

Executing the Plan

Executing the plan required a coordinated effort and constant communication between team members. Each step was carefully executed, with everyone's safety at the forefront of our minds. As the generator was lifted and moved, tensions ran high, but with each successful maneuver, we gained confidence in our ability to complete the task at hand.

Unexpected Trip to Urgent Care

Amidst the chaos of the refit process, a minor mishap occurred, resulting in a trip to urgent care. A wire punctured through a hand, necessitating medical attention. Though a minor incident, it served as a reminder to prioritize safety and take necessary precautions during the physically demanding aspects of the refit process.

Moving the Generator Safely

The most stressful part of the entire process came when we had to move the heavy generator from its suspended position to a safe spot within the boat. Suspended by a half-inch line, the generator had to be carefully maneuvered to ensure it didn't fall and cause damage. With teamwork, precision, and a bit of adrenaline, we successfully moved the generator to a temporary location.

Regrouping and Adjusting the Plan

However, due to concerns about the line's weight-bearing capacity, we decided to adjust our plan. We opted to deconstruct the generator further, allowing us to remove it in smaller, more manageable pieces. While this created additional work, it ensured a safer and more controlled extraction process.

Successfully Removing the Generator

Piece by piece, we dismantled the generator and carefully removed its components from the boat. It was a tedious task that required attention to detail and careful handling. In the end, we celebrated the successful removal of the generator, marking a significant milestone in our refit journey.


Our refit and repair journey aboard Magic Dragon continues to be a rollercoaster of challenges and triumphs. From unexpected delays to the careful extraction of heavy equipment, we've learned the importance of adaptability and teamwork. As we move closer to our goal of a fully refitted sailboat, we remain motivated by the adventures that await us on the open seas. Join us as we tackle the next phase of this exciting journey.


  • Purchasing and refitting a 50-foot sailboat named Magic Dragon
  • Challenges faced during the refit process
  • Unforeseen delays in engine delivery
  • Removing old equipment and preparing the boat for upgrades
  • Teamwork and careful planning in executing the extraction of the generator
  • Adjustments to the plan and successful completion of the removal process


Q: How long did the refit process take? A: The refit process is ongoing and can vary depending on the specific tasks and challenges encountered. However, we have been working on the refit for approximately a year and have made significant progress.

Q: What were some of the biggest challenges faced during the refit? A: One of the biggest challenges was the delayed engine delivery, which required us to adjust our plans and shift our focus to other aspects of the refit. Additionally, the safe removal of heavy equipment, such as the generator, posed its own set of challenges and required careful planning and execution.

Q: How did you manage to overcome setbacks during the refit process? A: Overcoming setbacks required adaptability, teamwork, and a positive mindset. We adjusted our plans when necessary and found alternative solutions to keep the refit progress moving forward. Additionally, open communication and regular brainstorming sessions helped us navigate any obstacles that arose.

Q: What advice do you have for others embarking on a sailboat refit project? A: Planning is key. Take the time to thoroughly assess the condition of the boat and create a detailed plan for each aspect of the refit. Additionally, be prepared for unexpected setbacks and challenges, and don't be afraid to seek the help and expertise of professionals or experienced individuals in the boating community.

Q: What are your future plans for Magic Dragon? A: Once the refit is complete, our plans include embarking on exciting sea adventures, exploring new destinations, and enjoying the freedom and beauty of life on the open seas. Magic Dragon will become our home and vessel of exploration for years to come.

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