Epic Crossover of Ben 10 and Generator Rex

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Epic Crossover of Ben 10 and Generator Rex

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background on Ben 10 and Generator Rex
  3. The Idea of a Crossover
  4. Reviewing Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United
    • Plot
    • Characters
    • Animation
    • Crossover Aspect
  5. Conclusion
  6. Feedback and Reviews
  7. Future Crossover Possibilities
  8. FAQ
  9. Highlights


In the world of animated television shows, there are often crossovers between popular characters and series. One such crossover that gained significant attention was the combination of Ben 10 and Generator Rex. Both shows were created by Man of Action and aired on Cartoon Network in the early 2010s. This article will explore the concept of crossovers, review the Ben 10/Generator Rex crossover episode titled "Heroes United," and discuss the plot, characters, animation, and the overall success of the crossover.

Background on Ben 10 and Generator Rex

Before diving into the crossover episode, it's important to have a basic understanding of the two shows that collided in "Heroes United." Ben 10 follows the adventures of Ben Tennyson, a young boy who acquires a special watch called the Omnitrix that allows him to transform into various alien creatures. On the other hand, Generator Rex revolves around the life of Rex Salazar, a teenager with the ability to create machines from his body due to a nanite-infused mutation. Both shows achieved popularity among young audiences and established themselves as fan-favorite action cartoons.

The Idea of a Crossover

The idea of a crossover between Ben 10 and Generator Rex was both exciting and logical. Considering that both shows were created by the same team and shared similar themes, it seemed like a genius move to combine these beloved characters into one epic storyline. Not only would it captivate fans of both series, but it also had the potential to introduce new viewers to the lesser-known property by leveraging the popularity of the bigger brother show. The decision to create a crossover episode was undoubtedly a thrilling prospect for fans.

Reviewing Ben 10/Generator Rex: Heroes United


The crossover episode titled "Heroes United" successfully brought together the two shows' similar characters and told their story in a compelling manner. The plot seamlessly integrated Ben Tennyson into Rex Salazar's world, providing a solid explanation for his teleportation. The interactions between Ben, Rex, and their respective friends added depth and entertainment to the storyline. Some fans may have hoped for a reverse scenario where Rex would visit Ben's world and meet Gwen and Kevin, but the intentional focus on Rex's world allowed for an effective introduction of the lesser-known property. The utilization of Ben's aliens, although they could have been better explained, provided excitement and fan-favorite moments, particularly when Upgrade merged with Rex to form an epic armor. Additionally, the introduction of Shocksquatch and the inclusion of the classic Ben 10 trope of discovering new aliens on the spot added to the overall enjoyment of the plot. While the pacing was slightly inconsistent and the villain felt generic, the plot was overall well-told and accomplished its intended objectives.


The crossover episode primarily focused on Ben Tennyson's transition from his world to Rex Salazar's world, resulting in a change in art styles for the characters. The relationship between Ben and Rex was a highlight of the episode, as their similar personalities and sense of humor initially put them at odds with each other, only to realize their commonalities through conversation at a basketball court. Ben's backstory, characterized by alive parents and a close relationship with his grandfather and cousin, contrasted with Rex's more challenging upbringing, including the loss of his parents, a brother working for the opposing side, and unconventional friends. Despite their differing experiences, their similar personalities showcased Rex's development. While the absence of characters like Gwen and Kevin may have disappointed some fans, their exclusion allowed for a stronger focus on the dynamic between the two main characters, which was a standout aspect of the crossover episode.


The animation style used in "Heroes United" adopted the art style of Generator Rex, resulting in a redesigned look for Ben and his aliens. The new art style was generally well-received, providing a high-quality and visually pleasing aesthetic, particularly in various action sequences. Many aliens appeared remarkably cool in this style, such as Cannonbolt and Big Chill, and the overall polished and clean appearance offered a fresh perspective on what a Ben 10 art style could entail. The animation itself was smooth and fluid, contributing to the overall enjoyment of the crossover episode. While there were no significant complaints about the animation, some fans may have found it challenging to overlook certain minor design changes, such as Humungousaur's addition of horns.

Crossover Aspect

In terms of the crossover element, "Heroes United" was predominantly a Generator Rex episode. Viewers who were unfamiliar with the show may have struggled to understand the terminology and intricacies of the Generator Rex lore that were heavily featured in the episode. However, Ben 10 also played a significant role, and the episode delved into his lore as well. The inclusion of Ben's presence in Rex's world was adequately justified, predominantly in the context of Rex's brother banishing a formidable villain to the Null Void. While familiarity with the concept of the Null Void would have been beneficial, considering the broader context of the Ben 10 series, the inclusion of this plot point made the crossover feel authentic and purposeful. The episode ended with the iconic fist bump between Ben and Rex, leaving fans eager for future crossovers and continuation of their dynamic.


In conclusion, "Heroes United" successfully merged the worlds of Ben 10 and Generator Rex, creating an engaging crossover episode that entertained fans of both shows. The plot effectively brought similar characters together while providing a compelling storyline and memorable interactions. The animation and art style changes added visual appeal to the episode, although minor design alterations may have divided opinions among viewers. The crossover aspect leaned more towards Generator Rex, but Ben 10's presence was significant and added depth to the plot. Overall, "Heroes United" was a well-executed crossover episode that delighted fans and left them eager for more collaborations between these beloved characters.

Feedback and Reviews

We would love to hear your thoughts and reviews on the crossover episode "Heroes United." Please share your opinions and feedback in the comments section below. If you enjoyed our review, we would greatly appreciate a like. Additionally, be sure to subscribe to Mr Nostalgia, our special guest for this review, and check out his content, including our collaboration from a while back. Stay tuned as we will be reviewing the new Ben Gen 10 special with another special guest soon. Thank you for watching, and we look forward to seeing you all in the next review!

Future Crossover Possibilities

The success of the Ben 10/Generator Rex crossover episode opens up exciting possibilities for future crossovers between popular animated television shows. Fans can look forward to more collaborations that bring their favorite characters together in epic storylines. The combination of similar shows with shared themes not only pleases existing fans but also introduces new viewers to different properties. As creators continue to explore crossover opportunities, the potential for unique and thrilling storylines becomes limitless.


Q: What other shows have had successful crossovers? A: Some notable shows that have had successful crossovers include "The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour" and "The Jetsons Meet The Flintstones."

Q: Is "Heroes United" accessible to viewers who haven't watched either Ben 10 or Generator Rex? A: While the crossover episode heavily relies on the lore and terminology of both shows, it still provides an enjoyable viewing experience. However, familiarity with at least one of the shows may enhance understanding and appreciation.

Q: Will there be additional crossovers between Ben 10 and Generator Rex? A: While there are no immediate plans for another crossover, given the positive reception of "Heroes United," it's possible that future collaborations may occur.

Q: What were some standout moments in the crossover episode? A: The interactions between Ben and Rex, as well as the fusion of their powers, were memorable moments that delighted fans. Additionally, the introduction of new aliens and the dynamic relationship between the two main characters were highlights of the episode.

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