Explore SYNAPSE: Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tour

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Explore SYNAPSE: Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Tour

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Island Description
    1. Islands Theme and Inspiration
    2. Resident Information
  3. Home Tour
    1. Creators Home
    2. Kitchen and Dining Area
    3. Will's Room
    4. Camera Room
    5. Basement Level
  4. Exploring the Island
    1. Backyard Area
    2. Lookout Area
    3. Beach Decorations
    4. Pool Area
    5. Museum and Store
  5. Hidden Pathways
    1. Villager Homes
    2. Waterways and Bridges
    3. The Diner
    4. Farmland and Cropped Areas
  6. Conclusion

Island Tour: Exploring a Stranger Things-Themed Island

Welcome to another Animal Crossing island tour! Today, we're diving into the world of Stranger Things as we explore the mysterious and intricate island of Synapse. Inspired by the hit Netflix series, this island is filled with spooky surprises and unique designs. So grab your 11-themed outfit and let's embark on a thrilling adventure.

Island Description

Islands Theme and Inspiration

Synapse is a Stranger Things-inspired island that captures the eerie atmosphere and nostalgic charm of the show. Created by @CaribouCrossing on Instagram, every inch of this island reflects the Upside Down, Hawkins, and the 80s aesthetic. Expect to encounter hidden references and clever nods to the beloved series as you explore Synapse.

Resident Information

As we begin our tour, let's get acquainted with the island's residents. Meet Edela and 11, the non-animal villagers who call Synapse home. Alongside them, we have Dobby, Dearra, Kiki, Raymond, Eric, Sparrow, Cocoa, Coal, Clay, and Lucky as our animal villagers. This vibrant mix of characters adds life and personality to the island.

Home Tour

Now, it's time to step inside the islanders' homes and discover their unique living spaces. From retro-themed kitchens to mysterious basements, each house tells a story and showcases the creativity of the island's residents.

Creators Home

We'll start our home tour with the creator's own house. This is where @CaribouCrossing's creativity shines. As we enter, we're greeted by a combination of kitchen and dining area. The walls are adorned with a stunning alphabet light display, reminiscent of the iconic scene from Stranger Things. The attention to detail is impressive, creating a true 80s vibe that transports us back in time.

Kitchen and Dining Area

Moving further into the house, we come across a cozy and inviting kitchen and dining area. The intricate wall patterns, complete with a lava lamp, capture the essence of the 80s. It's a perfect space to gather and enjoy a meal with friends or discuss mysteries hidden within Synapse.

Will's Room

Next, we venture into Will's room. This space pays tribute to the missing character and captures the essence of his adventurous spirit. From the captivating wallpaper to the small details like a lava lamp and camera, every element is carefully chosen to represent Will's unique personality.

Camera Room

Continuing our tour, we step into the camera room. This space serves as a reminder of the show's ongoing mystery and the importance of capturing important moments. The attention to detail is extraordinary, with intricate patterns and decorations that evoke a sense of curiosity and intrigue.

Basement Level

Lastly, we explore the basement, a cozy and inviting living room. The intricate patterns on the chairs and the beautifully decorated Christmas tree create a warm and festive atmosphere. It's the perfect spot to relax and unwind after a long day of exploration on Synapse.

Exploring the Island

Now that we've explored the islanders' homes, it's time to venture out and see what else Synapse has to offer. This island is filled with unique areas, each carefully designed to immerse visitors in the world of Stranger Things.

Backyard Area

Behind the campsite, we discover a charming backyard area. Complete with little picnic setups, this spot invites islanders and visitors alike to relax and enjoy the serene surroundings. The attention to detail in the decorations creates an atmosphere of coziness and tranquility.

Lookout Area

As we make our way up to the airport, we discover a lookout area with a stunning view. The eerie presence of a dinosaur adds a touch of mystery, reminiscent of the menacing demogorgons. It's a perfect spot to catch a glimpse of shooting stars while contemplating the enigma of Synapse.

Beach Decorations

Synapse's beach is not just for sunbathing and relaxation. Here, we find a variety of Halloween-themed decorations that add a spooky twist to the natural beauty of the shoreline. From lifeguard chairs to hidden pathways, there's always something waiting to be discovered.

Pool Area

Venturing further into the island, we come across a retro-themed pool area that oozes nostalgia. The colorful poolside décor and the amusing addition of socks on the side of the pool add a touch of humor. It's a great place to take a dip and cool off from the island's mysteries.

Museum and Store

At the heart of Synapse, we find the island's museum and store. The beautifully designed museum showcases a wide range of exhibits, capturing the essence of the show's mysterious artifacts. Next to it, a store reminiscent of a 7-Eleven offers a place to stock up on essentials and indulge in some retail therapy.

Hidden Pathways

Synapse is filled with hidden pathways and secret areas that add an extra layer of intrigue to the island. From villager homes tucked away in corners to waterways and bridges, exploring these hidden gems is an adventure in itself.

Villager Homes

As we wander through the island's winding pathways, we stumble upon scattered villager homes. These homes are beautifully decorated, each reflecting the personality and tastes of the island's residents. From spooky Halloween decorations to cozy and welcoming setups, each home adds to the unique charm of Synapse.

Waterways and Bridges

Throughout Synapse, carefully crafted waterways and bridges create a seamless connection between different areas of the island. These scenic routes invite visitors to explore and discover hidden nooks and crannies, adding a sense of adventure and surprise to the journey.

The Diner

Synapse even has its very own diner, reminiscent of the one featured in Stranger Things. It's a charming spot filled with 80s nostalgia and offers a place for islanders to gather, enjoy a quick bite, and share stories. The attention to detail in capturing the classic American diner atmosphere is remarkable.

Farmland and Cropped Areas

Synapse showcases wide-open spaces dedicated to farmland and cropped areas. These locations add a touch of realism to the island, providing an authentic rural atmosphere. Fields of crops and carefully organized farming setups create a unique and refreshing contrast within the island's overall theme.


The Stranger Things-inspired island of Synapse offers an immersive and intriguing experience for Animal Crossing enthusiasts. With its attention to detail, hidden pathways, and unique designs, this island is a testament to the creativity and dedication of its creator, @CaribouCrossing. Whether you're a fan of the show or simply love exploring beautifully crafted islands, Synapse is a must-visit destination in the world of Animal Crossing.

So, grab your NookPhone, and don't forget to take a detour to Synapse using the dream address provided. Remember to keep an eye out for hidden wonders and share your thoughts on this unique island in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this tour, be sure to like, comment, and subscribe for more Animal Crossing content. Happy exploring!


  • Explore the eerie Stranger Things-themed island of Synapse in Animal Crossing.
  • Immerse yourself in the nostalgia and mysterious atmosphere inspired by the hit Netflix series.
  • Discover the unique and intricately designed homes of the island's residents.
  • Explore hidden pathways, waterways, and bridges that lead to secret areas of the island.
  • Experience the charm of a retro-themed pool area and the nostalgic ambiance of a local diner.
  • Enjoy the meticulously crafted farmland and cropped areas, adding a touch of realism to the island.
  • Be captivated by the attention to detail and creativity of @CaribouCrossing.


Q: Can I visit Synapse in Animal Crossing?

A: Absolutely! You can visit Synapse using the dream address provided and explore every nook and cranny of this Stranger Things-themed island.

Q: Who created Synapse?

A: Synapse was created by @CaribouCrossing on Instagram, showcasing their creativity and passion for Stranger Things.

Q: Are there any hidden surprises on Synapse?

A: Yes, Synapse is filled with hidden pathways and secret areas waiting to be discovered. Keep an eye out for hidden wonders throughout your journey.

Q: Are there any references to Stranger Things on Synapse?

A: Definitely! Synapse is packed with clever nods and references to Stranger Things, capturing the essence of the show and immersing visitors in its world.

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