Exploring Native American Traditions in Part 2!

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Exploring Native American Traditions in Part 2!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Eye Makeup Look Tutorial
  3. Native American Tag Video
    1. Background
    2. Inspiration for Another Tag Video
    3. New Questions for the Tag
    4. Encouraging Others to Participate
  4. Unacknowledged Genocide
    1. Lack of Recognition
    2. Comparisons to Other Genocides
    3. Government's Role
    4. Impact on Native American Community
  5. Dying Tribes
    1. Number of Tribes in the United States
    2. Decline in Population
    3. Impact of Extinction
  6. The Influence of My Tribe
    1. Airpo Confederacy
    2. Contribution to Constitution Writing
    3. Limited Benefits
  7. Addressing Stereotypes
    1. Personal Thoughts on Stereotypes
    2. Stereotypes Stemming from Ignorance
    3. Lack of Validity
  8. Language Barrier
    1. Knowledge of Tribe's Language
    2. Desire to Learn
    3. Challenges Without Native Speakers
    4. Tribe's Efforts to Preserve Language
  9. Favorite Native American Food
    1. Fried Bread with Honey
    2. Versatility and Enjoyment
  10. Conclusion

Native American Tag Video: Embracing Identity and Addressing Misconceptions

Hey guys, welcome back to my channel! Before we dive into today's topic, I wanted to share a couple of things with you. Firstly, I recently created a stunning eye makeup look that I'm currently wearing. If you're interested in a tutorial for that, it'll be uploaded shortly after this video, so keep an eye out for it. Secondly, please excuse my unruly hair today. The humidity outside has made it a bit frizzy and unmanageable, despite my attempts to straighten it. Now that we've got that out of the way, let's get started!


Around ten months ago, I created a Native American Tag video in response to a tag I saw here on YouTube. It was an exciting opportunity to connect with the Native American community, which I felt was unfortunately quite small on this platform. Since then, I've been reflecting on the experience and thought, "Why not do another one?" This time, I've come up with additional questions to delve deeper into our heritage and promote inclusivity. I hope all my fellow Native creators here on YouTube will participate, and I especially want to challenge my brother to join in!

Unacknowledged Genocide

One crucial aspect that I wish more people were aware of is the genocide inflicted upon Native Americans. It is disheartening how rarely this dark part of history is acknowledged, discussed, or taught. What baffles me is the ease with which society acknowledges other genocides, such as the Holocaust, while disregarding the atrocities committed against indigenous people. I believe it is crucial for the American government to acknowledge and address this painful chapter in our history. The lack of recognition perpetuates a sense of indifference, which is deeply saddening.


  • Raising awareness about a forgotten chapter in history
  • Promoting empathy and understanding


  • Potential resistance to acknowledging past wrongdoings
  • Challenging societal norms and preconceptions

Dying Tribes

Another concerning phenomenon is the dwindling number of Native American tribes within the United States. Sadly, many tribes are on the verge of extinction. Over the years, numerous tribes have already disappeared, leaving behind a profound sense of loss. This decline in indigenous communities is alarming and highlights the urgent need for cultural preservation and appreciation.


  • Raising awareness about the endangered status of tribes
  • Encouraging efforts to preserve native cultures


  • Loss of cultural diversity and heritage
  • Potential extinction of unique cultural practices

The Influence of My Tribe

Let me share an interesting fact about my tribe. We belong to the Airpo Confederacy, which played a significant role in shaping the American Constitution. Influential figures like Franklin and Jefferson drew inspiration from the Iroquois Confederacy when crafting this essential document. Although our tribe didn't directly benefit from this contribution, it is still remarkable to know that our ancestors held such influence.


  • Highlighting the historical significance of Native American contributions
  • Acknowledging the impact of indigenous cultures on American society


  • Limited recognition or benefits from the tribe's influential role
  • Ongoing struggles for Native American rights and representation

Addressing Stereotypes

Native American stereotypes are unfortunately prevalent in society. Personally, I strongly believe that stereotypes targeting any race or ethnicity stem from ignorance and lack of education. While I could passionately delve into the topic, I'll spare you from a heated rant. In my opinion, stereotypes hold no merit and only perpetuate harmful assumptions about Native Americans and other marginalized communities.


  • Challenging stereotypes and promoting understanding
  • Encouraging individuals to question and challenge their own biases


  • Resistance to change deeply ingrained stereotypes
  • Continuous battle against prejudice and misinformation

Language Barrier

One regret I have is not being fluent in my tribe's language. I've made some attempts to learn it, but without native speakers or a supportive community, progress has been challenging. I only know a handful of words, nowhere near enough to engage in a meaningful conversation. However, my tribe is making commendable efforts to rekindle the language among the youth. They offer workshops and have even developed an app to facilitate learning. Perhaps, one day, I'll have the opportunity to fully immerse myself and become fluent in my native tongue.


  • Showcasing the importance of preserving indigenous languages
  • Commending tribal initiatives to promote language revival


  • Lack of resources and opportunities for non-reservation natives
  • Difficulty in finding suitable language partners for practice

Favorite Native American Food

When it comes to Native American cuisine, one delicacy that tops my list is fried bread with honey. Its simplicity doesn't diminish its deliciousness. This versatile dish can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. While it may not be the healthiest option, its taste is undeniably delightful.


  • Appreciating the culinary traditions of Native American culture
  • Introducing others to unique and flavorful dishes


  • Limited nutritional value of some traditional foods
  • Challenges in promoting healthier alternatives


Thank you for joining me on this Native American Tag video. I hope you enjoyed learning more about my heritage and the broader issues surrounding Native American communities. I encourage all my fellow creators and viewers who identify as Native to participate in this tag. Let's continue celebrating our rich culture and promoting understanding. If you'd like to explore more tag videos or check out my other content, you can find the relevant playlists in the description box below. Don't forget to connect with me on my social media platforms as well. Much love to all of you, and remember to stay true to yourselves. Until next time!


  • Native American Tag video for fostering connection within the community
  • Unacknowledged genocide and the importance of recognition
  • Dying tribes and the urgency of cultural preservation
  • Historical influence of the Airpo Confederacy on the American Constitution
  • Challenging and dispelling Native American stereotypes
  • Desire to learn tribal language in the absence of native speakers
  • Favorite Native American food: fried bread with honey


Q: Can anyone participate in the Native American Tag video? A: Absolutely! The tag is open to anyone who identifies as Native American or has a genuine interest in Native American culture and experiences.

Q: How can I learn more about Native American history? A: There are numerous resources available, including books, documentaries, and online platforms dedicated to Native American history and culture. Engaging with these resources can help broaden your understanding and knowledge.

Q: Are there efforts to revive endangered Native American languages? A: Yes, many Native American tribes, like mine, are actively working to preserve and revive their languages. Community events, language workshops, and educational tools are being utilized to engage the younger generation and ensure the survival of indigenous languages.

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