From Random Stranger to Viral Rapper in 24 Hours!

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From Random Stranger to Viral Rapper in 24 Hours!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Finding a random person on Hollywood Boulevard
    • Approaching the first guy dressed up as Black Panther
    • Meeting Saleem at Foot Locker
  3. Getting to know Saleem
    • His background and goals
    • His influences in music
  4. Creating the song
    • Selecting a beat
    • Writing the lyrics
    • Recording the vocals
  5. Filming the music video
    • Setting up locations and lighting
    • Finding girls for the video
  6. Wrapping up the project
    • Dropping off Saleem
    • Reflecting on the experience
  7. Releasing the video and promoting it
    • Sharing on social media platforms
    • The potential for a Part Two
  8. Acknowledgements and sponsorship
    • Thanking Ray Khan for sponsoring the video
    • Promoting Raycon earbuds

"Turning a Random Person into a Viral Rap Sensation"

In today's digital age, where social media can instantly propel someone into stardom, the concept of turning a random person into a viral rap sensation seems both exciting and unlikely. However, in this adventurous endeavor, a group of friends set out to find a hidden gem on Hollywood Boulevard and give them the opportunity of a lifetime. This article chronicles their journey, from the initial search for a potential star, the creative process behind crafting a memorable song, to the filming of a big-budget music video. Get ready to embark on a rollercoaster ride of passion, determination, and unexpected surprises.

Finding a random person on Hollywood Boulevard

The mission begins as our group of friends, consisting of Mike G, Sad Frosty, and our protagonist, set out to find an ordinary individual who possesses the raw talent and potential to become a viral rap sensation. Hollywood Boulevard, with its vibrant energy and eclectic mix of characters, serves as the backdrop for this captivating quest.

Approaching the first guy dressed up as Black Panther

As they venture down the boulevard, the group's eyes are drawn to a man sharply dressed as the iconic Black Panther. Approaching him with enthusiasm and curiosity, they extend an offer to transform him into a rap sensation. Unfortunately, their request is kindly rejected, setting the stage for their continued search for the next big rapper.

Meeting Saleem at Foot Locker

Undeterred by their initial setback, the friends continue their expedition until they stumble upon a foot locker where an intriguing individual named Saleem catches their attention. Recognizing Sad Frosty, Saleem becomes the unexpected candidate for their video project. With their star finally discovered in an unconventional location, the group cannot contain their excitement.

Getting to know Saleem

Back at the studio, the group sits down with Saleem to learn more about his background, aspirations, and musical influences. What they uncover during this conversation only adds to the allure and potential of their chosen candidate.

His background and goals

Saleem reveals that he is a dedicated musician who spends weekends at the acclaimed Musicians Institute, honing his musical skills and working diligently on his craft. His commitment to his passion shines through as he shares his dreams of making a name for himself in the music industry.

His influences in music

As the discussion progresses, Saleem opens up about his biggest inspirations in the world of rap. He expresses a deep admiration for the renowned artist Famous Dex. Interestingly, he recognizes the beat tags created by Mike G in many of Famous Dex's songs, solidifying their connection and setting the stage for a collaboration that would spark excitement and creativity.

Creating the song

Armed with their newfound knowledge of Saleem's musical ambitions and influences, the group moves forward in their mission to create a captivating rap song that will resonate with audiences. The process involves selecting the perfect beat, writing compelling lyrics, and recording exceptional vocals.

Selecting a beat

After sifting through various beats, the group narrows it down to a few options. Seeking Saleem's input, they settle on a beat that resonates with his style and showcases his unique talent. With the beat decision made, the foundation for the song is set.

Writing the lyrics

The next step in their creative journey involves crafting powerful and memorable lyrics. While our protagonist takes the lead on this task, Saleem actively contributes his own bars, adding his personal touch to the song. As they collaborate, the lyrics begin to take shape, combining their individual styles to create a dynamic and engaging piece.

Recording the vocals

With the songwriting process complete, it's time for Saleem to step up to the mic and bring the lyrics to life. The studio becomes a hub of energy and creativity as Saleem delivers his verses with passion and conviction. The group captures every nuance and emotion, ensuring the essence of the song will resonate with the audience.

Filming the music video

No rap sensation is complete without a visually stunning music video that captivates viewers and enhances the overall experience. Our group of friends spares no expense as they set out to create a high-quality production that complements the infectious energy of the song.

Setting up locations and lighting

Careful attention is given to every detail, from selecting the right locations that match the song's vibe to perfecting the lighting to create visually striking moments. The team's dedication to visual aesthetics ensures that the music video will captivate viewers from start to finish.

Finding girls for the video

To amplify the video's appeal, the group enlists the help of Mike G to recruit female models to star in the background scenes. Though the process proves challenging, with multiple amusing encounters along the way, the team eventually assembles a stunning group of girls who perfectly complement the video's aesthetic.

Wrapping up the project

As the song is recorded and the music video is filmed, the journey is drawing to a close. With the final pieces of the puzzle falling into place, it's time to wrap up the project and bid farewell to Saleem.

Dropping off Saleem

After capturing the essence of Saleem's talent and creating a one-of-a-kind experience for him, the group returns him to Hollywood Boulevard, the same place where they found him. Expressing their gratitude for his participation, they part ways, leaving Saleem to reflect on the incredible journey he embarked upon.

Reflecting on the experience

As the group reflects on the entire process, the magnitude of what they have accomplished becomes apparent. Their ability to transform a random individual into a potential viral rap sensation is a testament to their creativity, determination, and unwavering belief in the power of music.

Releasing the video and promoting it

With the video completed, the group takes on the important task of releasing and promoting it to reach the widest possible audience. Leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter, they share the video far and wide, hoping to generate buzz and propel Saleem to newfound fame.

Sharing on social media platforms

The video finds its home on No Jumper, a popular outlet with a large following. The group encourages viewers to watch, like, and share the video, aiming to make it the most viewed video on the platform in recent months. Their strategic promotion efforts set the stage for success and potential future collaborations.

The potential for a Part Two

Inspired by the journey they embarked upon, the group contemplates the possibility of a Part Two. They entertain the idea of picking a random follower from their social media platforms and repeating the process, granting someone else the opportunity to shine. The prospect of discovering yet another hidden gem and witnessing their transformation into a viral sensation excites them.

Acknowledgments and sponsorship

Before concluding the article, it is essential to express gratitude towards Ray Khan for sponsoring the video project. The support provided by Ray Khan and their innovative wireless earbuds, Raycon, played a vital role in bringing this project to life. With their superior sound quality and affordable price point, Raycon earbuds have established themselves as a must-have for music enthusiasts and aspiring artists alike.

In conclusion, the journey of turning a random person into a viral rap sensation is a captivating tale of passion, creativity, and the power of social media. From the streets of Hollywood Boulevard to the recording studio and the filming of a music video, the friends' unwavering belief in their vision sets the stage for a thrilling adventure. Through their collective efforts, they demonstrate that with dedication, opportunity, and a touch of randomness, anyone can find themselves on the path to stardom.


Q: How did they find Saleem?

A: After approaching various individuals on Hollywood Boulevard, they stumbled upon Saleem while browsing at Foot Locker. Recognizing Sad Frosty, Saleem became their chosen candidate for the video project.

Q: What is the background of the group involved in this project?

A: The friends, consisting of Mike G, Sad Frosty, and our protagonist, share a common passion for music and creativity. Their collaboration and shared vision bring this project to life.

Q: What were some challenges the group faced during the project?

A: One significant challenge encountered was finding female models for the music video. Despite the initial difficulties, the team managed to assemble a stunning group of girls to enhance the video's appeal.

Q: How are they promoting the video?

A: The group is leveraging social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter to share the video widely. They aim to generate buzz and encourage viewers to watch, like, and share the video to maximize its reach.

Q: What is Ray Khan's contribution to the project?

A: Ray Khan sponsored the video project, demonstrating their support for emerging talent and the power of music. Their wireless earbuds, Raycon, offer exceptional sound quality at an affordable price, making them an ideal choice for music enthusiasts and artists alike.

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