Fun Name Draw for Christmas Gifts

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Fun Name Draw for Christmas Gifts

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Bummer Before Christmas
  3. A Plan for Redemption
  4. The Name Draw
  5. A Trip to Chipotle
  6. Christmas Shopping
  7. Gifts for Cherish and Jubilee
  8. River's Broken Arm
  9. Shopping for Treasure and Liberty
  10. Buying for Marcy and Rhythm
  11. Mannie's Perfect Present
  12. Wrapping the Gifts
  13. Conclusion

The Bummer Before Christmas


Christmas is a time of joy and celebration, but sometimes life throws us unexpected curveballs. For one family, the week before Christmas took a disappointing turn when a family member tested positive for COVID-19, forcing them to cancel their plans for a festive gathering. Despite the setback, they were determined to make the best of the situation and create a memorable Christmas for their children.

The Bummer Before Christmas

The week before Christmas was supposed to be a time of excitement and anticipation for this family. They had made all the necessary preparations, from getting fresh haircuts to wrapping the gifts. However, their plans came crashing down when a family member who was supposed to host the Christmas celebration tested positive for COVID-19.

This unexpected turn of events left the family feeling disappointed and disheartened. Christmas had suddenly lost its sparkle, and the children were left feeling let down. But the parents refused to let the situation dampen their spirits. They brainstormed ideas to salvage the holiday and bring joy to their children's faces.

A Plan for Redemption

After much deliberation, the parents came up with a plan to lift the children's spirits. They decided to take them to Chipotle for a delicious meal and then go Christmas shopping. The kids had previously drawn names of their siblings to buy gifts for, and the parents had kept the names a secret.

The thought of shopping and selecting special presents for their loved ones brought excitement back into the children's hearts. They were eager to make their siblings feel loved and cherished, even in the absence of their planned family gathering.

The Name Draw

Before embarking on their shopping adventure, the parents gathered the children together to remind them of the names they had drawn. The anticipation was building as each child revealed who they were assigned to buy a gift for. Laughter and excitement filled the room as the children eagerly discussed gift ideas and kept their secret plans under wraps.

A Trip to Chipotle

With the names firmly in their minds, the family set off to Chipotle for a delicious lunch. The atmosphere shifted from disappointment to anticipation as they indulged in their favorite Mexican cuisine. Full of energy and fueled by burritos, they were ready to tackle their Christmas shopping.

Christmas Shopping

As they entered the store, the children's faces lit up with wonder and delight. There were so many options to choose from, and each child made it their mission to find the perfect gift for their assigned sibling.

The parents encouraged the children to explore various sections of the store, from toys to crafts, in search of something that would bring joy to their sibling's heart. They walked up and down the aisles, carefully considering each item and envisioning the smiles on their siblings' faces when they received their gifts.

Gifts for Cherish and Jubilee

The first stop on the shopping journey was finding gifts for Cherish and Jubilee. The children scoured the shelves, searching for something that would suit their tastes. After much thought and consideration, they settled on a board game and a set of lion crafts, respectively. These gifts were sure to provide hours of fun and enjoyment.

As the shopping trip continued, the children excitedly shared their finds with their parents. They were proud of their choices and eager to keep the surprises hidden until Christmas day.

River's Broken Arm

Amidst the hustle and bustle of shopping, River shared a recent mishap. She had broken her arm the previous day while running and tripped over a frisbee. Despite the unfortunate incident, River remained in high spirits, undeterred by a temporary setback. She enthusiastically joined her siblings in the search for the perfect gifts.

Shopping for Treasure and Liberty

Next on the list were gifts for Treasure and Liberty. The children made their way through the store, exploring every nook and cranny in search of something that would capture their siblings' hearts. They carefully examined each item, weighing their options and considering what their siblings would truly appreciate.

After much deliberation, they settled on a beautiful necklace and a bracelet for Treasure, and a turquoise-themed item for Liberty. The children were proud of their choices and knew they had found the perfect presents.

Buying for Marcy and Rhythm

With the majority of the shopping complete, it was time to find gifts for Marcy and Rhythm. The children were excited to pick out something special for their older siblings. They scoured the shelves, searching for items that aligned with their interests and hobbies.

After careful consideration, they settled on a huge dinosaur for Marcy, knowing that she would love it. For Rhythm, they chose a sports-related item, as they knew he had a penchant for badminton. The children were thrilled with their selections, confident that they had found the perfect gifts for their siblings.

Mannie's Perfect Present

One of the easiest shopping tasks fell to the youngest child, Mannie. With a wide selection of gifts available, they had no trouble finding something that Mannie would love. They chose a challenge game and a pocket-sized gadget, knowing that Mannie would enjoy playing and exploring with them.

The children were delighted with their successful shopping trip. They had truly embraced the spirit of giving and found joy in selecting gifts that would bring happiness to their siblings' lives.

Wrapping the Gifts

With the shopping extravaganza coming to a close, it was time to wrap the gifts. The children gathered in the bunk room, eagerly awaiting their turn to wrap their carefully chosen presents. Ryan, the father, stepped in to assist the younger children, allowing their mother a well-deserved rest.

One by one, the children took their gifts and began the wrapping process. They carefully selected wrapping paper, folding and taping with the utmost care. It was a labor of love, as they envisioned the joy on their siblings' faces when they unwrapped their presents.


Despite the initial disappointment of canceled plans, this family managed to create a memorable and joyful Christmas. They turned a bummer into a blessing by embarking on a fun-filled shopping adventure and selecting gifts that would bring happiness to their loved ones. The spirit of generosity and love prevailed, reminding us all that the true meaning of Christmas lies in the joy we bring to others.


  • Despite a setback, the family finds a way to salvage the Christmas season.
  • Taking the kids to Chipotle and Christmas shopping to lift their spirits.
  • The excitement of the name draw and secret gift plans.
  • Selecting the perfect gifts for each sibling, considering their interests and hobbies.
  • Wrapping the gifts with love and anticipation for Christmas day.


Q: How did the family handle the disappointment of canceled Christmas plans? A: The parents came up with a plan to take the children to Chipotle for a meal and go Christmas shopping to make it a memorable day.

Q: How did the children choose the gifts for their siblings? A: The children had previously drawn names and were tasked with selecting gifts that would bring joy to their assigned sibling's heart.

Q: Did the broken arm affect River's enthusiasm for shopping? A: Despite the broken arm, River remained excited and joined her siblings in finding the perfect gifts.

Q: How did the family wrap the gifts? A: The children gathered in the bunk room, with their father's help, to carefully wrap their presents and create anticipation for Christmas day.

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