Generate Random Groups with Java

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Generate Random Groups with Java

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The First Page of the Program
  3. Creating New Files
  4. Accessing Existing Files
  5. Importing Files
  6. Editing and Deleting Files
  7. Group Generator
  8. Adding Student Data
  9. Editing and Deleting Student Data
  10. Generating Groups
  11. Comparing Generated Files
  12. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the features and functionality of a group generator program developed for CPP104. The program allows users to create and manage files, access existing files, import data from external sources, and generate student groups. We will discuss each feature in detail and provide a step-by-step guide on how to use the program effectively.

The First Page of the Program

The first page of the program serves as the main interface for accessing different functionalities. Users can create new files or access existing files from this page. It provides a user-friendly interface with clear options and links to navigate through the program.

Creating New Files

To create a new file, users need to enter the desired file name and click the "Create" button. A message will pop up confirming the creation of the file. Users can also create class files by clicking on the appropriate link. The program provides a convenient way to organize and manage files efficiently.

Accessing Existing Files

Users can easily access existing files from the program's interface. By clicking on the links provided, users can view and manage the files they have created. The program displays a red question mark for additional information, which can be clicked to obtain more details about the files.

Importing Files

The program offers the option to import pre-made text files. Users can select and import an existing file containing data that needs to be added to the program. This feature is useful for incorporating external data sources and streamlining the process of managing student information.

Editing and Deleting Files

Users have the flexibility to edit and delete files as per their requirements. By selecting a file, users can choose to open it for editing or deletion directly from the program's interface. This feature allows for easy customization and updates to file content.

Group Generator

The group generator feature allows users to input student data and generate random groups. Users can set the number of members per group and define a group prefix and file name. The program ensures randomization and fairness in group allocation, providing an efficient solution for creating balanced student groups.

Adding Student Data

The program enables users to add student data to the system. By inputting relevant information such as student IDs and names, users can maintain an organized database of student records. The program allows for easy addition of multiple students at once, streamlining the data entry process.

Editing and Deleting Student Data

Users can edit and delete student data as required. The program provides options to modify student information and delete individual records. This ensures the accuracy and consistency of student data, allowing for seamless updates and maintenance.

Generating Groups

The group generation process involves inputting the desired number of members per group and defining a group prefix and file name. The program automatically generates random groups based on the specified criteria. Users can generate multiple group files for different purposes, enhancing efficiency in group management.

Comparing Generated Files

The program allows users to compare and analyze generated group files. By opening the files, users can view the composition of different groups and ensure fairness in group allocations. This feature assists teachers and administrators in easily assessing and reviewing the generated groups.


In conclusion, the group generator program provides a comprehensive solution for efficiently managing student groups. With its user-friendly interface and various features like file creation, import/export functionalities, and group generation, it offers a convenient way to organize and streamline group-related tasks. By following the step-by-step guide provided in this article, users can effectively utilize the program and optimize their group management process.

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