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Help me choose an epic GamerTag!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Dark Souls 3 Gameplay
  3. Overwatch Excitement
  4. Microsoft's Gamertag Hunt
  5. Choosing a New Gamertag
  6. Voting for a Gamertag
  7. Conclusion



In this commentary, I want to address a few topics that have been on my mind lately. First, I want to touch on the feedback I received regarding whether or not to showcase Dark Souls 3 gameplay. Then, I will share my excitement for the upcoming release of Overwatch. Additionally, I will discuss Microsoft's recent announcement regarding the release of over a million new gamertags. Finally, I will seek your help in deciding on a new gamertag for myself. So let's dive right in!

Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

After asking for your input on whether or not to feature Dark Souls 3 gameplay, I received mixed responses. However, I did receive enough interest to consider creating content around this game. Due to my busy schedule, it may be difficult to provide live commentaries, but I assure you that I will do my best to bring you engaging gameplay videos. Please bear with me as I work on recording a live commentary for Dark Souls 3.

Overwatch Excitement

I am thrilled about the upcoming release of Overwatch. Despite some skepticism about its longevity as a multiplayer-only game, I personally found the beta to be incredibly captivating. I spent over 20 hours immersed in the game and never once felt bored. The diverse cast of characters and fast-paced gameplay kept me engaged throughout. I am confident that even if it does not have long-lasting appeal, I will still have a blast playing and posting gameplay videos. Plus, I am excited to master each of the unique heroes Overwatch has to offer.

Microsoft's Gamertag Hunt

Microsoft recently announced the release of over a million new gamertags to the public. With Xbox Live being around for 15 years, many old gamertags have been left unused or forgotten. This has sparked a gamertag hunt as players scramble to secure their preferred og (original) gamertags. Whether it's because of a security breach, a password reset, or simply a desire for a change, players are eagerly searching for their old gamertags. Microsoft's decision to release these dormant gamertags back to the public has ignited a wave of excitement among the gaming community.

Choosing a New Gamertag

Personally, I have been considering changing my gamertag. Although I changed it once before as an inside joke, I am now looking for something more fitting and memorable. I have already created a list of potential gamertags, and some of them have Latin translations. However, upon reflection, I am starting to lean away from the Latin options as they may not sound as cool and are less likely to be understood by others. Instead, I am considering gamertags that are truer to my original name, such as "Bomber" or "TP Bomber." Ultimately, I want a gamertag that is recognizable and reflects my gaming identity.

Voting for a Gamertag

I need your help in deciding on a new gamertag. I will be leaving a straw poll in the description of this video, where you can vote for your favorite gamertag from the provided list. I will also include rough Latin translations next to the gamertags for reference. Your feedback is greatly appreciated, as I value your input in this decision-making process. I want to choose a gamertag that not only resonates with me but also connects with my community. So please take a moment to vote and let your voice be heard.


Thank you for joining me in this commentary video. I assure you that I will deliver Dark Souls 3 gameplay as soon as possible, despite the challenges of recording live commentaries. I am eagerly anticipating the release of Overwatch and look forward to sharing my gameplay experiences with you. Microsoft's gamertag hunt has introduced a new sense of excitement in the gaming community, as players reclaim their long-lost gamertags. Finally, I ask for your assistance in choosing a new gamertag for myself. Your votes and opinions are crucial in this decision-making process. As always, I appreciate your support and look forward to creating more content for you in the future.


  • Dark Souls 3 gameplay may be featured in the future, but live commentaries pose a challenge due to scheduling constraints.
  • Overwatch has generated high levels of excitement despite concerns about its longevity as a multiplayer-only game.
  • Microsoft's release of over a million new gamertags has sparked a hunt among players for their original tags.
  • Choosing a new gamertag is a decision that requires careful consideration and input from the community.
  • Voting for a new gamertag will be done through a straw poll in the video description, allowing viewers to select their favorite option.


Q: Will we be seeing live commentaries for Dark Souls 3 gameplay? A: Due to scheduling difficulties, it may be challenging to provide live commentaries. However, efforts will be made to deliver engaging gameplay content.

Q: How long do you think Overwatch will remain exciting? A: While some may question the game's long-term appeal as a multiplayer-only experience, personal engagement during the beta suggests it can provide hours of endless fun.

Q: What sparked Microsoft's gamertag hunt? A: Microsoft's decision to release over a million dormant gamertags back to the public has ignited excitement among players, leading to a search for their preferred og tags.

Q: How can we help you choose a new gamertag? A: By participating in the straw poll provided in the video description, viewers can vote for their favorite gamertag option from the list.

Q: When can we expect Dark Souls 3 gameplay? A: Dark Souls 3 gameplay will be released as soon as possible, despite any delays caused by scheduling conflicts.

Q: How do I vote for a new gamertag? A: Simply access the straw poll link in the video description and submit your vote for your preferred gamertag option.

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