Learn to Build a Cobblestone Generator in Tekkit

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Learn to Build a Cobblestone Generator in Tekkit

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The MFSU and Solar Panels
  3. The Patio Deck and Paintings
  4. Diamond Chest and Addiction Torches
  5. Introduction to Mobs and the Creeper
  6. The Use of Mycelium and Halloween Decorations
  7. Industrial Craft Machines and Center Fuse
  8. Transmutation Tablet and Dark Matter Pedestal
  9. The Cobblestone Generator
  10. Block Breakers and Pneumatic Tubing



In this episode of Tekkit tutorials, we will explore some exciting features and elements of the game. From powerful energy sources to efficient machines, we will delve into the world of Tekkit and discover how to make the most out of its vast possibilities.

The MFSU and Solar Panels

One of the key components in Tekkit is the MFSU (Multiple Frequency Storage Unit), which acts as a central power storage system. It receives EU (Energy Units) from solar panels, converting sunlight into usable energy. This advancement is not available in the previous episode, making it an important addition to our power infrastructure.

The Patio Deck and Paintings

In this episode, I have created a patio deck area with carefully chosen paintings to add a touch of aesthetics to the surroundings. The paintings not only enhance the visual appeal of the space but also reflect my personal taste in artwork. It's essential to pay attention to the little details that bring joy and creativity to the game.

Diamond Chest and Addiction Torches

To organize and store materials efficiently, I have incorporated diamond chests into the gameplay. These chests offer a higher storage capacity and durability compared to regular chests, making them an excellent choice for hoarding valuable items. Additionally, I have utilized addiction torches for decorative purposes. These unique torches emit a soft glow and add a mystical ambiance to the environment.

Introduction to Mobs and the Creeper

To showcase the interaction with mobs, I introduce George, a creeper, who is unable to harm me due to the protective measures put in place. By blocking off his path, George remains harmless and serves as an example of how to deal with the potentially dangerous creatures in the game. This knowledge will come in handy when encountering similar situations in the future.

The Use of Mycelium and Halloween Decorations

With the spirit of Halloween in mind, I have transformed part of the landscape into mycelium and added spooky mushroom decorations. This creative touch adds a festive and thematic element to the game, allowing players to embrace the holiday spirit within the digital realm. These additions were not present in the previous episode, providing a fresh atmosphere for exploration.

Industrial Craft Machines and Center Fuse

The industrial craft machines take center stage in this episode. The extractor, induction furnace, rotary macerator, and singular compressor are showcased as the highest levels of machinery available in the game. Each machine possesses specific functions and capabilities that contribute to the overall industrialization of the gameplay. With a focus on maximizing efficiency, these machines are instrumental in achieving optimal performance.

Transmutation Tablet and Dark Matter Pedestal

To facilitate material transformation and exchange, the transmutation tablet and dark matter pedestal are introduced. The dark matter pedestal acts as a platform for storing and activating various items from Equivalent Exchange. By utilizing the transmutation tablet, players can manipulate and convert materials to suit their needs, opening up a world of possibilities and resource management strategies.

The Cobblestone Generator

A fundamental aspect of Tekkit gameplay is the cobblestone generator. This intricate system involves water, lava, and block breakers to produce a continuous supply of cobblestone. Compared to traditional methods of obtaining this basic building material, the cobblestone generator offers a more efficient and automated approach. It is essential to understand the mechanics of the generator to fully exploit its advantages.

Block Breakers and Pneumatic Tubing

To complement the cobblestone generator, block breakers and pneumatic tubing enter the scene. Block breakers, as the name suggests, break blocks when triggered by a redstone pulse. This mechanism allows for the automatic collection and storage of cobblestone. Pneumatic tubing, a component of Red Power, simplifies the transport of items from the block breakers to designated chests, minimizing manual labor and maximizing productivity.

By exploring these aspects of Tekkit, players can enhance their gaming experience and unlock new possibilities within the gameplay. From efficient energy management to creative aesthetics, every component contributes to making Tekkit a truly immersive and rewarding experience.


  • Introduction to advanced energy storage and solar panels
  • Attention to creative aesthetics with paintings and decorations
  • Utilization of higher capacity diamond chests for efficient storage
  • Effective strategies for dealing with mobs, especially creepers
  • Thematic exploration with mycelium and Halloween decorations
  • Maximizing efficiency with industrial craft machines
  • Resource manipulation and exchange with the transmutation tablet and dark matter pedestal
  • Streamlined production of cobblestone with the cobblestone generator
  • Automation and ease of use with block breakers and pneumatic tubing


  • Limited focus on other aspects of Tekkit gameplay
  • Lack of in-depth explanation on certain mechanics


  • Discover the power of the MFSU and solar panels in Tekkit
  • Create a visually stunning patio deck with carefully selected paintings
  • Store materials efficiently using diamond chests and explore addiction torches
  • Learn how to handle mobs, particularly creepers, in a safe and controlled manner
  • Embrace the spirit of Halloween with mycelium and themed decorations
  • Dive deep into industrial craft machines and their impact on gameplay
  • Master the art of material transformation with the transmutation tablet and dark matter pedestal
  • Build an automated cobblestone generator and optimize resource gathering
  • Utilize block breakers and pneumatic tubing for easy item transportation
  • Enhance your Tekkit experience with these key elements and strategies

FAQ: Q: Can the cobblestone generator be used for other resources? A: While the cobblestone generator primarily produces cobblestone, it can also serve as a starting point for creating other resources using advanced mechanisms and processing.

Q: Are the industrial craft machines necessary for progression in the game? A: While not essential, the industrial craft machines greatly enhance efficiency and productivity. They are highly recommended for players looking to optimize their gameplay experience.

Q: Can the transmutation tablet be used for unlimited resource generation? A: The transmutation tablet allows for resource conversion and manipulation. However, it operates based on the available resources and their equivalent values, preventing unlimited resource generation.

Q: Are there any alternatives to pneumatic tubing for item transportation? A: While pneumatic tubing is a convenient and effective method, players can explore other options such as transport pipes provided by the BuildCraft mod.

Q: Is Tekkit suitable for both beginners and experienced players? A: Tekkit caters to a wide range of players, offering a learning curve for beginners and ample opportunities for experimentation and mastery for experienced players.

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