LinkedIn's Secret to Acquisition Success Revealed

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LinkedIn's Secret to Acquisition Success Revealed

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Is LinkedIn a revenue-generating channel for SAS companies?
  3. Approach LinkedIn the right way
  4. The importance of demand generation on LinkedIn
  5. Success stories of companies using LinkedIn effectively
  6. How to make LinkedIn work for your company
  7. Building an audience on LinkedIn
  8. Engaging in conversations and sharing your perspective
  9. Creating a LinkedIn sales page
  10. Consistently showing up and posting great content
  11. Finding your company's unique point of view
  12. Repurposing content from influencers
  13. Time commitment and strategies for success
  14. Track your LinkedIn performance and socialize the results
  15. Getting leadership buy-in and aligning with the sales team
  16. Using tools like letter drop to amplify your LinkedIn efforts
  17. Conclusion

Is LinkedIn a Revenue-Generating Channel for a SAS Company?

LinkedIn has become much more than just a platform for professional networking. It is emerging as a revenue-generating channel for SAS companies, but only if approached and utilized in the right way. Many companies have misunderstood the potential of LinkedIn and have seen false starts in their attempts to leverage the platform. Simply posting on their company account is not enough to achieve results. To truly make LinkedIn work as a demand generation channel, companies need to understand how to resonate with their target audience, uncover their problems, and create a demand for their products. When executed appropriately, LinkedIn can be a highly successful channel for driving revenue and growing a customer base.

Approach LinkedIn the Right Way

The key to leveraging LinkedIn for revenue generation lies in approaching it the right way. Rather than attempting to get the entire company on board at once, it is recommended to start with a solo approach. One person can make a significant impact on turning LinkedIn into a pipeline-generating channel. By consistently showing up and posting valuable content, it is possible to build a significant following and drive impressive results.

The Importance of Demand Generation on LinkedIn

LinkedIn should be seen as more than just a platform for professional networking. It is a powerful demand generation channel that has the potential to change the way your audience perceives the world and uncover their problems. By effectively communicating your unique value proposition and showcasing how your product can help, you can create the demand needed to drive revenue growth. LinkedIn has proven to be a successful avenue for companies like Apollo and HockeyStack to generate leads and convert them into customers.

Success Stories of Companies Using LinkedIn Effectively

Numerous companies have successfully turned LinkedIn into a revenue-generating channel. Gone are the days when LinkedIn was merely a platform for job seekers and recruiters. By using employees as brand advocates and leveraging their personal networks, companies have been able to change the minds of their potential customers and position themselves as the go-to solution in their industry. From startups to well-established organizations, LinkedIn has shown tremendous potential in driving business growth.

How to Make LinkedIn Work for Your Company

If you are committed to making LinkedIn work for your company as a revenue-generating channel, there are specific strategies to follow. It starts with understanding that your LinkedIn profile is like a sales page. It is not just a resume but an opportunity to showcase who you are, what you stand for, and why people should come to you for help. By creating a compelling profile and utilizing LinkedIn's creator mode, you can maximize your visibility and influence.

Building an Audience on LinkedIn

Building an audience on LinkedIn is a crucial step in leveraging it as a revenue-generating channel. There are two components to this process. First, it involves showing up and posting great content that resonates with your target audience. Second, it requires actively engaging with the right networks and individuals to get in front of your ideal customer profile. By carefully selecting connections, engaging in conversations, and sharing your unique perspective, you can build an audience that is interested in your insights and offerings.

Engaging in Conversations and Sharing Your Perspective

Engagement is key when it comes to LinkedIn success. It is not enough to passively consume content; actively participating in conversations and offering valuable insights is critical. By commenting authentically, sharing opinions, and actively engaging with others, you can position yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Sharing your own perspective and ideas, while also repurposing content from influencers, allows you to join important conversations and attract a broader audience.

Creating a LinkedIn Sales Page

Your LinkedIn profile should be more than just a collection of your work experience. It should serve as a sales page that converts visitors into website visitors and, eventually, potential customers. By following specific steps to optimize your profile, including having a great profile picture, cover photo, and compelling call-to-actions, you can create a profile that drives traffic to your website and generates leads.

Consistently Showing up and Posting Great Content

Consistency is key when it comes to leveraging LinkedIn as a revenue-generating channel. It is essential to show up every day and post high-quality content that resonates with your target audience. By providing value, thought leadership, and unique perspectives, you will establish trust and credibility with your audience. Whether you start by posting three times a week or aim for a more frequent five-times-per-week cadence, consistent posting is critical for success.

Finding Your Company's Unique Point of View

To stand out on LinkedIn, it is crucial to find your company's unique point of view. This involves understanding the old way of doing things, identifying what is wrong with that approach, determining the new way of doing things, and showcasing how your product or solution benefits your target audience. By finding this unique perspective and tying all your content and ideas around it, you will create a cohesive and compelling narrative that resonates with your audience.

Repurposing Content from Influencers

Creating content from scratch can be time-consuming and challenging. A more efficient approach is to repurpose content from influencers and industry leaders. By following and analyzing their content, you can identify what resonates with your target audience and rewrite it in a way that aligns with your unique perspective. Repurposing content saves time and allows you to leverage proven ideas and insights while adding your own authenticity and originality.

Time Commitment and Strategies for Success

Leveraging LinkedIn effectively requires a time commitment and specific strategies. It is recommended to spend 2-3 hours per week on LinkedIn to maximize its impact as a revenue-generating channel. This time should be spent on a range of activities, including posting content, engaging with others, and tracking performance metrics. By dedicating the right amount of time and executing the strategies outlined in this guide, you can achieve significant results on LinkedIn.

Track Your LinkedIn Performance and Socialize the Results

To get buy-in from your company and have them adopt LinkedIn as a revenue-generating channel, it is essential to track and socialize your LinkedIn performance. By capturing data on metrics like followers, impressions, clicks, and leads, you can present a compelling case for LinkedIn's effectiveness. Use this data to demonstrate how LinkedIn can be a valuable channel for the business and how it can drive revenue growth. Share your results with leadership and stakeholders to gain their support and encourage broader adoption within the organization.

Getting Leadership Buy-In and Aligning with the Sales Team

To successfully utilize LinkedIn as a revenue-generating channel, you will need leadership buy-in and alignment with the sales team. Present the data and results you have achieved on LinkedIn to showcase its potential as an effective channel. Also, help the sales team understand how their individual LinkedIn efforts can contribute to their own personal goals, such as meeting quotas and driving inbound leads. Tools like letter drop can be used to amplify the sales team's efforts and streamline the process of sharing content and engaging with prospects.


LinkedIn has transformed from a platform for professional networking to a powerful revenue-generating channel for SAS companies. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you can maximize your LinkedIn presence, build an engaged audience, and drive revenue growth. Remember to approach LinkedIn the right way, focus on demand generation, and consistently show up with valuable content. With leadership buy-in and alignment with the sales team, LinkedIn can become a primary pipeline-generating channel for your company. Embrace the opportunity to be a dominant voice on LinkedIn and leverage its potential to drive business success.

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