Literal Warrior Cat Names

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Literal Warrior Cat Names

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Return of the Fan-Favorite Challenge
  3. Thunderclan 3.1. Cloud Tails and Bright Hearts 3.2. White Wing and Patch Pelt 3.3. Rusty and Blue Star 3.4. Thornclaw, Ravenpaw, and Flower 3.5. Yellowfang, White Storm, and Running Wind 3.6. Swiftpaw and Ravenwing 3.7. Thunder and Lightning 3.8. Feather Whisker and Sunfall 3.9. Thistle and Rosetail 3.10. Honey and Poppy Frost
  4. Shadowclan 4.1. Ivy Pool and Dovewing 4.2. Shadow Kit, Pounce Kit, and Kit Shadow Kit 4.3. Shadow Sight and Violet Kit 4.4. Twig Kit and Needletail 4.5. Icewing and Nightwing 4.6. Mud Paws and Boulder Soul 4.7. Black Star and Don Pelt 4.8. Flame Tail and Apple Fur 4.9. Cinnamon Tail and Snow Leopard Fur
  5. Riverclan 5.1. Frostpaw and Misty Star 5.2. Storm Fur and Feather Tail 5.3. Peacock Feather Tail and Sunfish 5.4. Willow Shine and Leopard Fur 5.5. Muddy and Streamy 5.6. Riverable and Riverstar
  6. Windclan 6.1. Night Cloud, Crow Feather, and Brace Pelt 6.2. Aunt Pelt and Sheep Tail 6.3. Dust Muzzle and Moth Flight
  7. Skyclan 7.1. Hawkwing, Cherry Tail, and Clover Tail 7.2. Reed Claw and Billy Goat 7.3. Root Spraying and Kite Scratch 7.4. Egg and Tree
  8. Cats Outside the Clans 8.1. Spire Site and Monkey Star 8.2. Fallen Leaves and Rock 8.3. Sirius and Brook 8.4. Pine That Clings to Rock
  9. Conclusion
  10. FAQ

The Return of the Fan-Favorite Challenge

In December of 2019, I released a video called "Were Your Cats' Names Taken Literally," which unexpectedly became my most viewed video in 2021. Due to popular demand, I am excited to bring you Part 3 of this challenge. Before we dive in, I'd like to express my gratitude to all the non-subscribers who have been watching my videos. If you're new to my channel, let me give you a brief introduction. I create content centered around Warrior Cats, covering a wide range of topics. If you share my love for these feline warriors, I would be thrilled if you considered subscribing.

Now, let's get started with the challenge. I'll be going clan by clan, showcasing the most interesting and creative submissions. We'll begin with ThunderClan, where we can expect to see familiar faces like Cloud Tails and Bright Hearts. Some participants humorously referred to themselves as "unoriginal," but I genuinely find their submissions beautiful. One standout submission features Patch Pelt as a patchy plushie, which, dare I say, looks better than the official Warrior Cats plushies. Another notable entry is Rusty as a rusty statue, paying homage to the original book that was released 19 years ago.

Moving on, we encounter Blue Star, Thornclaw, Ravenpaw, and Flower, each with their own unique interpretations. Yellowfang, White Storm, and Running Wind add diversity to the mix. But it's Swiftpaw who steals the show with his lightning-fast speed, earning him the title of "Sonic." Ravenwing may have wings, but she still loses to Mapleshade, who possesses the power of portable maple leaf shade – a level of utility that can't be beaten. And of course, the iconic Thunder is now properly accompanied by Lightning. Feather Whisker's collection of facial features is impressive, while Sunfall's literal representation as a falling sun is both intriguing and slightly concerning.

As we transition to ShadowClan, we encounter even more creative submissions. Ivy Pool, although belonging to ThunderClan, makes an appearance, while Dovewing takes the spotlight as a true ShadowClan member. The cuteness factor is off the charts with Kit Shadow Kit, Pounce Kit, and Shadow Sight. Violet Kit with violets in her fur and Twig Kit sneaking around complete this adorable trio. Icewing, Nightwing, and Mud Paws make a comeback from the Dawn of the Clans era, captivating us with their unique interpretations. Don Pelt's drawing speaks for itself, and Flame Tail casually carries his fiery tail. Apple Fur with apples in his fur and Cinnamon Tail looking like a tasty treat add an amusing touch to the challenge.

Switching gears to RiverClan, we discover Frostpaw, Misty Star, and Storm Fur. Feather Tail, a beloved character, receives multiple submissions that showcase her charm. Peacock Feather Tail and Sunfish bring interesting perspectives to the challenge. Willow Shine and Leopard Fur present intriguing designs, but one can't help but wonder how Leopard Fur managed to obtain the pelt of an actual leopard. Muddy and Streamy add to the river-themed submissions, while Riverable and Riverstar truly embody their clan's name.

Next up is WindClan, where we encounter Night Cloud, Crow Feather, and Brace Pelt. Aunt Pelt perpetually itches, while Sheep Tail is forever floofy. Dust Muzzle's constant sneezing due to dust on his nose adds a touch of humor to the challenge. And let's not forget Moth Flight with a green moth incorporated into her design – a beautiful representation of her story.

In SkyClan, we find Hawkwing with hawk wings and two versions of Night Cloud. Cherry Tail and Clover Tail bring sweetness and luck to the mix. Reed Claw and Billy Goat make an appearance, along with Root Spraying, Kite Scratch, and Egg with their own unique elements incorporated into their designs. And last but not least, Tree showcases a beautiful representation of his name.

Finally, we explore cats outside the clans, such as Spire Site, Monkey Star, and Fallen Leaves. Rock and Brook take on their respective elements in creative ways, while Pine That Clings to Rock lives up to its name. It was a tough decision, but Monkey Star emerged as the winner in this category due to their unique charm.

I hope you enjoyed this journey through the literal interpretations of cat names. If you'd like to vote for your favorite out of the six nominees, I've included a poll in the video description for your convenience. Remember, this challenge is all in good fun. I extend a special thank you to all the artists who submitted their artwork, and a shoutout to Kiyoki for creating the new talk sprites featured in this video. Don't forget to check out her channel linked in the description.

Once again, thank you for watching until the end. I'd love to hear from you in the comments section – who was your favorite cat from this challenge? Until next time, take care!


  • The Return of the Fan-Favorite Challenge
  • Creative interpretations of cat names
  • ThunderClan's familiar faces and unique submissions
  • ShadowClan's adorable kittens and unexpected transformations
  • RiverClan's water-themed designs and charming characters
  • WindClan's distinct personalities and humorous representations
  • SkyClan's flying felines and distinctive tails
  • Cats outside the clans bringing their own flair to the challenge
  • The winner of each clan and the special shoutout to the artists
  • Voting for the ultimate "best literally cat"


Q: How do I participate in the challenge? A: The challenge has already concluded; however, feel free to showcase your own literal interpretation of cat names and share it in the comments.

Q: Can I submit artwork for future challenges? A: Absolutely! Keep an eye out for future challenges and follow the instructions provided in the video or description.

Q: Will there be more fan-favorite challenges in the future? A: I always enjoy engaging with my audience and exploring creative ideas. If there is enough interest, I will certainly consider hosting more fan-favorite challenges in the future.

Q: Can I vote for multiple cats in the poll? A: Unfortunately, the poll only allows for a single selection. Choose your favorite cat wisely!

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