Making Money with AI Generated LoFi Beats on YouTube

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Making Money with AI Generated LoFi Beats on YouTube

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Inspiration Behind the Relaxed Movement Channel
  3. The Power of Consistency in Growing a YouTube Channel
  4. Using AI Tools to Create Cozy and Relaxing Pictures
  5. Creating Original Lo-Fi Beats with AI Music Generation
  6. Uploading and Promoting Your Content on YouTube
  7. Monetizing Your Channel Before Meeting the Requirements
  8. Exploring Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for Non-Monetized Channels
  9. The Importance of Having a Relevant Niche
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we will explore the journey of creating a successful YouTube channel focused on providing relaxing and cozy Lo-Fi beats. We will delve into the inspiration behind the "Relaxed Movement" channel and how consistency played a crucial role in its growth. Additionally, we will uncover the power of AI tools in creating captivating pictures and original music. Moreover, we will discuss strategies for uploading, promoting, and monetizing your content, even before meeting the requirements. Finally, we will touch on the potential of affiliate marketing for non-monetized channels and the importance of selecting a relevant niche. So, let's dive in and discover how you can build a thriving YouTube channel and connect with a dedicated audience.

The Inspiration Behind the Relaxed Movement Channel

The "Relaxed Movement" channel was born out of the admiration and inspiration gained from other successful channels in the Lo-Fi beats genre. Seeing the immense popularity and vast reach of channels like "Lo-Fi girl," with billions of views, served as a catalyst for starting this venture. The concept behind the channel was to create a space where individuals could find simplicity and relaxation through calm beats and serene visuals. By observing the minimalist approach adopted by other channels, it became clear that success could be achieved without showing faces or speaking directly to the camera. With this realization, the idea for the "Relaxed Movement" channel took shape.

The Power of Consistency in Growing a YouTube Channel

Consistency is a fundamental pillar for nurturing a growing YouTube channel. By setting a regular uploading schedule, you establish expectations among your audience and build anticipation for future content. The algorithm also favors consistent creators, showing their videos to a wider audience. With this knowledge in mind, the creator of the "Relaxed Movement" channel decided to upload content once, twice, or even thrice a month, ensuring a steady flow of new material. By adhering to this routine, the algorithm's favorability increased, allowing the channel to gain more visibility and attract subscribers.

Using AI Tools to Create Cozy and Relaxing Pictures

One of the key components of the "Relaxed Movement" channel is the visually appealing background images. To achieve this, the creator turned to AI tools like Leonardo, which offers a wide range of prompts and images for inspiration. By utilizing the AI image generation feature, the creator could search for prompts such as "cozy picture of a person studying in a dark room anime." This prompt led to the selection of a warm and inviting image, perfectly capturing the essence of the channel's aesthetic. With the support of AI tools, like Leonardo, creating captivating visuals became effortless, allowing the channel to provide a pleasing visual experience for viewers.

Creating Original Lo-Fi Beats with AI Music Generation

In addition to captivating visuals, the success of the "Relaxed Movement" channel hinges on its soothing and original music. AI tools, such as Creators Ava, offer a remarkable way to generate unique, mood-setting tracks. By accessing Creators Ava, the channel creator could choose the desired emotional tone, such as a happy or sad vibe, and select the duration of the music. While the free version of the tool limited the length of the track, the creator found a creative workaround. By stitching together multiple three-minute clips and elongating the composition, longer tracks suitable for the channel were created. This ingenious method allowed for an extensive library of relaxing beats, enhancing the overall listening experience for viewers.

Uploading and Promoting Your Content on YouTube

Once the visual background image and the original music beat are ready, it's time to upload and promote your content on YouTube. With the image and music prepared, video-editing software, like Premiere Pro, can be utilized to synchronize the visuals and audio. By pasting the image and extending its duration, a single picture can provide a looping backdrop for the music. With the video edited and finalized, it can be uploaded to the "Relaxed Movement" channel, attracting viewers seeking relaxation and tranquility. To maximize its reach, the creator also promotes the channel across social media platforms, enticing potential subscribers to explore this musical oasis.

Monetizing Your Channel Before Meeting the Requirements

While it may seem daunting to monetize a YouTube channel before meeting the official requirements, opportunities still exist for creators to generate revenue. Implementing affiliate marketing strategies is one such avenue. However, given the nature of the "Relaxed Movement" channel, physical product promotions may not yield the desired results. Instead, the creator focused on digital products with relevance to the channel's niche. Platforms like ClickBank or Digistore24 offer a wide range of products tailored to various interests. By selecting music-related or AI-focused products, the creator could build partnerships and earn commissions, even without reaching the official monetization thresholds set by YouTube.

Exploring Affiliate Marketing Opportunities for Non-Monetized Channels

For creators who have yet to meet the requirements for monetization, affiliate marketing presents an opportunity to generate income. By diving into the world of affiliate programs, creators can earn commissions by promoting products and services relevant to their niche. For the "Relaxed Movement" channel, exploring affiliate programs that offer digital products or services within the realm of music, AI, or video editing would align with the channel's content and resonate with its audience. This approach allows creators to monetize their channels early on, providing a source of income while simultaneously growing their subscriber base.

The Importance of Having a Relevant Niche

To stand out in the vast ocean of YouTube channels, having a relevant niche is crucial. The "Relaxed Movement" channel found its niche by offering serene and cozy Lo-Fi beats. By staying true to this specific genre, the channel has attracted viewers seeking solace, relaxation, and focus. This niche focus has allowed the creator to tap into a dedicated audience, fostering a community built around shared interests and needs. It is essential for aspiring creators to identify a niche that aligns with their interests and expertise, ensuring authenticity and attracting a loyal following.


Building a successful YouTube channel centered around the relaxation of Lo-Fi beats requires dedication, consistency, and creative use of available resources. By drawing inspiration from successful channels, embracing AI tools for visual and musical creations, and leveraging affiliate marketing opportunities, creators can guide their channels towards growth and monetization. The journey may require hard work, but with passion and a commitment to quality content, aspiring creators can carve out their own space in the YouTube landscape. So, begin your YouTube journey today, embark on the path of consistency, and bring relaxation and tranquility to viewers around the world.


  • The "Relaxed Movement" channel was inspired by the success of other popular Lo-Fi beats channels like "Lo-Fi Girl."
  • Consistency in uploading content is crucial for gaining visibility and favorability from the algorithm.
  • AI tools like Leonardo and Creators Ava are valuable resources for creating visually appealing images and original music beats.
  • Affiliate marketing offers monetization opportunities for non-monetized channels, particularly through digital product promotions.
  • Choosing a relevant niche is vital for attracting an engaged and dedicated audience on YouTube.


Q: How can I make my YouTube channel successful? A: Consistency, dedication, and identifying a relevant niche are key factors in building a successful YouTube channel. By creating quality content, engaging with your audience, and utilizing available resources like AI tools, you can increase your chances of success.

Q: Can I monetize my YouTube channel before reaching the requirements set by YouTube? A: Yes, it is possible to monetize your channel before meeting the official requirements through affiliate marketing. By promoting relevant digital products or services, you can earn commissions and generate income.

Q: Do I need to be a professional video editor or composer to create a successful YouTube channel? A: No, you don't need to be a professional in video editing or composition to create a successful YouTube channel. With AI tools and creativity, you can produce captivating visuals and original music without extensive technical skills.

Q: How important is it to have a niche for my YouTube channel? A: Having a niche is crucial for standing out in the competitive YouTube landscape. By focusing on a specific topic or genre, you can attract a dedicated audience with shared interests and needs, fostering community engagement and growth.

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