Master Excel Charts: Quick and Simple Tutorial

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Master Excel Charts: Quick and Simple Tutorial

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Adding Charts to Excel Spreadsheets
  3. Highlighting Data for Chart Creation
  4. Customizing the Chart
    1. Moving the Chart
    2. Changing the Chart Type
    3. Adjusting Chart Layouts
    4. Editing Chart Titles and Labels
  5. Enhancing Charts with Images
  6. Copying the Chart to Other Applications
  7. Conclusion


In this tutorial, we will explore a simple and quick method for adding charts to your Excel spreadsheets. We will use a hypothetical scenario of owning a small business that sells board games and card games to demonstrate the process. The goal is to create visually appealing charts that provide insights into the sales performance of different games throughout the year.

Adding Charts to Excel Spreadsheets

To begin, we need to select the data that we want to turn into a chart. By clicking and dragging, we can highlight the relevant information. It is essential to exclude any unnecessary data to focus on the key metrics. Once the desired data is selected, we can generate a quick chart by holding the Alt key and tapping the F1 key. The chart will be automatically placed on top of the data.

Highlighting Data for Chart Creation

When selecting the data for the chart, we have the flexibility to include or exclude specific information. For example, in our scenario, we want to provide a visual representation of the best-selling games in each month. Therefore, we exclude the total number of items sold, as it is not relevant to this particular chart.

Customizing the Chart

After creating the basic chart, we can customize its appearance and layout according to our preferences. By accessing the Design and Format tabs, we can make various adjustments to the chart. One useful option is the ability to switch between rows and columns, offering different perspectives on the data. Additionally, we can explore different chart styles, layouts, and color schemes to enhance the chart's visual appeal.

Moving the Chart

If the default placement of the chart does not suit our needs, we can easily move it to a different location. By clicking near the edge of the chart and dragging it, we can reposition it as desired. It is crucial to ensure that the chart is visible and does not obstruct any important information or data.

Changing the Chart Type

Excel provides a wide range of chart types to choose from, allowing us to explore different ways to present the data. By selecting the chart and accessing the Design tab, we can switch to alternative chart types that may better suit our specific requirements. This flexibility enables us to find the most effective representation that accurately conveys the information.

Adjusting Chart Layouts

The Format tab provides quick layout options that allow us to change the arrangement of elements within the chart. By selecting a different layout, we can modify where the axis titles, axis labels, and legends appear. This allows us to enhance clarity and provide a better overall presentation of the chart.

Editing Chart Titles and Labels

To provide concise and informative labels, we can edit the chart's titles and axis labels. By clicking on the existing label and typing in the desired text, we can customize each element to accurately represent the data. Alternatively, we can use formulas to automatically populate the labels based on existing data in the spreadsheet.

Enhancing Charts with Images

To make the chart more visually appealing, we can insert images to represent each game. By resizing and positioning the images, we can place them next to or on top of the corresponding game's name in the chart. This further enhances the understanding and engagement of viewers by providing a visual representation of the games.

Copying the Chart to Other Applications

Once the chart is finalized, we can easily copy it to other applications such as PowerPoint, Word, or Publisher. By right-clicking on the chart and selecting the copy option, we can paste the chart into a new slide or document. This feature allows us to incorporate the chart seamlessly into other presentations or reports.


By following these simple steps, you can easily add charts to your Excel spreadsheets and present your data in a visually appealing and informative way. The ability to customize the chart's appearance, layout, and labels provides flexibility and ensures that the key insights are effectively communicated. Experiment with different chart types, styles, and layouts to find the most suitable representation for your data.


  • Easily add charts to Excel spreadsheets
  • Customize the chart's appearance and layout
  • Highlight relevant data for chart creation
  • Move and resize the chart for optimal visibility
  • Switch between different chart types and styles
  • Edit chart titles and labels for clarity
  • Enhance charts with images for visual appeal
  • Copy the chart to other applications seamlessly


Q: Can I include multiple data sets in one chart? A: Yes, Excel allows you to include multiple data sets in a chart to compare and analyze different data points.

Q: How can I change the color scheme of the chart? A: You can experiment with different color schemes by accessing the Chart Styles group in the Design tab and selecting the desired style.

Q: Can I update the chart automatically if the underlying data changes? A: Yes, Excel offers the ability to link the data in the chart to the original spreadsheet. Any changes made to the data will be reflected in the chart automatically.

Q: Is it possible to create interactive charts with Excel? A: Yes, Excel provides various interactive features such as data filtering and pivot charts that allow users to explore and analyze data dynamically.

Q: Can I export the chart as an image or PDF file? A: Yes, you can export the chart as an image or PDF file by right-clicking on the chart, selecting the "Save As" option, and choosing the desired file format.

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