Master Minecraft: Build a Sphere in Bedrock

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Master Minecraft: Build a Sphere in Bedrock

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting Started
  3. Setting Up Command Blocks
  4. Creating the Drawing Mechanism
  5. Customizing the Drawing
  6. Building the Frame of the Giant Sphere
  7. Filling in the Sphere
  8. Adding an Inner Sphere
  9. Finishing Touches
  10. Conclusion


In this tutorial, we will learn how to create a giant sphere in Minecraft using command blocks. This advanced building technique will allow you to create impressive structures with ease. By following the step-by-step instructions provided, you will be able to build your own sphere and customize it to your liking. So let's dive in and start building!

1. Getting Started

To begin, we need to gather the necessary materials and set up our command blocks. Make sure you have cheats enabled in your game settings, as we will need to use coordinates and execute commands. Let's get started by obtaining a command block and positioning ourselves on the desired starting block. Take note of the coordinates for future reference.

2. Setting Up Command Blocks

In this tutorial, we will be using both chain command blocks and repeating command blocks. These types of command blocks are essential for executing multiple commands in a specific order. To create a command block, open the chat window and type "/give [your name] command_block".

3. Creating the Drawing Mechanism

The first command block we need to set up is a repeating command block that is always active. This block will test for players standing on a specific block and start drawing when activated. Enter the command "/testfor @p[x=246,y=4,z=246,r=1]" in the command block to test for the player's presence. Next, create a chain command block facing in the same direction and set it to conditional and always active. This block will test for the result of the previous command and activate the next command only if the condition is met.

4. Customizing the Drawing

Now it's time to define what block the drawing mechanism will place. In the next command block, enter the following command "/execute @a[x=246,y=4,z=246,r=1] ~ ~ ~ fill ~10 ~3 ~10 ~10 ~ ~10 air". This command will execute the fill command whenever a player is standing on the designated block, replacing a collection of blocks with air.

5. Building the Frame of the Giant Sphere

To create the frame of the giant sphere, we need to determine the size and position of our sphere. For this tutorial, let's build a sphere with a circumference of 24. Start by positioning yourself at the desired center and start building up the structure. Add blocks to create a circle with a radius of 12, ensuring that the bottom of the sphere is elevated from the ground.

6. Filling in the Sphere

Now that we have the frame of the sphere, it's time to start filling it in. This process may take some time, but the end result will be worth it. Start by placing blocks inside the sphere, one layer at a time. Continue this process until the entire sphere is filled with blocks.

7. Adding an Inner Sphere

To add an inner sphere, repeat the previous steps but on a smaller scale. Determine the desired size for the inner sphere and build a frame accordingly. Fill in the inner sphere with blocks, creating a captivating effect within the giant sphere.

8. Finishing Touches

Once the sphere is complete, take a moment to make any necessary adjustments and add any final touches. This is your opportunity to add personalization and detail to your creation. Consider experimenting with different block types and colors to make your sphere unique.

9. Conclusion

In conclusion, building a giant sphere in Minecraft using command blocks can be a complex yet rewarding process. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you will be able to create impressive structures that will leave others in awe. So go ahead, unleash your creativity, and build your own masterpiece in the world of Minecraft!


  • Learn how to build a giant sphere in Minecraft using command blocks
  • Customize the drawing mechanism and choose the blocks to be placed
  • Create a frame for the sphere and fill it in layer by layer
  • Add an inner sphere to enhance the visual impact
  • Experiment with different block types and colors for unique results


Q: Can I use any block type for the drawing mechanism? A: Yes, you can use any block type of your choice. The commands provided are adaptable to any block type.

Q: How long does it take to build a giant sphere using this method? A: The time required varies depending on the size of the sphere and the complexity of the design. It may take several hours to complete a large sphere.

Q: Can I use this technique to build other shapes besides a sphere? A: Yes, this technique can be applied to build various shapes and structures. Feel free to experiment and unleash your creativity.

Q: Are there any limitations to consider when using command blocks? A: Command blocks can be resource-intensive, so it's important to optimize your design and consider the performance impact on your game.

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