Master Your Human Design Strategy with this Powerful Generator

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Master Your Human Design Strategy with this Powerful Generator

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. My Personal Experience as a Generator
  3. Going Down the Path of Becoming a Facilitator
  4. The Conflicting Feelings in My Sacral Center
  5. Life's Supportive Intervention
  6. The Announcement That Changed Everything
  7. Tuning into My Body's Response
  8. The Power of a Strong "No"
  9. Unweaving Expectations and Finding Empowerment
  10. Trusting My Gut and Living with Empowerment



Hey everyone, Kelly here with When the Stars Aligned. Today, I want to share a personal experience I had as a generator. As you may know, being a generator means that my strategy for life is to respond. I respond from that sacral center, listening to the yes or no signals my body sends. In this article, I'll discuss how this strategy saved me from confusion and led me to a more aligned path in my career.

My Personal Experience as a Generator

I was on a career path to becoming a facilitator in a healing and dancing modality. At first, I felt excited and confident about this journey. However, as time went on, I started to experience conflicting feelings in my sacral center. When someone would ask me how it was going, my mind would come up with formulated responses, but my body's true response was a hesitant "I don't know." This limbo between my head and my body created confusion and uncertainty for me.

Going Down the Path of Becoming a Facilitator

Despite the mixed signals from my body, I continued down this career path. I had invested a great deal of mental and energetic energy into it and felt a strong desire to pursue it. However, life has a way of presenting us with opportunities for change or commitment. And in my case, life brought me a significant shift that ultimately questioned my commitment to this path.

The Conflicting Feelings in My Sacral Center

Three months into my training, the person leading the program announced that everything was changing. The training was no longer flowing in the right way, and there would be a shift in direction. This announcement instantly triggered a powerful response in my body. It was clear to me that something was not in alignment. I sat with this feeling for a few days, allowing it to sink in and validate the strong sensations in my body.

Life's Supportive Intervention

The question was then presented to me: Do you want to stay on board? Despite the mental reasons my mind provided to justify staying, my body's response was a resounding "no." This was the most powerful "know" I had ever experienced. It was a deep instinctual knowing that couldn't be rationalized or reasoned with. And so, I made the difficult decision to step away from the path I had invested so much in.

Tuning into My Body's Response

The process of unweaving my expectations and unraveling my attachment to this experience was painful. However, as time went on, I began to find deep empowerment within myself. I discovered a clearer sense of self-worth and validation. This experience taught me the importance of listening to my gut, even when my mind tries to persuade me otherwise.

The Power of a Strong "No"

As a generator, my strength lies in tuning into my body and trusting its responses. It's enough for me to ask myself, "Is this the right path for me?" and allow the question to trickle down into my core. In response, my body either expands with a yes or constricts with a no. The expansion signifies alignment and confirmation, while the constriction signals that it's not the right path. I no longer feel the need to understand or analyze the why behind these responses. Trusting my body's wisdom brings me peace and empowerment.

Unweaving Expectations and Finding Empowerment

Stepping away from the path I had invested so much in was a challenging process. But as time passed, I realized that it led me to a clearer understanding of what I truly wanted to share with the world. I discovered that the things I desired were already within me, waiting to be cultivated and shared. This experience taught me the beauty of unraveling expectations and finding empowerment within myself.

Trusting My Gut and Living with Empowerment

If you find yourself facing a significant choice or decision, and you're a generator yourself, I encourage you to test this strategy for yourself. Tune into your body's responses and trust them. Quiet the mind's chatter and focus on the sensations within your core. The answers you seek are already within you. And when you trust your gut and honor what feels aligned, you'll step into a place of centeredness, alignment, and empowerment that will guide you towards the path that's truly meant for you.

Pros and Cons


  • Listening to our body's responses allows us to make more aligned decisions
  • Trusting our gut leads to a sense of empowerment and self-worth
  • Unraveling expectations can bring clarity and a deeper understanding of our true desires


  • It can be challenging to let go of invested time and energy in a certain path
  • Trusting our body's responses may go against the opinions and expectations of others


  • Being a generator means responding from the sacral center
  • Conflicting feelings in the body can indicate a misalignment with a chosen path
  • Life often presents opportunities for change or commitment
  • Trusting the body's response over the mind's analysis can lead to empowerment
  • Unraveling expectations and honoring the body's response brings clarity and a deeper sense of self-worth

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know if I'm a generator? A: In Human Design, generators are defined by having a sacral center. This center provides the life force energy needed for response and is the key to finding alignment and empowerment.

Q: What if my mind is strong and persuasive? A: While the mind can be convincing, it is not the source of true answers. The mind collects information and analyzes it, but the best choices come from our body's response and instinct.

Q: What if I have already invested a lot of time and energy into a certain path? A: It can be challenging to let go of something we have invested ourselves in. However, honoring our body's response and unraveling expectations can lead to a clearer understanding of our true desires and a more aligned path.

Q: How can I test this strategy for myself? A: Simply ask yourself a question and focus on the sensations in your core. If you feel an expansion or a contraction, trust that response. Practice quieting the mind and listening to your body's wisdom.

Q: What if my body's response is unclear? A: Sometimes our body's response may not be crystal clear. Give yourself time and space to sit with the question, and the answer will become clearer over time. Trust the process and have patience with yourself.

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