Mastering Body Paragraph Conclusions

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Mastering Body Paragraph Conclusions

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview of the Essay Structure
  3. Importance of Concluding Ideas
  4. One Sentence Structure for Concluding Ideas
  5. Analyzing the Thesis Statement
  6. Examining the Body Paragraphs
    • The Drawback of High Cost in Foreign Education
    • Example: Cost Comparison of Universities
    • Financial Stress on Students and Families
    • Evaluating the Opportunity for Growth
    • Example: Balancing Work, Education, and Social Life
    • Overcoming Financial Obstacles
    • More Growth Experience in Overseas Education
  7. Enhancing the Conclusion Paragraphs
  8. Understanding Correlative Comparatives
    • Explanation of Correlative Comparative Grammar
    • Examples of Correlative Comparative Sentences
    • Common Errors to Avoid
  9. How to Apply Correlative Comparative in Writing
    • Examples of Correlative Comparative in Action
    • Flexibility of Placement in the Paragraph
  10. Conclusion
  11. Additional Resources and Support

One Sentence Structure to Conclude Ideas in IELTS Writing

In IELTS writing, many students struggle with effectively concluding their ideas. It is essential to have a strong conclusion paragraph that clearly summarizes the main points in your body paragraphs. This article provides a useful sentence structure that you can immediately apply to enhance your conclusion writing. By incorporating this technique, you will be able to extend and conclude your ideas, link them more effectively, and expand your grammar range.


IELTS writing requires students to present and support their ideas within the allocated time and word limit. A well-structured essay with cohesive paragraphs is crucial for scoring high marks. While students often focus on writing compelling body paragraphs and introductions, they may overlook the significance of concluding their ideas effectively. In this article, we will explore a one sentence structure that assists in concluding ideas concisely and demonstrates a wider range of grammar.

Overview of the Essay Structure

Before diving into the specific technique for concluding ideas, it is important to have an understanding of the overall essay structure. A typical essay consists of an introduction, body paragraphs, and a conclusion. The introduction provides background information and presents the thesis statement, which states the main argument or viewpoint of the essay. Body paragraphs elaborate on the main points or arguments, providing evidence and examples to support them. Finally, the conclusion summarizes the main points and offers a final thought or conclusion.

Importance of Concluding Ideas

Concluding ideas in an essay is essential as it allows the reader to comprehend the main arguments or viewpoints presented throughout the essay. It is not enough to simply restate the main points; the conclusion should bring the essay to a satisfying close and leave a lasting impression on the reader. By effectively concluding ideas, students show their ability to synthesize information and provide a strong overall argument or viewpoint.

One Sentence Structure for Concluding Ideas

To enhance the conclusion paragraphs in your IELTS writing, we introduce a one sentence structure that enables you to conclude your ideas seamlessly. This structure not only summarizes the main points but also extends the overall argument or viewpoint. The key to this sentence structure is using correlative comparatives, which create a parallel structure and emphasize the relationship between two ideas. By employing this sentence structure, you can elevate your writing and make a lasting impact on your reader.

Analyzing the Thesis Statement

To exemplify the use of the one sentence structure, we will analyze a student's thesis statement from a sample essay. The essay prompt asks the student to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of foreign education and express their opinion on the matter. The student's thesis statement clearly outlines their position and highlights the benefits of foreign education. This analysis allows us to understand the student's stance and formulate corresponding concluding ideas based on their viewpoint.

Examining the Body Paragraphs

To fully comprehend the effectiveness of the one sentence structure, let us examine the body paragraphs of the sample essay. The first body paragraph highlights the drawback of high costs in foreign education. The student effectively presents the problem and provides an example to support their point. Similarly, the second body paragraph discusses the opportunities for growth in studying abroad. The student provides examples and extends the idea of personal development.

  • The Drawback of High Cost in Foreign Education
    • Expensive nature of foreign universities
    • Example comparing costs
  • Financial Stress on Students and Families
    • Impact of high costs on financial burden
  • Evaluating the Opportunity for Growth
    • Personal growth through studying abroad
    • Example of balancing multiple responsibilities
  • Overcoming Financial Obstacles
    • Growth through facing financial challenges
  • More Growth Experience in Overseas Education
    • Contrasting growth experiences between local and foreign education

Enhancing the Conclusion Paragraphs

While the sample essay demonstrates a decent attempt at concluding ideas, it can be further improved using the one sentence structure. In the first body paragraph, the student concludes their thoughts by emphasizing the financial stress on students and families. However, by integrating correlative comparatives, we can elevate the conclusion and create a more impactful final statement. Similarly, in the second body paragraph, the student concludes with a general statement about growth, but we can enhance it by incorporating correlative comparatives.

Understanding Correlative Comparatives

Correlative comparatives are a valuable grammatical tool that can be utilized to connect ideas and highlight their relationship. They consist of pairs of words, such as "the more...the better" or "the less...the more." These structures enable writers to express comparisons and emphasize the impact of one element on another. By mastering this aspect of grammar, you can enrich your writing and showcase your linguistic proficiency.

How to Apply Correlative Comparative in Writing

To incorporate correlative comparatives in your writing effectively, it is essential to understand how they function within a sentence structure. By examining various sentence examples, we can deconstruct the grammar and gain a comprehensive understanding of these structures. It is important to note common errors and misconceptions associated with correlative comparatives to ensure accuracy in usage.


In conclusion, concluding ideas effectively is a crucial skill for IELTS writing. By mastering the one sentence structure using correlative comparatives, you can elevate your writing and leave a lasting impression on your reader. Understanding the overall essay structure, analyzing the thesis statement, examining the body paragraphs, and applying correlative comparatives will lead to more cohesive and impactful conclusions. Utilize the provided resources and practice diligently to enhance your writing skills and achieve success in your IELTS examination.

Additional Resources and Support

For further assistance and clarification, we provide additional resources and support. Click the link below to access a downloadable PDF that explains the correlative comparative grammar and provides further examples. Additionally, consider availing one-on-one tutorial sessions with experts at E2, who can address your specific IELTS questions and provide personalized guidance. Remember, practice makes perfect, and regular practice with expert feedback will help solidify your understanding and application of these grammatical structures.

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