Mastering Book Writing with ChatGPT

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Mastering Book Writing with ChatGPT

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Installing Keywords Everywhere
  3. Logging into Open AI Account
  4. Using the Prompt Templates a. Choosing a Category b. Choosing a Subcategory c. Choosing a Template
  5. Writing the Plot Summary
  6. Generating a Book Title
  7. Creating a Book Outline
  8. Writing a Book Chapter
  9. Using the Continue Button
  10. Conclusion


In today's video, we will discuss how you can use Chat GPT and Keywords Everywhere to write an entire book. We will explore the prompt templates feature offered by Keywords Everywhere and guide you step by step on how to utilize it effectively. Writing a book with Chat GPT has never been easier, thanks to these amazing tools. So, let's dive right in.

Installing Keywords Everywhere

The first step in using prompt templates from Keywords Everywhere is to install the Keywords Everywhere browser add-on. You can find and install this add-on from the website. It is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. Once installed, you will notice two new additions to your Chat GPT dashboard: the templates button on the left-hand side and the floating continue button on the top right.

Logging into Open AI Account

Before we proceed further, make sure you are logged into your Open AI account. This step is necessary to access the Keywords Everywhere prompt templates feature.

Using the Prompt Templates

The prompt templates feature from Keywords Everywhere offers a variety of options to facilitate the book writing process. Let's explore how to effectively use these templates.

Choosing a Category

To begin, click on the "templates" button and navigate to the category dropdown menu. For this video, we will focus on writing a book, so we will select the "book writing" subcategory.

Choosing a Subcategory

Next, it's time to choose a subcategory that aligns with the type of book you intend to write. Select the appropriate subcategory from the available options.

Choosing a Template

Once you have selected the subcategory, a list of templates will be displayed. These templates are organized from top to bottom, making it easier to find the right one for your book. Explore the options and choose a template that suits your requirements.

Writing the Plot Summary

With the template selected, you can now provide the necessary details for your book. This includes creating a Persona for your book writer or using the name of an established author. Additionally, you can add book details such as a brief description of what the book is about. The prompt template will automatically update with the provided details.

Generating a Book Title

After completing the plot summary, it's time to generate a captivating book title. Click on the "templates" button again and select the "book title generator" option. Fill in the required fields, including language, author (Persona), and the previously created plot summary. Once the details are entered, execute the template to receive a list of book title options.

Creating a Book Outline

A well-structured book often starts with a comprehensive outline. To generate a book outline, select the "book outline generator" option from the templates dropdown. Enter the necessary details such as language, author, and plot summary. Execute the template to obtain a book outline with chapter names and descriptions.

Writing a Book Chapter

Once you have a book outline in place, it's time to dive into writing the individual chapters. Select the "book chapter generator" template and fill in the required fields, including Persona, language, plot summary, and the summary of the specific chapter. Execute the template to generate a complete chapter based on the provided details.

Using the Continue Button

While writing a chapter, you have the option to utilize the floating "continue" button. Hover over the button to access different options such as continuing from where it left off, clarifying the output, expanding or rewriting the content, and more. Choose the appropriate option to guide Chat GPT in generating the desired output.


In conclusion, writing a book with Chat GPT and Keywords Everywhere's prompt templates feature is a breeze. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can effortlessly create a plot summary, generate captivating book titles, outline your book, and write engaging chapters. The combination of these tools simplifies the entire book writing process and saves you valuable time. Give it a try and experience the power of Chat GPT and Keywords Everywhere for yourself.


  • Utilize Chat GPT and Keywords Everywhere to write an entire book
  • Install the Keywords Everywhere browser add-on
  • Log into your Open AI account
  • Use prompt templates from Keywords Everywhere
  • Choose the appropriate category, subcategory, and template for your book
  • Write a compelling plot summary and generate a captivating book title
  • Create a comprehensive book outline with chapter names and descriptions
  • Write engaging book chapters using prompt templates
  • Use the floating "continue" button to guide the content generation process


Q: Can I use Chat GPT and Keywords Everywhere to write books in languages other than English? A: Yes, Keywords Everywhere offers a variety of language options, allowing you to write books in languages other than English.

Q: Can I edit the prompt templates? A: Yes, you have the flexibility to edit the prompt templates according to your needs. However, the provided templates have been tested and proven to generate excellent outputs.

Q: How long does it take to write a book using these tools? A: With the help of prompt templates from Keywords Everywhere, you can create a book outline, generate titles, and write chapters within minutes, significantly reducing the time required to complete a book.

Q: Can I use the prompt templates for other types of writing, such as blog posts or articles? A: While the prompt templates are primarily designed for book writing, you can certainly experiment with them for other types of writing. The flexibility of the templates allows for adaptation to different writing styles and formats.

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