Mastering Pokemon Showdown!

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Mastering Pokemon Showdown!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Pokemon Showdown
  2. Getting Started on Showdown
  3. Playing Battles on Showdown
  4. Exploring the Different Rooms on Showdown
  5. Creating and Joining Chat Rooms on Showdown
  6. Showdown Rules and Punishments
  7. Standard Battle Rules on Showdown
  8. The Random Battle Format on Showdown
  9. Understanding the Tiers on Showdown
  10. Using the Team Builder on Showdown
  11. Participating in Tournaments on Showdown
  12. Saving and Accessing Battle Replays on Showdown
  13. Conclusion

Introduction to Pokemon Showdown

Pokemon Showdown is an online competitive Pokemon battling simulator, widely regarded as the premier platform for competitive Pokemon battles on the internet. In this guide, we will take you through the process of getting integrated into Showdown, so you can start battling to your heart's content.

Getting Started on Showdown

To get started on Showdown, all you need is a browser. Simply visit the website, or download the client for access to the main server. Showdown works seamlessly on both PC and mobile devices, making it convenient for players to battle anytime, anywhere.

Playing Battles on Showdown

Once you're on the main server, you can use the search function to find battles. There is no limit to how much you can play, and each battle you engage in through the search function will affect your ladder ranking. You will be matched up against players with similar ratings, ensuring a fair and competitive experience.

If you're interested in battling against the highest ranked players, you can check out the ladder, which displays the top players in each format. Additionally, you have the option to challenge specific players by clicking on their username, or you can simply chat with them. Showdown also provides various rooms where you can socialize with other players who share similar interests or nationalities.

Exploring the Different Rooms on Showdown

On Showdown, there are multiple rooms available for players to join. The default room is the lobby, but there are other rooms catering to different formats and preferences. For example, the "OU" room is for players interested in the main playing format, while the "RU" room is for those who prefer Pokemon from earlier generations. There are also rooms for specific nationalities, such as the French room.

If none of the existing rooms match your requirements, you have the option to create your own chat room. With the command "/makegroupchat", you can create a temporary room and invite other players with the command "/invite" followed by their username. However, it's important to note that these temporary rooms expire after 40 minutes of inactivity. Permanent rooms can only be created by authorized users.

Showdown Rules and Punishments

To ensure a positive and respectful environment, Showdown has established some basic rules. Players are expected to refrain from spamming, linking to other sites, harassing other users, or engaging in any behavior deemed inappropriate for a PG or Pg-13 audience. Violations of these rules can result in punishments that limit a player's ability to use the chat function on Showdown.

For more information on how to move up in the ranks on Showdown and gain insights from the bosses themselves, you can visit the official ladder guide provided in the description.

Standard Battle Rules on Showdown

The standard battle rules on Showdown have been around since the early days of competitive play. These rules are set in place by the Showdown staff and automatically implemented in every battle. While each tier may have its specific clauses and bans, there are universal species clauses that apply to all tiers.

For example, you can only use one of each Pokemon on your team. Different forms of the same Pokemon, such as Rotom-Wash and Rotom-Heat, are considered the same Pokemon and cannot be used together. Moves like Sheer Cold and Horn Drill, which have a high chance of taking out the opponent in one hit, are not allowed. Additionally, evasion-boosting moves, such as Double Team and Minimize, are also banned.

It's important to understand these rules and restrictions when creating and strategizing your team on Showdown.

The Random Battle Format on Showdown

If you don't have a team or a preferred format, and you're just looking for some casual fun, the Random Battle format on Showdown is perfect for you. In Random Battles, your team is randomly selected for you, ranging from Pokemon like Pikachu to Arceus. This format is available in every generation, allowing for a diverse and unpredictable experience.

Understanding the Tiers on Showdown

Showdown incorporates the concept of tiers, which categorize Pokemon based on their usage and power level. The main format in each generation is the Overused (OU) tier, where most Pokemon are allowed except for those considered extremely overpowered. Pokemon like Mewtwo and Groudon are examples of Pokemon that are not allowed in the OU tier but can be used in the Uber tier, where every non-banned Pokemon is allowed.

In addition to Uber and OU, Showdown features various other tiers, such as UU (Underused), RU (Rarely Used), and NU (Never Used), which have their own sets of banned and allowed Pokemon. The ladder on Showdown allows players to see the top-ranked players in each format, giving them an idea of the competition.

For more detailed information about the different tiers on Showdown, you can refer to the Smogon website, where all the necessary information is readily accessible.

Using the Team Builder on Showdown

The team builder in Showdown is a valuable tool that allows you to assemble your ideal team for battles in various formats. Once you open the team builder and click "New Team," you can choose the desired format for your team or simply start adding Pokemon. The team builder provides flexibility and customization options, allowing you to choose items, abilities, natures, EV spreads, and moves for each Pokemon on your team.

Furthermore, the team builder offers suggestions for EV spreads and natures based on the choices you make. For example, if you add a Choice Band to a Pokemon along with specific moves, the team builder might suggest a bulky spread with maximum HP and Attack EVs, recommending an Adamant nature. These suggestions often come with a descriptive name, such as "Bulky Band," and a link to an analysis to provide you with more information on the suggested build.

You can create multiple teams on Showdown, naming them to your liking or leaving them as untitled. Showdown also provides the option to import and export teams in text format, making it convenient to share your team details with others or try out teams created by other players.

Participating in Tournaments on Showdown

Showdown hosts various tournaments, such as the Smogon Premier League and the World Cup of Pokemon, on its official server called Smog Tours. These tournaments attract skilled players from all over, and you can watch the battles live if you're online during the tournament events. Every battle that takes place on the Smog Tours server is announced, creating an exciting atmosphere for spectators.

To stay updated with the details of these tournaments, you can check the tour names forum on Smogon or visit the Smog Tours website.

Saving and Accessing Battle Replays on Showdown

Showdown allows you to save battle replays so you can revisit and share your favorite battles. You can access the replay site, which is linked in the description, to find the replay of a specific battle by searching for the usernames of the players involved. Alternatively, you can save the link of a battle replay directly for future reference.

To save a replay, simply click the "Upload Replay" button after a battle has finished. By default, replays are public and can be seen by others searching for them. However, if you want to keep a replay private, you can type "/hidden" before the battle ends. This ensures that the replay is only accessible to you when you search your name on the replay site. All your uploaded hidden battles will appear under the private tab when you search your name on the replay site.

Additionally, you can download replays to your computer if you prefer to store them locally or share them outside of Showdown.


In conclusion, Pokemon Showdown provides an exceptional platform for competitive Pokemon battles. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, Showdown offers a vast array of features, from the team builder to different tiers and tournaments, ensuring a diverse and engaging experience for all players. So get ready to test your skills, make new friends, and have fun on the virtual battlefield of Pokemon Showdown.


  • Pokemon Showdown is the premier competitive Pokemon battling simulator on the internet.
  • Showdown can be accessed through a browser or by downloading the client.
  • The search function allows players to find battles, and ladder rankings ensure fair matchups.
  • Chat rooms and socializing options provide opportunities to interact with other players.
  • Showdown has rules and punishments in place to promote a positive and respectful environment.
  • Standard battle rules, species clauses, and tier restrictions govern battles on Showdown.
  • The Random Battle format is available for casual players looking for quick and unpredictable battles.
  • Showdown features different tiers, such as Uber, OU, UU, RU, and NU, each with its own set of rules.
  • The team builder allows players to create customized teams for various formats.
  • Showdown hosts official tournaments on the Smog Tours server, where battles can be watched live.
  • Battle replays can be saved, accessed, and shared using the replay site.
  • Pokemon Showdown offers an immersive and inclusive platform for competitive Pokemon battles.


Q: Can I play Pokemon Showdown on my mobile device? A: Yes, Showdown is browser-based and works well on both PC and mobile devices.

Q: Are there rules for battles on Showdown? A: Yes, Showdown has standard battle rules in place, along with specific clauses and bans for each tier.

Q: Can I create my own chat room on Showdown? A: Yes, you can create temporary chat rooms and invite other players. Permanent rooms can only be created by authorized users.

Q: How can I participate in tournaments on Showdown? A: Showdown hosts official tournaments on the Smog Tours server. You can watch the battles live and stay updated through the Smogon forum.

Q: Are battle replays on Showdown public or private? A: By default, battle replays are public and can be accessed by others. However, you can make them private by typing "/hidden" before the battle ends.

Q: Can I share my team with others on Showdown? A: Yes, you can use the importable feature to share your team with others or import teams created by other players.

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