Maximizing Instagram Followers with a Bot

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Maximizing Instagram Followers with a Bot

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background
  3. Researching the Instagram API
  4. Using a Python library
  5. Potential risks and precautions
  6. Setting up the automation process
  7. Testing the follow function
  8. Monitoring the results
  9. Implementing the unfollow function
  10. Making the automation process autonomous
  11. Analyzing the results
  12. Conclusion

Automating Instagram Growth: A Step-by-Step Guide


In this article, we will explore the process of automating Instagram growth to enhance the size and reach of a meme page. By utilizing a strategic approach, we will outline how to double your follower count and gain real followers in under a week. With the right tools and techniques, you can effectively grow your meme page and make a significant impact in the world of online humor.


Before diving into the details of automating Instagram growth, let's provide some background on how this journey began. The author, an avid fan of memes, started a meme account approximately two years ago. The intention behind the account was simple - to bring laughter and happiness to people's lives through humorous content. Initially, the account gained a modest following of around a thousand followers. However, after connecting with another meme page owner in college, the author discovered a community of small meme pages that employed a growth strategy involving mutual followings. This strategy involved following people who follow other meme pages and then unfollowing them after a week. Intrigued by this approach, the author decided to automate the process to save time and effort.

Researching the Instagram API

To begin the process of automating Instagram growth, it is crucial to understand the Instagram API (Application Programming Interface). While the official Instagram API is primarily designed for mobile apps, the author discovered a Python library that can mimic the functionality of the API. This library allows us to interact with Instagram by masking our scripts as a mobile app and utilizing HTTP requests. By referencing the library's documentation, we can explore its capabilities and potential limitations.

Using a Python library

While the chosen Python library offers promising functionality, it's important to acknowledge the risks associated with using automation tools. Some users of the library reported being banned by Instagram for violating their terms of service. Although it is believed that Instagram mainly penalizes accounts engaged in spammy or fraudulent activities, precautions should still be taken to avoid any potential consequences. Although using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is often recommended to hide IP addresses and increase security, the author's school Wi-Fi restricts this option. Therefore, the decision is made to proceed without a VPN, accepting the associated risks.

Potential risks and precautions

In any automated growth strategy, there are inherent risks involved. Since Instagram does not disclose their exact limitations, there is a possibility of running into temporary blocks or limitations on following and unfollowing actions. While it may seem tempting to push the boundaries, it is advisable to comply with Instagram's limits and avoid excessive actions that could trigger account restrictions. By keeping these potential risks in mind, one can take necessary precautions and optimize the automation process accordingly.

Setting up the automation process

To start automating Instagram growth, it is necessary to import the chosen Python library and create a new object. The first step involves signing in to an alternate Instagram account to avoid any potential risks to the primary account. By implementing a safe approach, the author avoids the need to share personal credentials. Once signed in, the script retrieves the information of the account for verification purposes.

Testing the follow function

With the basic setup in place, it's time to test the follow function. This involves following people who are already following similar meme pages. By selecting meme pages of similar size and analyzing the humor of their posts, we can determine if their followers might be interested in our content. Instagram has a limit of 160 follow actions per hour, so it's essential to stay within these limits to minimize the risk of temporary blocks. By carefully executing the follow function, the script successfully adds new followers to the account.

Monitoring the results

After running the script to follow new users, it is essential to monitor the results. By refreshing the Instagram account, the increase in the follower count can be observed. Additionally, the "follow requests" section provides insights into the number of users interested in the account. By actively tracking the progress, it becomes easier to assess the effectiveness of the automation process and make any necessary adjustments.

Implementing the unfollow function

To maintain a healthy follower-to-following ratio and prevent the account from looking spammy, it is crucial to implement the unfollow function. This function involves unfollowing users who have been followed previously. By strategically unfollowing accounts from the end of the list, the risk of accidentally unfollowing new followers is minimized. Testing the unfollow function ensures that the process works effectively and allows for continuous growth without cluttering the account.

Making the automation process autonomous

To optimize the automation process and make it self-sustaining, an additional step of creating a filter method can be implemented. This method allows the script to analyze the followers of users who have been followed and determine if they are meme page accounts. By adding suitable meme page accounts to the list of accounts to be followed, the process becomes autonomous. As long as the computer remains active, the script will continue running and targeting new accounts, creating a consistent growth trajectory.

Analyzing the results

After running the automation process for a significant duration, it is time to analyze the results. The author shares their experience of gaining over 2,000 followers since the beginning of the automation process. However, it is essential to note that there was a temporary block on following people, indicating the need to be cautious. Nonetheless, the increased follower count has resulted in an actively engaged audience, with a thriving comment section and increased post engagement.


In conclusion, automating Instagram growth can be an effective strategy for expanding the reach of a meme page. By following a systematic approach, it is possible to double the follower count and attract real, engaged followers in a short period. However, it is crucial to exercise caution, adhere to Instagram's limitations, and monitor the account for any potential restrictions. While there are risks involved, the rewards of an expanded and active follower base can be truly satisfying.


  • Learn how to automate Instagram growth and double your follower count
  • Discover a Python library that mimics the Instagram API for automation purposes
  • Understand the risks and precautions associated with automated growth strategies
  • Set up an automated process to follow and unfollow users strategically
  • Make the automation process autonomous by incorporating a filtering method
  • Analyze the results and assess the impact of automated growth on engagement


Q: Can automation tools lead to a permanent ban on Instagram? A: While there is a potential risk of account restrictions or temporary blocks, following Instagram's limitations and avoiding spammy activities can minimize this possibility.

Q: Are VPNs necessary for automating Instagram growth? A: While it is recommended to use a VPN for increased security and privacy, it is not always feasible due to network restrictions. However, taking precautions and staying within Instagram's limits can still yield successful results.

Q: Is it possible to automate the growth process without a Python library? A: While a Python library simplifies the automation process, it is technically feasible to implement automation using other programming languages or custom scripts. However, the chosen library offers convenience and functionality.

Q: How long should the automation process be run to see significant growth? A: The duration required to achieve significant growth can vary depending on various factors such as the current follower count, engagement level, and consistency of automation. Monitoring the progress and adjusting the process accordingly is essential for optimal results.

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