Power up your home with the Westinghouse Dual Fuel Propane Generator iGEN4500DF

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Power up your home with the Westinghouse Dual Fuel Propane Generator iGEN4500DF

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Features of the Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF Generator
  3. Unboxing and Components
  4. Design and Portability
  5. Control Panel and Outlets
  6. Dual Fuel Operation
  7. Running on Gasoline
  8. Running on Propane
  9. Power Output and Load Capacity
  10. Noise Level and Efficiency Mode
  11. Remote Starter
  12. Conclusion

The Features of the Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF Generator

The Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator is a remarkable piece of equipment that offers a wide range of features. Unlike many other generators on the market, this model is capable of running on both gasoline and propane, making it highly versatile. The inclusion of propane compatibility is a standout feature, as it allows users to utilize the same tanks they use for their gas grills. With remote start functionality, a compact design, and an affordable price point, this generator is truly in a league of its own.

Unboxing and Components

Upon unboxing the Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator, users will find a variety of components included. In addition to the standard user manual, this generator also comes with all the necessary propane components, such as a regulator and connection hose. This eliminates the need for users to source and assemble these components separately, providing a hassle-free experience right out of the box. The inclusion of oil, a funnel, and even some trees further demonstrates the manufacturer's commitment to delivering a comprehensive package.

Design and Portability

The design of the Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator is both functional and innovative. Equipped with a pullout trolley handle, this generator offers easy transportation and balance. The control panel is thoughtfully arranged, with rubber protective covers to shield the outlets from rain or dirt. It boasts a range of outlet options, including a dedicated RV outlet, standard household plugs, and even a USB port for charging devices. The inclusion of parallel operation outlets allows users to connect two generators together for increased power output if needed.

Control Panel and Outlets

The control panel of the Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator is a testament to its feature-packed nature. Despite its compact size, it houses numerous indicators and switches to facilitate ease of use. One notable feature is the "magic switch," which allows users to seamlessly switch between gasoline and propane modes. The control panel also includes a digital data center that provides valuable information such as load runtime and operating hours. An innovative addition is the digital gas gauge, although it should be noted that it does not function when operating on propane.

Dual Fuel Operation

The ability to operate on both gasoline and propane sets the Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator apart from its competitors. This dual fuel capability enhances the generator's versatility, allowing users to choose the fuel source that best suits their needs. When running on gasoline, the generator offers a sizable 3.4-gallon tank, providing approximately 18 hours of runtime depending on the load. However, it's important to note that the power output may be slightly reduced when running on propane, offering around 3,300 Watts due to the inherent nature of propane's lower power output.

Running on Gasoline

Running the Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator on gasoline is a straightforward process. Unlike many generators that require manual choke adjustment, this model eliminates the need for manual intervention after initial startup. With a simple pull start, the generator runs smoothly, and users can enjoy the convenience of a three-point four-gallon gas tank. This generous capacity ensures extended runtime and reliable performance.

Running on Propane

The Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator truly shines when running on propane. Compatible with standard propane tanks commonly used for gas grills, this generator offers high levels of convenience. Switching to propane mode is as simple as turning the unit to the designated position and connecting the included hose and regulator. The inclusion of a small wrench ensures a secure and gas-tight connection. Once connected, users can start the generator with ease, enjoying the benefits of a cleaner-burning fuel source.

Power Output and Load Capacity

The Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator delivers ample power output for a variety of applications. When running on gasoline, it offers a robust capacity that can handle various household appliances and equipment. With a maximum load of 4,500 Watts, users can power multiple devices simultaneously without worrying about overload. It should be noted that running the generator on propane may result in a slightly lower power output, providing approximately 3,300 Watts. However, this is still sufficient for most residential and recreational needs.

Noise Level and Efficiency Mode

Generators often generate noise pollution that can be disruptive in certain environments. However, the Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator is designed with noise reduction in mind. Even at maximum speed, it emits an average noise level of only 58 to 59 decibels, making it impressively quiet compared to many other models on the market. Additionally, the generator features an efficiency mode that enables it to adjust its output according to the load. This ensures that the generator operates at a lower noise level when the load demand is lower.

Remote Starter

The inclusion of a remote starter adds an extra layer of convenience to the Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator. Functioning similarly to remote starters in cars, this feature allows users to start or stop the generator remotely. This proves especially useful in scenarios such as campsites or when users prefer not to approach the generator physically. The absence of a manual choke makes the remote starter functionality seamless and hassle-free, providing complete control over the machine.


In conclusion, the Westinghouse ijen 4500 DF generator is a standout product in its category. With its dual fuel capability, affordability, and abundance of features, it sets a new standard for propane generators. The inclusion of all necessary components in the package ensures a hassle-free experience for users. Its compact design, extensive control panel, and quiet operation make it a top choice for those seeking a reliable and versatile generator. Whether running on gasoline or propane, this generator delivers consistent performance and addresses the power needs of various applications.

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