Protect Your Generator with the Best Running Covers

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Protect Your Generator with the Best Running Covers

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. The Dangers of Running Generators Indoors
  3. GenTent Safety Canopies 3.1. How GenTent Works 3.2. Benefits of Using GenTent 3.3. GenTent vs. Other Generator Covers
  4. Champion's Storm Shield Generator Cover 4.1. Features of the Storm Shield 4.2. Installation Process 4.3. Advantages of the Storm Shield
  5. Genshed Portable Generator Shed 5.1. Design and Structure of Genshed 5.2. Easy Assembly and Installation 5.3. Benefits of Using Genshed
  6. Conclusion


Protecting Your Generator from the Elements: A Guide to Safety Canopies and Covers

It's a common scenario - the power goes out, and you're left without electricity. In these situations, portable generators are often the go-to solution. However, using generators indoors can pose a significant risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. But what if the weather outside is unfavorable, with rain or snow making it dangerous to operate a generator? This is where safety canopies and covers come into play, offering a safe and practical solution to protect your generator and ensure seamless operation in any weather condition.

The Dangers of Running Generators Indoors

Before we delve into the world of safety canopies and covers, it's essential to understand the potential dangers of running generators indoors. Portable generators emit carbon monoxide, an odorless gas that can be lethal when inhaled in high concentrations. Operating a generator indoors, even in a well-ventilated area, can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can cause severe illness or even death. It's crucial to prioritize safety and use generators in a well-ventilated outdoor space.

GenTent Safety Canopies

How GenTent Works

One trusted solution for operating a generator safely in wet weather conditions is the GenTent safety canopy. This innovative product allows portable and inverter generators to run safely in almost any weather. The GenTent safety canopy is designed to self-attach to portable generators, creating a waterproof protective shield over the top. It also features a drop-down protective apron that covers the electric panel, ensuring it remains safe from inclement weather.

Benefits of Using GenTent

GenTent safety canopies are not only incredibly effective but also endorsed by generator manufacturers worldwide. These canopies are patented and rated for high winds, heavy rain, and snow loads, ensuring durability and reliability. By using a GenTent safety canopy, you can protect your generator from damage and keep it fully portable, whether for emergency home backup, recreational, or commercial purposes.

GenTent vs. Other Generator Covers

When comparing GenTent safety canopies with other generator covers, it's evident that GenTent stands above the rest. Unlike retrofitted sheds or DIY solutions, the GenTent safety canopy offers a secure and finished look to your portable generator. Its unique design ensures easy access to electrical panels, making them safe to use in wet weather. With its universal clamping system, the GenTent safety canopy can fit perfectly on a wide range of portable generators, providing versatility and convenience.

Champion's Storm Shield Generator Cover

Features of the Storm Shield

Another reliable option for protecting your generator from the elements is Champion's Storm Shield severe weather generator cover. This cover allows you to run your generator safely outside, even in the harshest of conditions. With strong RF welded seams and durable vinyl fabric, the Storm Shield guarantee water-proofing, keeping your generator protected from rain, snow, and wind.

The cover features a detachable wraparound electric panel skirt, ensuring that your outlets remain covered and dry during operation. Additionally, it includes a large refueling door that allows you to refill your generator quickly without the need for disassembly.

Installation Process

Installing the Storm Shield is a breeze, with only three simple steps required. First, clamp it securely to your generator, then frame it, and finally, cover it completely. With these easy installation steps, you can quickly weatherproof your generator and ensure its safe operation in wind speeds of up to 70 miles per hour, 18 inches of snow, or 12 inches of rain per day.

Advantages of the Storm Shield

Compared to other generator covers such as stationary enclosures or plastic sheds, the Storm Shield offers several advantages. It is less expensive, highly portable, and exceptionally safe. Its compact design allows for easy transportation, making it ideal for both homeowners and outdoor enthusiasts. With independent third-party testing and thousands of hours of real-world experience, the Storm Shield is a reliable choice for protecting your generator in severe weather conditions.

Genshed Portable Generator Shed

Design and Structure of Genshed

For those looking for a more permanent and durable solution, the Genshed portable generator shed is an excellent option. With a unique metal structure design, this shed offers superior stability against wind and durability against heavy snow or rain impact. Its compact size makes it easy to store and transport, ensuring your generator is protected wherever you go.

Easy Assembly and Installation

Unlike traditional sheds that require extensive assembly, the Genshed portable generator shed is incredibly simple and quick to set up. No tools are needed - simply open the box, separate the Velcro hook and loop, wrap the loop on the top frame of your generator, and attach the mating Velcro hook on the inner surface of the aluminum roof. This ensures that the shed securely locks onto the generator and provides maximum protection.

Benefits of Using Genshed

The Genshed portable generator shed offers numerous benefits for generator owners. It keeps your generator fully covered, preventing any damage or exposure to harsh weather elements. The shed's design allows for easy access, with various covers that can be rolled up or down as needed, offering convenience for plugging in wiring or monitoring the control panel. Additionally, the shed's portability makes it effortless to move your generator to different locations whenever required.

By investing in a Genshed portable generator shed, you can enjoy the convenience and peace of mind that comes with safeguarding your generator from the unpredictable weather conditions.


In today's unpredictable weather patterns, power outages are a common occurrence. Ensuring the safe and reliable operation of your portable generator in wet weather is crucial. Whether you choose a GenTent safety canopy, Champion's Storm Shield generator cover, or Genshed portable generator shed, the key is to prioritize safety and protect your generator from the elements. By taking this proactive measure, you can confidently use your generator in any weather condition, keeping yourself and your family safe and prepared.


  • GenTent safety canopies offer a waterproof protective shield for portable generators, ensuring safe operation in wet weather conditions.
  • Champion's Storm Shield generator cover provides a durable and convenient solution for running generators outdoors during severe weather.
  • Genshed portable generator sheds offer a more permanent and robust option for protecting your generator from elements such as wind, snow, and rain.
  • Prioritizing safety and protecting your generator from the elements is essential to ensure reliable power supply during outages.
  • With various options available, it's crucial to choose the canopy or cover that best suits your specific needs and generator model.


Q: Can I run my generator indoors if I have a safety canopy or cover? A: No, it is never safe to run a generator indoors, even with a safety canopy or cover. Generators emit carbon monoxide, which can be lethal when inhaled in enclosed spaces.

Q: Are safety canopies and covers compatible with all types of generators? A: Safety canopies and covers come in different sizes and designs to fit a wide range of portable generators. It's essential to choose a canopy or cover that is compatible with your specific generator model.

Q: Are safety canopies and covers easy to install? A: Yes, most safety canopies and covers are designed for easy installation, with simple steps that can be completed without the need for additional tools.

Q: Can I move my generator with the safety canopy or cover attached? A: It depends on the design of the canopy or cover. Some options, like the Genshed portable shed, offer portability and allow you to move the generator and cover together.

Q: How do safety canopies and covers protect the generator from rain and snow? A: Safety canopies and covers are designed to create a waterproof shield over the generator, preventing water from entering the internal components and causing damage.

Q: Can safety canopies and covers withstand high winds? A: Yes, most safety canopies and covers are tested and rated for high winds, ensuring they remain secure and stable during storms or gusty conditions.

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