Quillbot Review: The Best Plagiarism-Free Paraphrasing Tool

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Quillbot Review: The Best Plagiarism-Free Paraphrasing Tool

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction to Quillbot
  2. Reasons to Use a Paraphrasing Tool
  3. Exploring the Main Dashboard a. Paraphraser Tool b. Different Modes in Quillbot
  4. Quality of Paraphrased Text
  5. Grammar Checker Tool
  6. Plagiarism Checker Tool
  7. Co-writer Module
  8. Analytics Section
  9. AI Assist for Writing
  10. Summarizer Tool
  11. Citation Generator
  12. Quillbot Extensions
  13. Pricing of Quillbot a. Free Version b. Premium Version
  14. Conclusion

Quillbot: An AI-Powered Paraphrasing Tool

In today's digital era, content writing has become an integral part of many professions. However, creating original and engaging content can be a challenging task. This is where Quillbot comes into play. Quillbot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that offers the convenience of rewriting sentences, paragraphs, and even entire documents effortlessly. It serves as a cost-effective solution for those who prefer not to invest significant amounts of money in AI content writers or outsourcing their content writing needs.

Introduction to Quillbot

Quillbot is a powerful tool designed to cater to the diverse needs of individuals seeking assistance in paraphrasing content. Whether you need to make a sentence clearer, simplify a paragraph, or avoid plagiarism, Quillbot claims to provide quick and easy solutions. With its promising reputation, I was eager to explore its features and determine if it lived up to the hype.

Reasons to Use a Paraphrasing Tool

There are multiple reasons why one would consider using a paraphrasing tool like Quillbot. Perhaps you aim to enhance the clarity and simplicity of a sentence. Maybe you wish to paraphrase an entire paragraph or document to ensure originality and avoid plagiarism. Regardless of the motive, Quillbot appears to be an efficient tool that simplifies your writing endeavors.

Exploring the Main Dashboard

Upon logging in to Quillbot, you are greeted with a user-friendly main dashboard. The menu on the left-hand side presents you with distinct options. The paraphraser tool, undoubtedly the highlight feature, allows you to either type or paste the desired text for paraphrasing. Moreover, you can even upload your entire document for seamless paraphrasing.

Paraphraser Tool

As you delve into the paraphraser tool, you will come across various modes available for selection. These modes, such as the standard mode, fluency mode, formal mode, simple mode, creative mode, expand mode, and shortened mode, cater to different paraphrasing requirements. The expand mode provides a more detailed version of the input text, whereas the creative mode offers engaging and creative paraphrasing.

To commence paraphrasing, simply paste your text into the provided area and select the desired mode. With a click on the "paraphrase" button, Quillbot will swiftly generate the paraphrased results on the right-hand side. Should you find the initial results unsatisfactory, you have the option to rephrase the text or experiment with a different mode. The appearance of orange-colored words in the paraphrased text indicates the use of synonyms. If you want to explore further synonym options, a single click on any word will display an extensive list of alternatives.

Quality of Paraphrased Text

While assessing the quality of the paraphrased text generated by Quillbot, it becomes evident that the results, though not extraordinary, are commendable considering the tool's affordability. It is worth noting that Quillbot offers unlimited credits, allowing you to utilize the tool as many times as necessary to achieve satisfactory outcomes. For optimal results, it is advisable to use smaller chunks of text rather than entire articles.

Grammar Checker Tool

In addition to the paraphraser tool, Quillbot offers a grammar checker module that utilizes AI to detect and rectify grammar mistakes in your text. Simply copy and paste your text into the grammar checker section, and the tool will begin scanning for any errors. If mistakes are found, you can rectify them with a single click, ensuring your content is grammatically accurate.

Plagiarism Checker Tool

Another valuable feature within Quillbot is the plagiarism checker. Unlike the paraphraser and grammar checker tools, the plagiarism checker has certain limitations. The free version only allows the checking of 20 pages of content per month for plagiarism. This tool serves as a vital resource for those striving to maintain originality and ensure their content is free from any form of plagiarism.

Co-writer Module

For writers seeking a comprehensive writing experience, Quillbot's co-writer module offers a combined space for online research, note-taking, and AI-assisted autocomplete. This seamless integration enables you to conduct research, cite sources, take notes, summarize, and paraphrase within the co-writer interface. The module also includes an analytics section that provides content statistics and AI assistance for those occasional moments of writer's block.

Summarizer Tool

Quillbot's summarizer tool proves highly valuable for condensing lengthy articles, papers, or documents into key points. Utilizing natural language processing, the AI algorithm effectively locates critical information while upholding the original context. This enables users to extract essential information quickly and efficiently.

Citation Generator

When it comes to creating citations in APA, MLA, or Chicago style, Quillbot offers a citation generator feature. With this tool, you can effortlessly generate full and in-text citations for essays, presentations, and other academic or professional projects. This streamlines the process of citing sources, saving you time and effort.

Quillbot Extensions

Quillbot extends its functionality beyond its web-based interface with the availability of two browser extensions. The Chrome extension allows you to paraphrase text directly while browsing the web, making it convenient to utilize the paraphrasing capabilities wherever you go. Additionally, the Microsoft Word extension enables you to paraphrase documents within the Microsoft Word application, further enhancing your writing experience.

Pricing of Quillbot

Quillbot offers both a free and premium version. The free version grants access to many features; however, it comes with certain limitations. For instance, in the free version, you are restricted to paraphrasing only 125 words and have access solely to the standard and fluency modes. On the other hand, the premium version offers unrestricted access to all features, including unlimited paraphrasing, summarizing, and grammar checking.

The premium version of Quillbot is available for a reasonable price of $9.95 per month. This subscription allows for unlimited paraphrasing, grammar checking, and utilization of all paraphrasing modes. With the premium version, you can harness the full potential of Quillbot to enhance your writing process.


In conclusion, Quillbot emerges as a highly recommended paraphrasing tool due to its user-friendly interface, diverse features, and affordability. Whether you aim to simplify complex sentences, rewrite paragraphs, check grammar, detect plagiarism, or leverage AI assistance for research, Quillbot caters to your needs. With its wide range of functionalities and cost-effective pricing, Quillbot presents itself as an indispensable tool for individuals seeking to improve their writing skills and produce original and engaging content.


  • Quillbot is an AI-powered paraphrasing tool that simplifies content writing.
  • It offers various paraphrasing modes to cater to different needs.
  • The quality of paraphrased text is good considering the tool's affordability.
  • Quillbot provides a grammar checker to rectify grammar mistakes in your text.
  • It includes a limited version of a plagiarism checker to ensure content originality.
  • The co-writer module combines research, note-taking, and AI assistance in one interface.
  • Quillbot's summarizer tool condenses lengthy content into key points.
  • The citation generator feature enables easy creation of citations in different styles.
  • Quillbot offers browser extensions for seamless paraphrasing.
  • The premium version of Quillbot, available at $9.95 per month, offers unrestricted access to all features and unlimited paraphrasing.


Q: How accurate is Quillbot's paraphrasing? A: The accuracy of Quillbot's paraphrasing results may vary. While it provides satisfactory outcomes, it is advisable to review and refine the text according to your requirements.

Q: Can I use Quillbot to rephrase an entire document? A: Yes, Quillbot allows you to upload entire documents for paraphrasing. However, it might be more effective to paraphrase smaller chunks of text for optimal results.

Q: Does Quillbot provide a citation generator? A: Yes, Quillbot offers a citation generator feature that allows you to create full and in-text citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles.

Q: Are there any limitations in the free version of Quillbot? A: Yes, the free version of Quillbot has certain limitations, including a word limit of 125 for paraphrasing and access to only the standard and fluency modes.

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