Repairing Lincoln Gas Powered Welder Part 2

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Repairing Lincoln Gas Powered Welder Part 2

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Background of the Issue
  3. Initial Attempts to Fix the Problem
  4. Using a Different Epoxy Solution
  5. The Solution and Modifications
  6. Polishing and Cleaning the Slip Ring
  7. Reassembling the Machine
  8. Testing the Welding Power AC/DC Generator
  9. Additional Improvements to Consider
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we will follow up on the issue with the Lincoln welding power AC/DC gas-powered Weller generator. Previously, the slip ring had snapped and popped off the armature, causing problems. We will discuss the background of the issue and then dive into the steps taken to fix it. We will explore the different attempts made to address the problem and the final solution that was implemented. Additionally, we will cover the process of polishing and cleaning the slip ring, as well as the reassembly of the machine. Finally, we will conclude with the testing of the welding power generator and suggest some additional improvements that can be made.

Background of the Issue

The issue with the Lincoln welding power AC/DC gas-powered Weller generator arose when the slip ring snapped and popped off the armature. This caused a disruption in the functionality of the machine and required immediate attention. The slip ring was initially held in place by epoxy and a clamp, but this makeshift solution did not hold up well. The slip ring exhibited movement and there was a noticeable gap where the crack occurred. The brushes were also affected, bouncing up and causing the machine to malfunction. It was clear that a proper fix was necessary to restore the generator's functionality.

Initial Attempts to Fix the Problem

To address the issue, the owner of the generator attempted to cure the slip ring using epoxy and a clamp. However, this solution did not hold up well as the epoxy did not cure properly and the clamp eventually came off. The movement of the slip ring caused the brushes to bounce, resulting in poor performance and a blue flame emanating from the machine. Realizing that a different approach was needed, the owner decided to try a different cement adhesive to secure the slip ring in place.

Using a Different Epoxy Solution

The owner opted for a five-minute cure epoxy called Devcon instead of the previously used epoxy that required a longer curing time. The intention was to prevent the slip ring from popping open during operation. However, even with the new epoxy, the problem persisted. The slip ring still exhibited pre-loaded movement, causing the brushes to hit it and leading to further issues. It became clear that a more robust solution was required to properly secure the slip ring and ensure smooth operation of the generator.

The Solution and Modifications

To address the ongoing problem with the slip ring, the owner came up with a new solution. By modifying the slip ring assembly, the owner was able to create a more stable and secure setup. Two brass screws were inserted into the assembly, altering the gap and closing it up where the crack had occurred. A black plastic and fiberglass insulator was used to ensure proper alignment and stability. The screws were secured in place with hose clamps, and the entire assembly was cemented together. This new setup provided a much-improved hold for the slip ring.

Polishing and Cleaning the Slip Ring

With the slip ring assembly successfully remodeled, the next step was to polish and clean the slip ring itself. The owner used emery paper wrapped around the slip ring to achieve a smooth finish. The goal was to remove any imperfections or rough edges that may cause friction or malfunction. Careful attention was paid to ensure a seamless surface for optimal performance. The slip ring was cleaned thoroughly to remove any dust or debris that may affect its functionality.

Reassembling the Machine

Once the slip ring and assembly were in optimal condition, it was time to reassemble the welding power generator. All the components were put back together, and the cement was applied to secure the slip ring assembly in place. The clamps were tightened, and the machine was left to cure overnight. This ensured that the slip ring would be firmly held in position and ready for use. The soldered wires were also inspected and any necessary repairs were made.

Testing the Welding Power AC/DC Generator

After the reassembly, it was time to test the welding power AC/DC generator to ensure that the issue had been adequately resolved. The machine was fired up, and various power levels were tested to gauge its performance. Low idle and high-power settings were evaluated to ensure smooth operation throughout. It was crucial to ensure that the machine produced power correctly and functioned as intended. Any further adjustments or tweaks were made to fine-tune the performance of the generator.

Additional Improvements to Consider

While the welding power AC/DC generator was successfully repaired, there were some additional improvements that could be considered. The gas tank was in poor condition, and the owner planned to find a replacement from an old tractor to ensure a clean and reliable fuel supply. Additionally, modifications to the structure of the machine were suggested, including the installation of stanchions and lawnmower front wheel rims to hang hoses, making them more accessible during operation. These improvements would enhance the overall usability and convenience of the generator.


In conclusion, the issue with the Lincoln welding power AC/DC gas-powered Weller generator was successfully resolved through meticulous repairs and modifications. The slip ring assembly was remodeled and secured using brass screws and epoxy. The slip ring itself was polished and cleaned to ensure smooth operation and optimal performance. The machine was reassembled, and thorough testing was performed to confirm its functionality. With some additional improvements, the welding power generator would be ready for reliable and efficient use.

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