Streamline Your Inventory and Invoice Management with PMG Tech

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Streamline Your Inventory and Invoice Management with PMG Tech

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Inventory Management and Invoice Generator?
  3. Overview of the Project
  4. Project Development
    • Backend Development with Python
    • GUI Development with Tkinter
    • Excel Integration with Openpyxl
  5. Detailed Explanation of the Project
    • Startup Page
    • Adding an Item
    • Modifying an Item
    • Deleting an Item
    • Generating and Printing a Bill
    • Searching and Viewing Invoices
  6. Important Feature - Stock Notifications
  7. Excel Sheet for Inventory Management
  8. Conclusion
  9. Acknowledgments

Inventory Management and Invoice Generator: Simplifying Store Operations

In today's automation-driven world, many small-scale businesses still rely on traditional methods to manage their inventory, leading to inefficiencies and difficulties in keeping track of stock, sales, and invoices. In an effort to address this challenge, our team at PMG Tech has developed an innovative project - an Inventory Management and Invoice Generator. This project aims to provide small shopkeepers and businesses with an easy-to-use and efficient solution for managing their inventory.

1. Introduction

Managing inventory is a crucial aspect of running a successful business. It involves keeping track of stock levels, monitoring sales, and generating invoices for customers. However, manual inventory management processes can be time-consuming and prone to errors. To mitigate these challenges, our project utilizes modern technology and automation to streamline the inventory management process and simplify the task for shopkeepers.

2. Why Inventory Management and Invoice Generator?

We specifically chose the topic of inventory management and invoice generation because we identified a significant need for it in our local community. As a team from a third-world country, we observed that many small shopkeepers and businesses still rely on manual methods to manage their inventory. This often leads to inefficiencies, stock shortages, and difficulties in maintaining accurate records. By developing this project, we aim to provide a smart and user-friendly solution that can greatly benefit such businesses.

3. Overview of the Project

Our Inventory Management and Invoice Generator project is developed using Python as the backend programming language and Tkinter for creating the graphical user interface (GUI). To enhance its functionality, we have integrated Openpyxl, a Python library for interacting with Excel files. This allows for seamless importing and exporting of data between the application and an Excel sheet.

4. Project Development

Backend Development with Python

Python serves as the foundation for our project's backend functionality. It enables us to implement essential features such as adding, modifying, and deleting items, generating bills, searching invoices, and managing stock. Python's flexibility and wide range of libraries make it an ideal choice for developing a robust inventory management system.

GUI Development with Tkinter

Tkinter, a standard Python GUI toolkit, is utilized to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface. It enables users to interact with the application's features effortlessly. Through Tkinter, we have designed a visually appealing startup page, along with forms, buttons, and pop-up notifications, to enhance the user experience.

Excel Integration with Openpyxl

To facilitate seamless data management, we have integrated Openpyxl, a powerful library for working with Excel files. This integration allows shopkeepers to easily import and export inventory data, view stock levels, and make necessary modifications directly through the Excel sheet. These synchronized changes ensure that the shopkeeper stays updated with the latest information.

5. Detailed Explanation of the Project

Startup Page

Upon launching the application, users are greeted with a startup page featuring the PMG Tech logo. This startup page sets the tone for the application's branding and provides a professional appearance. Additionally, it allows users to customize the company name, ensuring a personalized touch to the inventory management system.

Adding an Item

One of the fundamental functionalities of our project is the ability to add items to the inventory. By clicking the "Add Item" button, users can enter the details of the item, including a unique item code, name, price, and available stock. The application automatically generates a unique item code, but users can also input their preferred code if desired. Upon submission, the item is added to the inventory list.

Modifying an Item

To update any item's details, users can utilize the "Modify Item" feature. By searching for an item using its name, the application retrieves the associated details, such as price and available stock. Users can then modify any of these fields, allowing for seamless updates to inventory information. This feature ensures accuracy and efficiency in managing item specifics.

Deleting an Item

In situations where an item is no longer in stock or needs to be removed from the inventory list, users can employ the "Delete Item" functionality. By selecting the item to be deleted, the application promptly removes it from the list. This feature simplifies the process of managing inventory by enabling efficient removal of unwanted items.

Generating and Printing a Bill

Our project includes a comprehensive bill generation and printing feature to streamline the billing process. Users can enter the customer's item selection and quantity, and the application automatically calculates the total amount. The generated bill contains the item code, name, quantity, and amount. If connected to a printer, users can easily print the bill, providing a professional and organized transaction experience.

Searching and Viewing Invoices

To facilitate easy tracking and record keeping, our project incorporates an invoice search functionality. Users can effortlessly search for invoices using various parameters such as invoice number, customer name, or date. This feature allows shopkeepers to review past transactions, monitor sales trends, and maintain accurate financial records.


  • Simplify inventory management for small-scale businesses
  • Automate stock tracking and minimize manual errors
  • Efficient generation and printing of invoices
  • Seamless integration with Excel for data management
  • Intuitive user interface for effortless navigation
  • Powerful search functionality to retrieve past invoices


Our Inventory Management and Invoice Generator project aims to bridge the gap between traditional inventory management methods and the emerging era of automation. By providing a user-friendly interface and seamless integration with Excel, we strive to empower small shopkeepers to efficiently manage their inventory, streamline their billing processes, and improve overall business productivity. This project stands as a testament to our commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of local communities.


We express our deepest gratitude to BridgeHack for giving us the opportunity to strengthen our programming skills and implement this innovative project. Their support and encouragement have contributed significantly to the successful development of our Inventory Management and Invoice Generator. We are proud to offer this project free of charge to our neighborhood shops, and we look forward to receiving their valuable feedback and insights.

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