The Ultimate Backup Power Solution! Champion 4650 Inverter Generator Review

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The Ultimate Backup Power Solution! Champion 4650 Inverter Generator Review

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Comparison with the Wind Generator
  3. Engine Specifications
  4. Control Panel
  5. Connectors and Plugs
  6. Case Design and Portability
  7. Starting and Operation
  8. Measurements and Weight
  9. Noise Levels
  10. Performance with Appliances
  11. Conclusion

Champion Inverter Generator: A Comprehensive Review

  1. Introduction:

    • Welcome and overview of the video
    • Introduce the Champion 4650 generator
    • Mention its similarity to the Wind generator
  2. Comparison with the Wind Generator:

    • Discuss the similarities and differences between the Champion 4650 and the Wind generator
    • Highlight the missing features in the Champion 4650
  3. Engine Specifications:

    • Provide details about the 212 cc engine of the Champion 4650
    • Compare it to the information provided on the Wind generator
  4. Control Panel:

    • Describe the control panel of the Champion 4650
    • Point out the similarities with the Wind generator's control panel
    • Highlight the absence of an electric start in the Champion 4650
  5. Connectors and Plugs:

    • Explain the different connectors and plugs featured on the Champion 4650
    • Discuss the option of linking multiple generators
    • Mention the circuit breakers and the 12-volt plug
  6. Case Design and Portability:

    • Discuss the design of the Champion 4650's case
    • Highlight the presence of a handle for easy transportation
    • Mention the rubber feet for minimizing vibration
  7. Starting and Operation:

    • Explain the process of starting the Champion 4650
    • Emphasize the convenience of manual start
    • State that the absence of electric start hasn't caused any issues
  8. Measurements and Weight:

    • Provide measurements of the Champion 4650's case dimensions
    • Mention its compact size considering its power
    • Specify the weight of the generator and mention its manageability
  9. Noise Levels:

    • Describe the noise levels of the Champion 4650
    • Mention the use of a decibel meter for measurement
    • Compare the noise levels in eco mode and non-eco mode
  10. Performance with Appliances:

    • Explain the performance of the Champion 4650 with air conditioning
    • Discuss the load meter and gas gauge
    • Share personal experience of using the generator for extended periods
  11. Conclusion:

    • Summarize the review of the Champion 4650 inverter generator
    • Encourage audience interaction with questions
    • Thank viewers and request likes and subscriptions

Champion Inverter Generator: A Comprehensive Review

Hey guys, welcome back to the channel! In this video, we're going to review the Champion 4650 inverter generator. You may be surprised to learn that this generator is incredibly similar to the Wind generator we recently reviewed, with just a few missing features. Let's dive into the details and explore what the Champion 4650 has to offer.

Comparison with the Wind Generator

Before we delve into the specifics of the Champion 4650, let's compare it to the Wind generator we previously reviewed. While both generators share many similarities, there are a few notable differences to consider. Stay tuned to discover what sets the Champion 4650 apart.

Engine Specifications

The heart of any generator lies in its engine. The Champion 4650 boasts a powerful 212 cc engine, which is comparable to the information provided for the Wind generator. We'll explore the details further and uncover any variations between the two models.

Control Panel

The control panel is a crucial component of any generator, providing easy access to various functions and features. The control panel of the Champion 4650 is strikingly similar to that of the Wind generator we recently reviewed. However, there is one notable difference: the absence of an electric start option in the Champion 4650. We'll also highlight an exciting feature unique to the Champion model.

Connectors and Plugs

The Champion 4650 is equipped with a variety of connectors and plugs to accommodate different power needs. Just like the Wind generator, it offers a 30 amp RV plug, as well as 20 amp 120 connectors and a 12-volt cigarette lighter plug. We'll discuss the functionality of these connectors and explore the option of linking multiple generators together. Additionally, we'll cover the presence of circuit breakers for added safety.

Case Design and Portability

Portability is always a key consideration when selecting a generator. The Champion 4650 features a durable case with a convenient handle, making it easy to transport. Rubber feet on the front and back minimize vibration during operation. We'll take a closer look at the design and discuss the practicality of the case.

Starting and Operation

Starting and operating a generator should be a hassle-free experience. Despite the absence of electric start, the Champion 4650 is straightforward to start manually. We'll walk you through the step-by-step process to ensure a smooth start every time. We'll also share our personal experience and discuss any challenges encountered during operation.

Measurements and Weight

The size and weight of a generator are important considerations, especially when it comes to transportation and storage. The Champion 4650's case measures approximately 20 inches in height, 17 inches in width, and 25 inches in depth. With a weight of around 100 pounds, it offers a manageable load for a single person. We'll provide tips for handling the generator effectively.

Noise Levels

Noise levels can play a significant role, particularly in environments where silence is key. We'll put the Champion 4650 to the test and measure its noise levels using a decibel meter. We'll analyze the difference between eco mode and non-eco mode, giving you a clear understanding of the generator's noise output.

Performance with Appliances

To truly evaluate a generator, we need to examine its performance with essential appliances. Specifically, we'll focus on the Champion 4650's compatibility with air conditioning units. We'll discuss how it handles the load and its ability to provide continuous power. Additionally, we'll delve into the functionality of the load meter and gas gauge.


In conclusion, the Champion 4650 inverter generator offers a reliable and powerful solution for various power needs. While it bears a striking resemblance to the Wind generator, the Champion model brings its own unique features to the table. We hope this comprehensive review has provided you with valuable insights. If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to reach out. Thank you for watching, and be sure to like this video and subscribe to our channel for more content.


  • The Champion 4650 inverter generator is comparable to the Wind generator, but with a few differences.
  • It features a 212 cc engine with manual start and a similar control panel layout to the Wind generator.
  • The generator offers various connectors and plugs, including an option to link multiple units.
  • Its case design emphasizes portability, with a handle and rubber feet for reduced vibration.
  • The Champion 4650 is straightforward to start, despite lacking electric start capabilities.
  • It has a compact size and weighs around 100 pounds, making it manageable for transportation.
  • Noise levels are measured with a decibel meter, highlighting the generator's eco mode.
  • Performance with appliances, particularly air conditioning units, is discussed.
  • The review concludes with a summary of the Champion 4650's features and functionality.

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