The Unfortunate Journey of Bad Luck Brian

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The Unfortunate Journey of Bad Luck Brian

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. High School Pranks
  3. Picture Day and the Infamous Photo
  4. Memes and Internet Fame
  5. Recognition and Fame
  6. Dealing with the Impact
  7. Controlling the Meme
  8. Exploiting Fame for Opportunities
  9. Life as an Online Celebrity
  10. Reflecting on the Experience


In this article, we will dive into the story of Kyle Craven, better known as Bad Luck Brian. We will explore how a simple high school photo turned him into an internet meme sensation and changed his life forever. From the early days of pranks and picture day mishaps to the unexpected fame and recognition, we will uncover the ups and downs of being a living meme. Join us as we take a closer look at Kyle's journey through the world of internet fame and how he has embraced his unique status.

High School Pranks

During his high school days, Kyle Craven was known for his mischievous nature and love for pranks. He and his friend Ian were always up to something, finding endless opportunities to cause mischief and laughter. From filling pinatas with vegetables instead of candy during Cinco de Mayo celebrations to pulling off pranks during class, Kyle's reputation as a class clown was well-established. While his pranks sometimes landed him in trouble, he found joy in making people laugh and never took himself too seriously.

Picture Day and the Infamous Photo

Picture day was always an exciting event for Kyle. It was a chance for him to showcase his sense of humor and stand out from the crowd. In his freshman year, he had a simple grin on his face, nothing extraordinary. But by his sophomore year, Kyle wanted to up his game. There were two photos of him in the class yearbook, making it seem like there were two identical Kyle Cravens. However, it was his junior year photo that would ultimately become his claim to fame.

As he prepared for picture day, Kyle went the extra mile to create a memorable photo. He visited a local thrift store and found a nice sweater vest to wear. On the day of the photo shoot, he and his buddies couldn't resist goofing off while waiting in line. When the lady taking the photos asked Kyle about his preferred backdrop, he surprised her by choosing purple. But it was his clever trick of rubbing his eyes repeatedly, making them look puffy, that added an extra touch of hilarity to the photo. With a mischievous grin, Kyle posed for the camera, unknowingly creating a viral sensation.

Memes and Internet Fame

It wasn't until weeks later that Kyle received the actual copy of his junior year photo. When he saw it, he immediately knew it was perfect. The photo was shared amongst his friends, causing fits of laughter and amusement. Little did he know that within a short period, the photo would go viral on the internet, transforming him into the iconic meme known as Bad Luck Brian.

The journey to internet fame began when Kyle's friend Ian, who had a knack for making memes, decided to create one using Kyle's photo. He posted the meme on the subreddit AdviceAnimals, hoping it would gain some attention. Little did he know that this particular meme would strike a chord with internet users and spread like wildfire. Within two weeks, the meme was everywhere, from Reddit to Facebook and Instagram. Bad Luck Brian had become a household name, and Kyle's life was about to change forever.

Recognition and Fame

Kyle's newfound fame didn't stay confined to the online sphere. It spilled over into real life, with people recognizing him in his college classes and on campus. He was constantly asked to take pictures and became the center of attention wherever he went. While some might have found this overwhelming, Kyle embraced the attention and saw the humor in it all. Even his friends joined in the laughter, creating a bond over the unexpected turn of events.

Dealing with the Impact

While Kyle found humor in his internet fame, his family had mixed feelings about it. Concerned about the implications of having a meme based on their son's photo circulating the internet, they sought legal advice to protect Kyle's image. They learned from other famous memes' stories how quickly things could spiral out of control and wanted to ensure they had control over the meme's usage.

With the help of an IP lawyer, Kyle and his family took steps to maintain control over the Bad Luck Brian meme. They established guidelines for its usage and monitored its spread online. It was a balancing act of embracing the meme's humor while protecting Kyle's rights and image.

Exploiting Fame for Opportunities

As Bad Luck Brian's popularity continued to grow, Kyle began to explore opportunities that came with being a living meme. His image appeared on t-shirts sold in major retailers like Walmart and Hot Topic. He became the face of board games, had his own action figure, and even landed commercials for major brands like Volkswagen and McDonald's. Kyle's unexpected internet fame opened doors to experiences and collaborations he never could have imagined.

Life as an Online Celebrity

Being an internet celebrity came with its perks and challenges. On the one hand, Kyle enjoyed the anonymity that came with his fame. He could have a relatively normal life without being constantly recognized. However, the fame also brought occasional moments of being recognized out in public, often leading to humorous encounters. Overall, Kyle embraced his unique status and enjoyed the exciting opportunities that came his way, from meeting other internet memes to experiencing once-in-a-lifetime adventures.

Reflecting on the Experience

Looking back on his journey, Kyle has no regrets. He views his internet fame as a blessing and an exhilarating roller coaster ride. Despite the ups and downs, he considers himself the luckiest guy in the world, both in his online and offline life. His positive outlook and ability to find humor in any situation have allowed him to make the most of his unexpected internet fame.


The story of Bad Luck Brian, or Kyle Craven, is a testament to the power of the internet and the unpredictability of fame. It shows how a simple high school photo can turn someone into a living meme and change their life overnight. Kyle's journey is a reminder to embrace the unexpected, find humor in every situation, and make the most of the opportunities that come our way.

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