Top Female Ranking: Who Would I Hug? #tierlist

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Top Female Ranking: Who Would I Hug? #tierlist

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Ranking Female Clash Troops
  3. The Archer Queen
  4. The Log
  5. Mother Witch
  6. The Archer
  7. Night Witch
  8. Rascals
  9. Musketeer
  10. Princess
  11. Valkyrie
  12. Pekka
  13. Ram Rider
  14. Sparky
  15. Sheila
  16. Battle Healer
  17. Headhunter
  18. Lava Hound
  19. Bandit
  20. Firecracker

Ranking Female Clash Troops That I Would Want to Hug

Clash Royale is known for its diverse cast of troops, each with their own unique abilities and personalities. While some troops may evoke fear and intimidation, there are also those that exude warmth and friendliness. In this article, we will be ranking the female Clash troops that I would want to hug. From the powerful Archer Queen to the mischievous Bandit, we will take a closer look at each troop and determine their huggability factor. So, let's dive in and discover which troops are the most huggable in Clash Royale!

1. The Archer Queen

Huggability: S-Tier

The Archer Queen is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With her strong presence and immense power, she commands respect from her adversaries. While she may come across as bossy and authoritative, there is no denying the enormous heart she possesses. Behind that tough exterior lies a compassionate and caring woman. I can't help but feel drawn to her, and I would gladly embrace her for a warm hug.

2. The Log

Huggability: C-Tier

The Log, a rolling wooden cylinder, may not seem like the huggable type at first glance. Its primary purpose is to roll over enemies and clear the way for your troops. However, upon closer inspection, I can't help but appreciate the craftsmanship and simplicity of this troop. While it may not be the cuddliest option, it certainly has its charm. A quick pat on the back would suffice for this stoic Log.

3. Mother Witch

Huggability: A-Tier

The Mother Witch is an intriguing character with an enchanting presence. Her aged appearance may make her seem unapproachable, but there is wisdom and warmth emanating from her eyes. I imagine sitting down for a heartfelt conversation with her, discussing the intricacies of the arena and life itself. Despite her advanced age, I would gladly offer her a warm hug and enjoy the company of this mystic character.

4. The Archer

Huggability: B-Tier

The Archer is a staple troop in Clash Royale, known for her accuracy and precision. In commercials, she exudes confidence and a sense of knowing exactly what she's doing. This sharpshooter has a cool and composed demeanor that is intriguing. While she may not be the most cuddly troop, I can't help but appreciate her skill and intelligence. A quick hug and a word of admiration would be well-deserved for this focused warrior.

5. Night Witch

Huggability: A-Tier

The Night Witch is an alluring and mysterious character. With her dark attire and eerie aura, she exudes an air of intrigue. While her color palette may not match my personal preferences, I find her captivating in her own way. Unlike her counterpart, the regular Witch, there is a certain elegance and style to the Night Witch that I can't resist. I would gladly embrace her in a hug and delve into deep conversations about life under the moonlight.

6. Rascals

Huggability: C-Tier

The Rascals, a trio of mischievous troublemakers, certainly have their own unique charm. However, I must admit that their short stature and constant bickering make them slightly less appealing to hug. They seem to have a knack for causing chaos and mayhem, which can be tiring to be around. While I may pass on an embrace with the Rascals, I appreciate their dynamic and the role they play in the Clash Royale universe.

7. Musketeer

Huggability: B-Tier

The Musketeer is a fierce and independent fighter who wields her musket with precision. She exudes strength and confidence, making her a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. However, I can't help but feel a slight hesitation due to the different versions of the Musketeer. In Clash of Rama series, she appears quite different from her usual self, which raises some uncertainties. Putting that aside, I would be open to offering a comforting hug to this capable warrior.

8. Princess

Huggability: A-Tier

The Princess is a charming and fearless young lady who knows how to handle herself in a fight. Her fiery spirit and determination make her a captivating character. There's a reason why the Prince is always chasing after her in the arena. I can't help but be drawn to her strong and independent nature. I would love to get to know the Princess better and spend some quality time in her presence. A warm and friendly hug would definitely be in order for this badass royal.

9. Valkyrie

Huggability: B-Tier

The Valkyrie is a warrior who radiates strength and power. While her commanding presence may be intimidating for some, I must admit that I'm not particularly drawn to her dominant persona. She appears to be the one wearing the pants in the relationship, and that dynamic doesn't align with my personal preferences. However, a woman is a woman, and I can appreciate her fierceness. I would offer a friendly hug, but I don't feel a strong connection beyond that.

10. Pekka

Huggability: B-Tier

The Pekka is an enigmatic troop shrouded in mystery. As a robot, her true nature remains unknown. While we can't be sure what lies beneath her armor, assuming all parts are in working order and well-maintained, there is potential for a warm embrace. With proper oiling and care, a hug with the Pekka could be a unique experience. However, the uncertainty surrounding her inner workings places her in the middle of the huggability scale.


[Continue writing the remaining troops]


  • Archer Queen: A powerful leader with a big heart.
  • The Log: Stoic and reliable, but not the cuddly type.
  • Mother Witch: A wise and mystic character worth hugging.
  • The Archer: Intelligent and cool, deserving of admiration.
  • Night Witch: Alluring and mysterious, perfect for moonlit conversations.
  • Rascals: Mischievous troublemakers who may not be the best hugging partners.
  • Musketeer: A capable warrior with some uncertainty surrounding different versions.
  • Princess: A badass royal worth getting to know and hugging.
  • Valkyrie: Powerful and intimidating, but not my personal preference for hugging.
  • Pekka: Enigmatic and mysterious, a hug with her is uncertain yet intriguing.


Q: Are these rankings based on their combat abilities or personal traits? A: These rankings are based purely on their huggability factor, taking into account their personalities and appearances rather than their combat prowess.

Q: Why did you choose to rank these female Clash troops specifically? A: Clash Royale has a diverse range of troops, and I wanted to explore the huggable qualities among the female characters in the game.

Q: Can you hug troops in Clash Royale? A: Unfortunately, hugging troops is not a feature in the game. These rankings are purely hypothetical and based on personal preferences.

Q: What about the male Clash troops? A: This article focuses specifically on the female Clash troops. If there is interest, I can certainly explore the huggability factor among the male troops in a future article.

Q: Can troops in Clash Royale have emotions? A: While Clash Royale is a game, the developers have done a fantastic job of giving each troop its own unique personality and traits. Whether or not they experience emotions is open to interpretation.

Q: Are there any non-human troops in Clash Royale that would be huggable? A: Clash Royale features various mythical and fantastical creatures. While hugging them may not be practical, they still possess qualities that make them appealing in their own right.

Q: Can I translate these huggability rankings to combat effectiveness in Clash Royale? A: Huggability and combat effectiveness are two different factors. These rankings are purely subjective and should not be used as a measure of combat prowess in the game.

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