Ultimate Guide to Building Your First Coal Power Plant in Satisfactory

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Ultimate Guide to Building Your First Coal Power Plant in Satisfactory

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unlocking Coal
  3. Requirements for Coal Generators
  4. Calculating the Number of Coal Generators Needed
  5. Setting up the Water Supply
  6. Setting up the Conveyor System
  7. Connecting the Generators
  8. Powering the Generators
  9. Optimizing the Power Plant
  10. Conclusion


In this guide, we will be covering coal generators and how to set up your first coal power plant in Satisfactory. Coal generators are a more efficient alternative to biomass burners, providing a higher power output. We will go through the requirements for coal generators, calculating the number of generators needed, setting up the water supply, connecting the conveyor system, and optimizing the power plant for maximum efficiency.

Unlocking Coal

To start using coal generators, you will need to unlock coal as a resource. This can be done by researching and unlocking the necessary technology in the M.A.M. Once you have unlocked coal, you are ready to move on to the next steps.

Requirements for Coal Generators

To build and operate coal generators, you will need a few key resources:

  • Coal Node: Locate a coal node in your world to extract coal from.
  • Water: Ensure you have a nearby water source or access to water to cool the generators.
  • Building Space: Find a suitable location in your world to build the coal power plant.

Calculating the Number of Coal Generators Needed

Before you start building your coal power plant, it is important to calculate the number of generators needed to meet your power requirements. Each coal generator consumes a specific amount of coal and water per minute. By determining the production rate of your coal nodes and using simple math, you can determine the number of generators required.

Setting up the Water Supply

To keep your coal generators running efficiently, you will need a steady supply of water. Calculate the water consumption rate based on the number of generators and set up water extractors to meet those requirements. Keep in mind that water pipes have a maximum capacity, so plan your setup accordingly.

Setting up the Conveyor System

A well-designed conveyor system is essential for transporting coal from the miners to the generators. Use the manifold method to efficiently distribute coal to each generator. Set up belts and splitters to ensure an even flow of coal to each generator.

Connecting the Generators

Once you have set up the conveyor system, it's time to connect the generators. Use power poles to distribute electricity and connect each generator in series. Ensure all the generators are connected to the power grid to start producing electricity.

Powering the Generators

To power the coal power plant initially, connect one generator to the miner and one water pump. This will provide enough power to get the system up and running. As the generators produce more electricity, you can expand the power grid and connect additional generators.

Optimizing the Power Plant

To optimize the efficiency of your coal power plant, consider upgrading belts, splitters, and power poles to higher tiers. Additionally, monitor and adjust the number of generators based on your power demand. This will help to prevent overproduction and optimize your power supply.


Setting up a coal power plant in Satisfactory can be a complex but rewarding task. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to efficiently generate electricity using coal generators. Remember to optimize your setup as you expand and adjust the power plant to meet your increasing energy needs.

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