Unbelievable A.I. Statue Effect

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Unbelievable A.I. Statue Effect

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. AI Effects and its Trends
  3. Necessity of AI Rendering
  4. Step-by-step Tutorial on Recreating Statue AI Effect 4.1 Capturing Screenshots from Video Clips 4.2 Uploading Images to deepai.org 4.3 Generating AI Effects 4.4 Enhancing and Downloading the AI Renders 4.5 Importing AI Frames to Premiere Pro 4.6 Applying Transformations to AI Frames 4.7 Adding Shakes and Flashes for Extra Impact
  5. Second Variation: Switching the Background
  6. Rotoscoping and Applying Background Flashing Effect
  7. Adding Final Touches to Enhance the AI Effect
  8. Conclusion


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has gained tremendous popularity in the field of visual effects in recent years. One of the trending AI effects is the statue effect, which transforms subjects into statues and adds a rotation effect between different variations. This effect allows for a high level of creativity and versatility, making it a fascinating technique for content creators. In this article, we will explore how to recreate the statue AI effect using Premiere Pro and deepai.org, a free online AI image editor. Let's dive into the step-by-step tutorial and learn how you can achieve stunning AI effects in your videos.

AI Effects and its Trends

AI effects have become a significant trend in the entertainment industry. With the advancements in AI technology, content creators can now achieve unique and visually captivating effects that were previously only possible with extensive manual work. AI effects offer endless possibilities for enhancing videos, adding surreal elements, and transforming subjects into various forms, such as statues, demons, or even inanimate objects. These effects have captured the attention of viewers and have become a popular choice for many content creators.

Necessity of AI Rendering

Rendering AI effects locally on your machine can be time-consuming and resource-intensive. Therefore, utilizing online AI rendering services, such as deepai.org, can significantly streamline the process and save valuable time. These platforms provide powerful AI algorithms that generate high-quality renders, allowing you to focus more on creativity rather than technicalities. Moreover, many of these services offer free options, making AI rendering accessible to everyone.

Recreating Statue AI Effect Tutorial

Step 1: Capturing Screenshots from Video Clips

To begin recreating the statue AI effect, you need video clips that will serve as the base material. Choose clips that best represent the desired effect and import them into Premiere Pro. Select specific frames within the clips to capture screenshots. These screenshots will later be processed to generate the AI effect.

Step 2: Uploading Images to deepai.org

Go to deepai.org, a popular AI image editor, and upload the screenshots captured in the previous step. This online platform provides an image editor API that integrates seamlessly with the AI algorithms, allowing you to apply various effects to your images effortlessly.

Step 3: Generating AI Effects

After uploading the images, enter the desired prompt in the editor. For the statue effect, you can prompt the AI to transform the subject into a dark gray Greek statue, for example. Click on the "Generate" button, and wait a few seconds for the AI algorithm to process the image. The result will show the subject transformed into a statue.

Step 4: Enhancing and Downloading the AI Renders

Once the AI effect is generated, you can further enhance the image quality by clicking on the "Enhance" option. This will optimize the image and make it high definition. Finally, download the rendered AI image to your computer by clicking on the "Download" button. Repeat this process for each frame to create a sequence of AI renders.

Step 5: Importing AI Frames to Premiere Pro

In Premiere Pro, import all the AI frames that were generated in the previous step. Drag and drop the frames onto the timeline, arranging them in the desired order. This will create a sequence of frames that, when played, will showcase the rotating statue effect.

Step 6: Applying Transformations to AI Frames

To add more dynamism to the effect, create a new adjustment layer in Premiere Pro. Apply the "Transform" effect to the adjustment layer and keyframe the position and scale at the beginning of the effect. Scrub to the last frame and zoom in on the subject's face while positioning it. This will create a zoom-in effect, emphasizing the subject's transformation into a statue.

Step 7: Adding Shakes and Flashes for Extra Impact

To enhance the overall impact of the effect, add shakes and flashes. Create a new adjustment layer and apply the desired shake effect from the available presets. Adjust the shake intensity and duration to your preference. Similarly, add flashes to provide a sense of transition and excitement. Drag and drop the flashes effect onto another adjustment layer and adjust the duration and intensity accordingly.

Second Variation: Switching the Background

For a different variation, you can switch the background instead of the subject itself. Follow the same process as before, capturing screenshots and uploading them to deepai.org. However, this time, prompt the AI to transform the entire image into a stone-like ancient Greek background. Apply the effect to each frame and import the AI renders into Premiere Pro. This will create a sequence where the background changes dynamically, adding a captivating element to your videos.

Applying Final Touches to Enhance the AI Effect

To further enhance the AI effect, experiment with additional adjustments. Copy and adjust the previously created adjustment layer to match each frame. This will ensure consistent transformations throughout the sequence. Fine-tune the keyframes, zoom levels, and positioning to achieve the desired visual impact.


AI effects offer endless creative possibilities for content creators. Recreating the statue AI effect using tools like deepai.org and Premiere Pro allows you to transform subjects or backgrounds into visually captivating elements in your videos. By following the step-by-step tutorial provided in this article, you can easily add AI effects to your projects, creating stunning visual experiences for your audience. Experiment, unleash your creativity, and explore the realm of AI effects to take your videos to new heights.


  • Learn how to recreate stunning AI effects in your videos
  • Utilize online AI rendering platforms for efficient processing
  • Transform subjects into statues or switch backgrounds dynamically
  • Enhance AI effects using adjustments, shakes, and flashes
  • Unleash your creativity and captivate your audience with AI effects


Q: Is AI rendering time-consuming? A: Rendering AI effects locally can be time-consuming. However, utilizing online AI rendering services significantly streamlines the process and saves valuable time.

Q: Can I add my own prompts to the AI algorithms? A: Yes, most AI rendering platforms allow you to input custom prompts, enabling you to experiment with different styles and effects according to your preference.

Q: Are AI effects limited to statues and backgrounds? A: No, AI effects offer vast possibilities. You can transform subjects into various forms, add surreal elements, or even manipulate entire scenes. The only limit is your imagination.

Q: Can I apply AI effects to existing videos? A: Yes, you can apply AI effects to existing videos by importing the footage into editing software and following the step-by-step tutorial to add the desired AI effect to your clips.

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