Unbelievable Brady Bunch Blooper Caught on Camera!

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Unbelievable Brady Bunch Blooper Caught on Camera!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Casting the Children
  3. The D-Word
  4. Widowed Parents
  5. Robert Reed's Troublesome Behavior
  6. Mike Brady: The Greatest TV Dad of All Time
  7. Robert Reed's Classical Training
  8. Florence Henderson's Upbringing
  9. Child Support Issues
  10. Florence's Depression on the Show
  11. Marcia vs. Jan: Sibling Rivalry
  12. Maureen McCormick's Shoplifting Habits
  13. Barry Williams' Crush on Florence Henderson
  14. No Kissing Allowed on the Brady Bunch
  15. Sharing a Bed
  16. The Brady Bunch: Not an Instant Hit
  17. The Mystery of the Missing Toilet
  18. Cousin Oliver: A Last-Ditch Effort
  19. Conclusion

The Brady Bunch: Uncovering the Secrets of America's Favorite TV Family


The Brady Bunch, a beloved American sitcom that aired from 1969 to 1974, has captivated audiences for decades. The story of the blended Brady family, consisting of Mike and Carol Brady and their six children, has entertained viewers with its wholesome charm and relatable characters. However, behind the scenes, a multitude of secrets and controversies lurked, revealing a different side to the show. In this article, we delve into the hidden truths behind the making of The Brady Bunch and the lives of its cast members.

1. Casting the Children

One of the distinctive features of The Brady Bunch was the striking resemblance between the cast members who portrayed the Brady children. Show creator and producer Sherwood Schwartz aimed to find children who not only acted well but also looked like they could be real siblings. After testing over 464 boys and girls, Schwartz finally succeeded in assembling the perfect Brady family, creating a sense of authenticity on screen.

2. The D-Word

During the era when The Brady Bunch was filmed, divorce was still a taboo subject on television. To avoid controversy and appease network executives, the show's writers cleverly portrayed Carol Brady, played by Florence Henderson, as a widow rather than a divorcee. This decision was met with both praise and criticism, as it gave the show a wholesome image but also brushed aside a topic that was becoming increasingly common in society.

3. Widowed Parents

The depiction of widowed parents on The Brady Bunch raised eyebrows among critics. The show's premise of two widowed parents, Mike and Carol Brady, blending their families became a trend during the late 1960s and early 1970s. Some critics argued that it was unrealistic and somewhat morbid to have two families where both parents had passed away, leaving six children alone. However, due to the restrictions placed on the show by network executives, this was the only viable option for the writers.

4. Robert Reed's Troublesome Behavior

Robert Reed, who portrayed the patriarch of the Brady family, Mike Brady, was known for causing problems on set. He frequently clashed with creator-producer Sherwood Schwartz and the writers, often questioning their creative decisions. Reed's disagreements eventually led to him being written out of the series finale as a form of punishment. Despite these issues, his performances as a loving and devoted father figure on screen were highly acclaimed, solidifying his status as one of the greatest TV dads of all time.

5. Mike Brady: The Greatest TV Dad of All Time

Despite the conflicts between Robert Reed and the show's creators, Mike Brady remains an iconic and beloved character. TV Guide recognized the portrayal of Mike Brady as one of the greatest TV dads of all time in their 2004 list. Reed's acting talent brought the character to life, capturing the hearts of viewers with his warmth and wisdom.

6. Robert Reed's Classical Training

Robert Reed's classical training as an actor provided him with the skills necessary to excel in his role as Mike Brady. Prior to The Brady Bunch, Reed had graduated from the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and had established himself in the critically acclaimed series The Defenders. This training may have contributed to Reed's occasional diva-like behavior on set, as he held high standards for his own performance.

7. Florence Henderson's Upbringing

Florence Henderson's portrayal of the nurturing and cheerful Carol Brady contrasted with her own challenging upbringing. Henderson, the youngest of ten children, grew up in a financially struggling family. Acting became her ticket to a better life, as her mother believed it would break the cycle of poverty for future generations. Henderson's success in The Brady Bunch indeed brought happiness and opportunities to her own children, fulfilling her mother's aspirations.

8. Child Support Issues

In recent years, one of the Brady Bunch cast members found themselves embroiled in a court battle over child support. The actor, who remains unnamed in the sources, owed a significant amount in child support to their ex-girlfriend. The case shed light on the financial challenges faced by some of the show's cast members and hinted at the possibility of financial strain even for those associated with such a popular TV series.

9. Florence's Depression on the Show

While Carol Brady epitomized the epitome of a happy wife and mother, Florence Henderson experienced her personal struggles. During the show's run, she grappled with severe bouts of depression, compounded by a dry marriage. The decision to file for divorce in 1984 marked the beginning of Henderson's journey toward overcoming her depression. Later in life, she became recognized as a relationship therapist, drawing upon her own experiences to help others cultivate better marriages.

10. Marcia vs. Jan: Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a common theme in families, and the Brady Bunch was no exception. In one particular episode, Jan, played by Eve Plumb, felt inferior to her sister Marcia, portrayed by Maureen McCormick, due to her perceived prettiness. This on-screen rivalry occasionally spilled over into real life, leading to tension between the two actresses off the set.


The Brady Bunch may have portrayed the ideal American family on screen, but behind the scenes, a tapestry of secrets and controversies unfolded. From casting decisions to personal struggles, the lives of the show's cast members were far from perfect. Yet, the enduring legacy of The Brady Bunch continues to captivate audiences, reminding us that even the most seemingly perfect families have their secrets and complexities.

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  • The Brady Bunch carefully casted children who not only acted well but also looked like real siblings.
  • The show strategically portrayed Carol Brady as a widow to avoid controversy around divorce.
  • The depiction of widowed parents on the show attracted criticism for being unrealistic and morbid.
  • Robert Reed, who played Mike Brady, frequently clashed with the show's creators, leading to conflicts on set.
  • Despite behind-the-scenes tensions, Mike Brady was recognized as one of the greatest TV dads of all time.
  • Robert Reed's classical training as an actor contributed to his demanding nature on set.
  • Florence Henderson's upbringing contrasted with her portrayal of the nurturing Carol Brady.
  • Child support issues among the cast shed light on the financial challenges some of them faced.
  • Florence Henderson battled depression during the show's run but later became a relationship therapist.
  • Sibling rivalry between Marcia and Jan occasionally spilled over into real life.


Q: Was The Brady Bunch an instant hit? A: No, the show initially struggled with low ratings, leading to its renewal for only 13 episodes at a time. However, the ratings improved in the last season, making it one of the most watched American sitcoms of all time.

Q: Why were there no toilets in the Brady bathroom? A: The network executives did not allow the inclusion of a toilet in the bathroom set, citing regulations and the Brady family's wholesome image as a reason.

Q: What is "cousin Oliver" in Hollywood lingo? A: "Cousin Oliver" refers to a character brought onto a failing TV show or series in an attempt to boost ratings. The term originated from The Brady Bunch, where the addition of a new child character named Oliver was an unsuccessful attempt to revitalize the show.

Q: Did any of the actors from The Brady Bunch have romantic feelings towards each other? A: Barry Williams, who played Greg Brady, had a massive crush on Florence Henderson, who portrayed Carol Brady. However, Henderson maintained her professionalism and refused any advances from Williams.

Q: Did any of the characters in The Brady Bunch ever share a bed? A: Although it was uncommon at the time, The Brady Bunch depicted Mike and Carol Brady sharing a bed. This was a departure from the conventional portrayal of married couples having separate beds on television.

Q: What happened to the toilet during bathroom scenes? A: The absence of a toilet in the bathroom set was treated as an ongoing joke, with the implication being that the Brady family was so clean and wholesome that they didn't require a toilet.

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