Unleash Massive Power with the Ultimate Fuel Generator Power Plant!

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Unleash Massive Power with the Ultimate Fuel Generator Power Plant!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Unlocking the Oil Technologies in the Hub
  3. Obtaining the Alternate Recipes
    • Turbo Fuel Recipe
    • Compacted Coal Recipe
    • Heavy Oil Residue Recipe
    • Packaged Fuel Recipe
  4. Setting up the Water Packaging Refineries
  5. Converting Oil into Heavy Oil Residue
  6. Refining Heavy Oil Residue into Fuel
  7. Unpacking the Fuel
  8. Producing Compacted Coal
  9. Creating Turbo Fuel
  10. Generating Power with Turbo Fuel
  11. Conclusion


In this tutorial, I will guide you step by step on how to efficiently transform crude oil and water into a massive amount of power using turbo fuel. By following this process, you will be able to generate over 16,000 megawatts of power, making it a highly efficient power plant setup. Before we begin, make sure you have unlocked all the necessary oil technologies in the Hub and obtained the required alternate recipes. So, let's dive in and start the journey towards an impressive turbo fuel power plant.

Unlocking the Oil Technologies in the Hub

To embark on this project, the first requirement is to have all the oil technologies unlocked in the Hub. Ensure that you have researched and unlocked everything related to oil production. This will provide you with the necessary knowledge and abilities to maximize the efficiency of your power plant.

Obtaining the Alternate Recipes

To proceed further, you will need four crucial alternate recipes. These recipes will enable you to create turbo fuel, compacted coal, heavy oil residue, and packaged fuel. Each of these recipes plays a vital role in the overall process of generating power using turbo fuel.

Turbo Fuel Recipe

The turbo fuel recipe combines fuel and compacted coal to produce turbo fuel, a highly efficient fuel source. Make sure you have the alternate recipe for turbo fuel unlocked, as it will be essential later in the process.

Compacted Coal Recipe

Compacted coal is a more efficient form of coal, necessary for creating turbo fuel. Acquire the alternate recipe that allows you to convert coal and sulfur into compacted coal. This recipe ensures that you have access to an optimal coal source for the turbo fuel production.

Heavy Oil Residue Recipe

The heavy oil residue recipe transforms crude oil into heavy oil residue and polymer. The heavy oil residue will be the primary ingredient for creating turbo fuel, while the polymer can be used or discarded depending on your resource needs.

Packaged Fuel Recipe

The alternate packaged fuel recipe enables you to turn heavy oil residue and packaged water into fuel. This recipe plays a crucial role in the overall process of generating power with turbo fuel.

Now that you have acquired all the necessary alternate recipes, let's move on to setting up the water packaging refineries.

Setting up the Water Packaging Refineries

Begin by ensuring that you have a steady supply of 600 water per minute into your factory. Set up ten refineries dedicated to packaging water. Each refinery should produce sixty packaged water per minute by combining sixty water and sixty empty canisters.

To maintain a continuous cycle of empty canisters, it is recommended to load a large storage container with canisters and manually insert them into the system. This ensures that you never run out of canisters and eliminates the need to produce more.

Converting Oil into Heavy Oil Residue

Next, focus on dealing with the crude oil. You will need another set of ten refineries to convert the crude oil into heavy oil residue. This alternate recipe requires thirty crude oil per minute and produces forty heavy oil residue and twenty polymer resin.

Since we only need the heavy oil residue, it is crucial to remove or repurpose the excess polymer resin. Either use it for other production purposes or dispose of it in a resource sink. Keeping all the refineries functioning at a hundred percent capacity may result in excess heavy oil residue, so find a way to utilize it efficiently.

Alternatively, you can reduce the refinery capacity to 75% to match the required 300 crude oil per minute. However, this may limit your power generation potential, so it is recommended to find other applications for the excess heavy oil residue.

Refining Heavy Oil Residue into Fuel

In this step, you will need another set of ten refineries to produce fuel. Combine the packaged water and heavy oil residue to create diluted packaged fuel, as per the alternate recipe. This process requires thirty heavy oil residue and sixty packaged water per minute. As a result, you will obtain sixty packaged fuel per minute.

Proceed to the next step for unpacking the fuel and optimizing its usage.

Unpacking the Fuel

To unpack the fuel, simply send the packaged fuel into refineries dedicated to this purpose. This straightforward process will provide you with the fuel you need, as well as return the empty containers for reuse with the water packaging refineries. Ensure that you manage the recycling of empty containers efficiently to maintain a continuous cycle.

After implementing this step, you will have a production rate of 600 fuel per minute, even though you are only bringing in 300 crude oil per minute. This efficiency is achieved by replacing the oil with water in the turbo fuel production recipe, making it an incredibly powerful method.

Producing Compacted Coal

To continue with the power plant setup, you will need to produce compacted coal. Establish sixteen assemblers operating at full capacity, creating 400 compacted coal per minute. This process requires 400 sulfur per minute and 400 coal per minute, so ensure a steady supply of these resources.

Creating Turbo Fuel

In the next step, you will venture into the production of turbo fuel, the ultimate goal of this tutorial. Prepare 26.66 refineries to create turbo fuel by combining fuel and compacted coal. To achieve this, it is recommended to set up 28 refineries and operate two of them at 33% clock speed.

Due to the peculiar numbers involved in the turbo fuel recipe, the production requires a specific configuration. Each refinery operating at full speed consumes 22.5 fuel per minute and 15 compacted coal per minute. The two refineries clocked at 33% speed compensate for this anomaly and ensure the overall system works efficiently.

By following this process, you will generate an astounding 512.3 turbo fuel per minute, resulting in a massive amount of power.

Generating Power with Turbo Fuel

With the production of turbo fuel in full swing, you can now harness its power-generating capabilities. A total of 66.6 refineries are required to produce the amount of turbo fuel needed to constantly run 111 fuel power plants.

Each fuel power plant generates 150 megawatts of power, so when multiplied by 111, you gain a staggering 16,650 megawatts of power.

However, keep in mind that running this system requires a large number of refineries, so plan your resource allocation accordingly. The net power output of this system will be around 14,700 megawatts due to the need for 66.6 refineries.

Consider the abundance of oil and water resources available in the game, which allows you to scale this concept to even more extreme levels.


Congratulations! You have successfully learned how to create an immensely powerful turbo fuel power plant. By following the step-by-step process outlined in this tutorial, you can generate over 16,000 megawatts of power and optimize your usage of crude oil and water resources.

Make sure to prioritize balancing your belts and pipes to avoid any system crashes when utilizing the immense power output. Remember to take your time with this project, as it is quite large in scope. Take it step by step and work at your own pace to achieve impressive results.

Thank you for following along with this tutorial. If you found it useful, remember to leave a like and subscribe for more informative content.

Have a fantastic day, and enjoy the power of turbo fuel!

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