Unleash the Power of AI: 7 FREE Tools That Outperform ChatGPT

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Unleash the Power of AI: 7 FREE Tools That Outperform ChatGPT

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Codium: An AI tool for coders
  3. 11 Labs: Voice cloning AI tool
  4. AI Art: Stable Diffusion, Mid-Journey, and Dolly
  5. OpenCV: Mastering AI Art Generation course
  6. Language Talk: Learning languages with AI chatbot
  7. Humatar AI: Analyzing PDFs for learning
  8. Career Deco: A career counseling AI tool
  9. Blue Willow: Free alternative to Mid-Journey
  10. Mars AI: Building platforms and websites with no code

AI Tools That Make Your Life Easier

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has transformed various aspects of our lives, making tasks more efficient and convenient. In this article, we will explore seven amazing free AI tools that surpass even Chat GPT in terms of functionality and usefulness. From assisting coders to language learning and AI art generation, these tools cover a wide range of applications. Additionally, we will also discuss a comprehensive AI art generation course and a no-code tool for building complete platforms and websites. So, let's delve into the world of AI tools and discover how they can enhance your day-to-day life.

1. Codium: An AI tool for coders

If you're a coder who constantly struggles with typing repetitive code, Codium is the perfect tool for you. Codium understands the functions and code you are trying to write and automatically generates them, saving you valuable time and increasing productivity. Whether it's creating functions, boilerplates, objects, or classes, Codium takes care of it all. This AI tool allows you to focus on writing new code rather than wasting time on mundane tasks.

2. 11 Labs: Voice cloning AI tool

Voice cloning has become an intriguing technology, and 11 Labs takes it to the next level. With this AI tool, you can clone your own voice by simply uploading a few minutes of audio and entering any desired text. The AI will then speak the text in your voice and tone, making it difficult to distinguish between the real and fake voice. Voice cloning technology is advancing rapidly, and tools like 11 Labs showcase the potential of AI voices becoming more human-like.

3. AI Art: Stable Diffusion, Mid-Journey, and Dolly

AI art has garnered significant attention in recent times, and tools like Stable Diffusion, Mid-Journey, and Dolly have fueled this trend. These AI-powered tools allow you to create stunning art with just a few lines of text. AI art generation is a fascinating field to explore, offering numerous career opportunities and future-proofing your skills. OpenCV's certified Mastering AI Art Generation course is highly recommended for those interested in becoming AI artists or developers. The course covers everything from problem engineering and model fine-tuning to image editing and animation.

4. Language Talk: Learning languages with an AI chatbot

Learning a new language can be a challenge, but Language Talk makes it more accessible and enjoyable. This AI tool incorporates an AI chatbot that engages in conversations with users, facilitating language learning. By conversing with the chatbot in the language you aim to master, you can improve your understanding of sentences and keywords. Language Talk is an excellent tool for those who prefer a chat interface while learning a new language.

5. Humatar AI: Analyzing PDFs for learning

Humatar AI is a valuable tool for students and anyone eager to learn new concepts quickly. By uploading a PDF, you can ask specific questions about the content to the AI chatbot. The chatbot analyzes the entire PDF and provides summaries and pointers, making learning more efficient. Whether you want to gain a deep understanding of a concept or prepare for exams, Humatar AI is a versatile tool that accelerates the learning process.

6. Career Deco: A career counseling AI tool

Consulting a career counselor may not be feasible or preferred by everyone. That's where Career Deco comes in. By entering your interests and preferences, this AI tool acts as a virtual career counselor, recommending potential career paths. Users can choose a suitable career path and experiment with it to find the best fit. Career Deco offers valuable career guidance and helps individuals understand the progress and possibilities in their chosen field.

7. Blue Willow: Free alternative to Mid-Journey

While Mid-Journey is a popular AI art generation tool, it has limitations with regards to the number of image generations. Enter Blue Willow, a free alternative that provides similar functionality without any restrictions on image generation. Blue Willow allows AI artists and enthusiasts to experiment with different prompts and build larger-scale projects. Although it may take some time to get accustomed to Blue Willow's prompt techniques, it offers a stimulating environment for creating AI-generated art.

8. Mars AI: Building platforms and websites with no code

Mars AI is a game-changer for individuals who want to build platforms and websites without coding skills. With micro apps and pre-built tools, Mars AI simplifies the process, allowing users to create professional-grade platforms effortlessly. Whether you aspire to develop a social media platform or any other web application, Mars AI provides a user-friendly interface where you can customize your app precisely as desired. This no-code tool empowers users to bring their ideas to life quickly and efficiently.

In conclusion, these seven AI tools, accompanied by an AI art generation course and a no-code tool, revolutionize various aspects of our lives. From assisting coders and language learners to enhancing creativity through AI art, these tools offer immense potential. Incorporating AI technology into our daily routines can truly make our lives easier and more productive.


  • Codium: An AI tool that generates code functions, boilerplates, objects, and classes, saving time and increasing productivity for coders.
  • 11 Labs: A voice cloning AI tool that can mimic your voice with astonishing accuracy.
  • AI Art: Stable Diffusion, Mid-Journey, and Dolly enable users to create stunning art using AI algorithms and minimal text.
  • OpenCV: A comprehensive AI art generation course that equips individuals with the skills to become proficient AI artists or developers.
  • Language Talk: An AI chatbot-based tool that facilitates language learning through conversations.
  • Humatar AI: Analyzes PDFs, providing summaries and pointers to help users learn concepts efficiently.
  • Career Deco: A career counseling AI tool that recommends potential career paths based on user interests and preferences.
  • Blue Willow: A free alternative to Mid-Journey for AI artists, offering more freedom for experimentation and larger-scale projects.
  • Mars AI: A no-code tool that empowers users to build complete platforms and websites without coding skills.


Q: Can Codium generate code for any programming language? A: Codium is compatible with multiple programming languages and can generate code accordingly.

Q: Can 11 Labs replicate any voice accurately? A: 11 Labs utilizes advanced voice cloning technology and can replicate voices with impressive accuracy.

Q: Can AI tools like Stable Diffusion create art without any input? A: Stable Diffusion requires minimal input in the form of text prompt to generate art based on AI algorithms.

Q: Is prior coding experience necessary for the OpenCV AI art generation course? A: No, the OpenCV course is designed to cater to individuals with or without prior coding experience.

Q: Can Language Talk teach complex grammar rules in a new language? A: Language Talk can help users understand and practice complex sentence structures and grammar rules in a new language.

Q: Is Blue Willow limited in the number of image generations? A: Unlike Mid-Journey, Blue Willow allows unlimited image generations.

Q: Can Mars AI be used to develop complex web applications? A: Mars AI simplifies the process of developing a wide range of web applications, including complex ones.

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