Unleash the Power of Tahm Kench | Learn his Gameplay - League of Legends

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Unleash the Power of Tahm Kench | Learn his Gameplay - League of Legends

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Story of Tahm Kench
  3. Abilities and Gameplay
    1. Passive: An Acquired Taste
    2. Ability 1: Devour
    3. Ability 2: Tongue Lash
    4. Ability 3: Thick Skin
    5. Ultimate Ability: Abyssal Voyage
  4. Playing as Tahm Kench
    1. Choosing the Right Role
    2. Laning Phase Strategies
    3. Teamfight Tactics
  5. Countering Tahm Kench
    1. Champions That Can Deal with Tahm Kench
    2. Strategies to Use Against Tahm Kench
  6. Pros and Cons of Playing Tahm Kench
  7. Conclusion

Tahm Kench: The River King of League of Legends

Tahm Kench, known as the River King, is a silver-tongued demon who preys on the helpless and desperate, indulging in his ego before devouring his unsuspecting enemies. In League of Legends, Tahm Kench can be played as a tanky monstrosity in either a solo lane or a supporting role. With his unique set of abilities, Tahm Kench can swallow his enemies and ferry his allies across the map, making him a versatile and formidable champion.

The Story of Tahm Kench

Tahm Kench's origins lie in the depths of Runeterra's waters. He is a creature of the demonic Void, yet his true nature is a mystery. Some consider him a demon, while others see him as a manipulative spirit. Regardless, Tahm Kench has become feared and respected as the River King, a being who manipulates those who dare to cross his path.

Abilities and Gameplay

Passive: An Acquired Taste

Tahm Kench's passive ability, An Acquired Taste, allows him to apply stacks to enemy champions that he strikes with basic attacks or damaging abilities. Once he applies three stacks, he gains the ability to unleash powerful effects on his target. This passive can be applied to multiple targets simultaneously, but the stacks fall off after a few seconds.

Ability 1: Devour

Tahm Kench's W - Devour - is a versatile ability that interacts with his other abilities. When used on enemy minions and monsters, Tahm Kench swallows them and can spit them out after a few seconds, dealing damage to his primary target and area-of-effect damage to surrounding enemies. When used on allied champions, Tahm Kench can temporarily make them untargetable while they reside in his belly, granting them extra movement speed. The ability can also be used on enemy champions, but only after acquiring stacks with his passive.

Ability 2: Tongue Lash

Tahm Kench's Q - Tongue Lash - allows him to fire his tongue as a medium-range skillshot that damages and slows the first enemy struck. However, if he has maxed out his passive stacks on an enemy champion, Tongue Lash will stun the target instead. This ability can also extend the range of Devour when used in combination.

Ability 3: Thick Skin

Tahm Kench's E - Thick Skin - provides both a passive and an active effect. Passively, this ability turns all damage taken into grey health, which is then partially converted into real health a few seconds after leaving combat. When activated, Thick Skin converts all the grey health into a shield that quickly decays. However, it should be noted that grey health cannot be built up while the ability is on cooldown.

Ultimate Ability: Abyssal Voyage

Tahm Kench's ultimate ability - Abyssal Voyage - allows him to target a location on the map and then channel to dive into the depths of water before reactivating to travel to the targeted location. During the channeling, an ally can jump in and join Tahm Kench on the journey. However, the ability can be interrupted if Tahm Kench is attacked while channeling.

Playing as Tahm Kench

Choosing the Right Role

As Tahm Kench, you have the flexibility to play in either a solo lane or a supporting role. Assess the needs of your team and the strengths of your lane opponent to determine the best role for you. In a solo lane, your tankiness and crowd control can make you a formidable threat. In a supporting role, you can protect and engage for your ADC, providing them with the safety and setup they need to succeed.

Laning Phase Strategies

During the laning phase, use your abilities to harass and zone your opponents. Your Q - Tongue Lash - can be used to poke and apply crowd control, while your W - Devour - can be used to protect your ADC or devour minions for extra damage. Coordinate with your ADC to take advantage of your passive - An Acquired Taste - and unleash powerful effects on your enemies. Use your E - Thick Skin - to absorb damage and stay in the fight.

Teamfight Tactics

In teamfights, your role as Tahm Kench is to be a frontline tank and disrupt the enemy team. Use your W - Devour to quickly position your allies or peel for your carries. Your Q - Tongue Lash - can be used to stun priority targets, making them vulnerable to your team's damage. Activate your E - Thick Skin - to mitigate burst damage and survive longer in the midst of the fight. Coordinate with your team and communicate your intentions to maximize your impact.

Countering Tahm Kench

Champions That Can Deal with Tahm Kench

While Tahm Kench is a formidable champion, there are certain champions that can effectively counter his abilities. Champions with high burst damage, crowd control, or mobility can be particularly effective against him. Examples include Darius, Jayce, Vayne, and Tristana. These champions can exploit Tahm Kench's weaknesses and make it difficult for him to engage or protect his allies.

Strategies to Use Against Tahm Kench

To counter Tahm Kench, it is important to play with a focus on teamwork and coordination. Communicate with your team to prioritize targets and focus on Tahm Kench when he tries to engage or protect his allies. Pay attention to his passive stacks and be prepared for his powerful effects when he reaches three stacks. Build items that can reduce his durability, such as Grievous Wounds to counter his healing.

Pros and Cons of Playing Tahm Kench


  • Versatile champion with the flexibility to play in different roles
  • Excellent crowd control and protection for allies
  • Strong laning phase with harassment and sustain
  • Can be a disruptive frontline tank in teamfights


  • Susceptible to crowd control and burst damage
  • Requires coordination and communication with your team
  • Limited damage output compared to other champions
  • Relatively slow mobility


Tahm Kench, the River King, is a unique and versatile champion in League of Legends. With his ability to protect and engage for his allies, as well as his disruptive tankiness, he can be a valuable asset to any team. Whether playing in a solo lane or a supporting role, mastering Tahm Kench's unique abilities will allow you to dominate your opponents and lead your team to victory.

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