Unleash Unlimited Power: Jackery 1200w Solar Generator Kit Review

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Unleash Unlimited Power: Jackery 1200w Solar Generator Kit Review

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Price and Sale Information
  3. Contents of the Set
    • Small Jackery (200 watts)
    • A Second Station (1000 watts)
    • Solar Panels
  4. Specifications of the Jackery
    • Specs for the Bigger Battery
    • Specs for the Smaller Station
  5. Packaging
  6. Charging Options
  7. Pros of the Jackery Set
  8. Cons of the Jackery Set
  9. Comparisons to Other Power Stations
  10. Conclusion


Today, I want to discuss the Jackery set that I recently purchased from Costco. In this article, I will provide details about the price, sale information, what comes with the set, specifications of the Jackery, packaging, charging options, pros, cons, comparisons to other power stations, and conclude with my overall thoughts.

Price and Sale Information

As of the time of recording this video, the original price of the Jackery set on Costco's online website is $1349.99. However, there is currently a $200 discount, bringing the total price to $1149.99 before tax. The sale is valid from the 29th to the 25th of June.

Contents of the Set

The Jackery set includes a small Jackery station with 200 watts, a second station with 1000 watts, and two 100-watt solar panels. The small station comes with a 12-volt, one AC, and two USB ports, while the second station includes three AC outlets, one USB-C port, several USB ports, and a 12-volt outlet.

Specifications of the Jackery

The specifications vary for the two stations. The bigger battery station has a higher power capacity, while the smaller station is designed to be more portable. For more in-depth specifications, refer to the corresponding section below.


The Jackery set comes in three separate boxes: the outside box, the Jackery box, and the solar panel box. It's important to note that the solar panel box does not come with the Jackery station.

Charging Options

The charging process for the Jackery set is straightforward. You can charge it using the wall charger or the 12-volt adapter that comes with each station. Additionally, the bigger station has an additional adapter for connecting the solar panels. The solar panels provide a total of 200 watts of power to charge the stations.

Pros of the Jackery Set

There are several advantages to using the Jackery power stations. They are easy to use, and the stations come with built-in lights. The set also includes solar panels, making it convenient for outdoor and off-grid activities. Additionally, the current discounted price on Costco makes the Jackery set affordable and value-for-money.

Cons of the Jackery Set

Despite its benefits, the Jackery set does have some downsides. One major drawback is the fast drainage of the battery. Compared to other power stations, the Jackery drains at a faster rate. Furthermore, the customer service provided by Jackery is not satisfactory, as they are slow to respond to inquiries and emails. Another issue is that the solar panels do not always reach their maximum stated wattage, even when properly adjusted to the sun.

Comparisons to Other Power Stations

In terms of performance, the Jackery set performs well for low to moderate power usage. However, for larger families or those with higher power requirements, other options might be more suitable. The article will discuss a few alternatives in this section.


In conclusion, the Jackery power station set available on Costco's website offers affordability and convenience. It includes two stations with various charging options and solar panels. Despite some drawbacks like faster battery drainage and unsatisfactory customer service, the Jackery set can be an excellent choice for those requiring portable power solutions.

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