Unleash Your Creativity with a Random Drawing Idea Generator

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Unleash Your Creativity with a Random Drawing Idea Generator

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Using a Random Drawing Idea Generator
    1. Drawings from the Generator
    2. Coloring and Adding Details
    3. Naming the Drawings
  3. Using Artpromps.org for Drawing Ideas
    1. Sketching the Environment Drawing
      1. Difficulty with Proportions
      2. Coloring and Adding Texture
      3. Adding Additional Elements
    2. Drawing a Sunset Scene
      1. Creating the Sky
      2. Adding Trees and Details
      3. Drawing the Window and Characters
  4. Conclusion

"Using a Random Drawing Idea Generator and Artpromps.org for Art Inspiration"

Do you ever find yourself staring at a blank canvas, unsure of what to draw? You're not alone. Many artists struggle with creative blocks and need a little boost of inspiration to get their art flowing. In this article, we'll explore two different tools that can help generate drawing ideas: a random drawing idea generator and the website artpromps.org. You'll learn how these tools work and, through examples, see the process of turning these ideas into unique and creative drawings. So, let's dive in and explore the world of art inspiration!

Using a Random Drawing Idea Generator

Have you ever heard of a random drawing idea generator? It's a fascinating tool that can help artists come up with unique and unexpected ideas for their artwork. Minty, an artist, stumbled upon this tool while browsing YouTube one day and decided to give it a try. Let's see some of the drawings Minty created using this generator.

Drawings from the Generator

The first prompt Minty received was to draw an Easter egg dressed as a hippie. At first, Minty found the idea quite silly and challenging. The thought of adding intricate patterns to make it resemble an Easter egg seemed overwhelming. However, Minty embraced the challenge and started sketching the idea on their iPad. The sketch involved adding a long gray beard and hair, giving the Easter egg a hippie look.

But as Minty progressed with the sketch, they realized that the design resembled Sans from the popular game Undertale, rather than an Easter egg. So, they made some adjustments, adding arms, legs, flares, and even a gigantic mustache to create a more unique and recognizable character. Minty also discovered a glitter brush in Procreate, which added a touch of glamour to the sleeves of the design.

The next step was coloring the drawing. Minty initially planned to use multiple textures but decided against it since the extensive color palette could make the design look chaotic. Instead, they opted for bold block colors that brought the character to life. The final result was Davidson, the Easter egg dressed as a hippie, with its vibrant colors and charming demeanor.

Coloring and Adding Details

While drawing Davidson, Minty faced the challenge of adding intricate patterns to the face without making it look too crowded. To overcome this, they expanded the color palette to include blue and purple tones. Minty used these additional colors to create mesmerizing patterns that made the face of the Easter egg visually appealing.

As the drawing progressed, Minty realized they had unintentionally given the Easter egg a body. While unconventional for an actual Easter egg, Minty decided to keep the design as is, believing it added a unique touch to the character. They particularly loved the flare sleeves that added a whimsical element to Davidson's overall appearance.

Naming the Drawings

After completing Davidson, Minty decided to give the character a fitting name. They deliberated for a while and settled on the name Davidson—a name that suited the eccentricity and individuality of the hippie Easter egg persona. With Davidson complete, Minty moved on to their next drawing idea, this time using a different source of inspiration.

Using Artpromps.org for Drawing Ideas

Artpromps.org is another valuable resource for artists seeking inspiration. Minty chose to explore this website to generate unique drawing ideas. Let's see how Minty brought one of the prompts from Artpromps.org to life.

Sketching the Environment Drawing

One of the prompts that caught Minty's attention was to draw a scene with a bright, clear glow in the east as the sun rises. Intrigued by the challenge, Minty began sketching a person in the middle of the morning, enjoying a cup of coffee while the sun illuminated the environment.

Difficulty with Proportions

During the sketching process, Minty encountered difficulties with the proportions of the person they were drawing. Despite attempting multiple sketches, they couldn't quite capture a satisfactory result. To overcome this, Minty took a picture of a small wooden model they had and sketched over the image to ensure proper proportions. This technique allowed them to create a more accurate representation.

Coloring and Adding Texture

Once Minty had the sketch of the person finalized, they began coloring and adding texture. Using their preferred technique, Minty started by drawing the basic block shape of the face. They then applied a layer with the "multiply" blending mode to add texture. The flicks brush created a mesmerizing effect as it enhanced the texture of the face.

To bring the environment to life, Minty added a cozy footstool and a fence. The fence initially resembled the same color as the chair, but they adjusted the texture brush to create a distinction between the two elements. Next, Minty drew trees, harnessing the pleasure of layering various colors to give the scenery its vibrant appearance.

Adding Additional Elements

The drawing was coming together beautifully, but Minty wanted to make it more captivating. They added a mesmerizing sky—blending a range of colors to create a stunning sunset effect. Minty was fond of drawing sunsets due to the simplicity of creating striking looks with a combination of vibrant colors.

To further enhance the drawing, Minty included a window with a person peering out of it. Using a technique to create a glass effect, they added a blue layer with reduced opacity to depict the window. This subtle touch added a realistic element to the overall composition. The little girl inside the house brought a sense of warmth and coziness to the scene.

Lastly, Minty incorporated a delightful bunny in the foreground of the drawing, as well as a group of colorful tulips. These elements contributed to the overall whimsical and captivating atmosphere of the artwork.


Artistic inspiration can come from various sources, and in this article, we explored two unique tools to generate drawing ideas—the random drawing idea generator and artpromps.org. Through examples, we witnessed Minty's creative journey as they transformed prompts into distinctive drawings. Whether it's an Easter egg dressed as a hippie or a tranquil morning scene, the power of inspiration and creativity knows no bounds. So, the next time you find yourself in need of an artistic spark, give these tools a try and watch your imagination soar. Happy drawing!

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