Unleash Your Creativity with Blender's Stranger Things Intro Animation

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Unleash Your Creativity with Blender's Stranger Things Intro Animation

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating the Text
  3. Adding the Font
  4. Creating the Outline
  5. Designing the Lighting
  6. Applying Materials
  7. Adding Smoke
  8. Animating the Camera
  9. Finalizing the Render
  10. Conclusion


In this tutorial, we will be creating a Stranger Things intro design using Blender. Stranger Things has become a popular series, and we will be recreating the iconic intro animation from the show. We will go step by step through the process, starting from creating the text, adding the font, creating the outline, designing the lighting, applying materials, adding smoke, animating the camera, and finalizing the render. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a completed Stranger Things intro design. So, let's get started!

1. Creating the Text

To begin, we will open a new Blender file and add text to the scene. Hit Shift + A and select "Text" to add a text object. Type "Stranger Things" in all caps and center it. Now, we need to add the specific font used in the show.

2. Adding the Font

To get the Stranger Things font, search for "Stranger Things font free" on the internet. Download the font and add it to your scene in Blender. With the font added, we can move on to creating the outline.

3. Creating the Outline

The Stranger Things font has an outline, which we need to recreate in Blender. To achieve this, we will use a combination of extrusions and modifiers. Duplicate the text object and adjust the offset to create two versions of the text. Then, convert both text objects into meshes. To improve the topology, apply a remesh modifier. With the remesh modifier applied, use a boolean modifier to cut a hole in one text object using the other text object. Once done, you will have the outline of the text.

4. Designing the Lighting

Next, we will focus on designing the lighting for our Stranger Things intro design. Switch to the Eevee rendering engine and head to the shading tab. To create the desired effect, we need to add brightness and darkness variations to the text. Apply an emission shader to the text, and then duplicate it. Use a mix shader with a color ramp and noise texture to create the desired variations. Adjust the settings until you achieve the desired effect.

5. Applying Materials

Now that the lighting is set, we can apply materials to our scene. Use the emission shader to give the text a solid red color. Adjust the settings and add a mix shader to create the brighter and darker portions of the text. Use a color ramp and noise texture to achieve the desired effect. Apply the same material to the outlined text object.

6. Adding Smoke

To add an extra touch to our Stranger Things design, we can incorporate some smoke. Create a cube and apply a volume material to it. Use a color ramp and noise texture to control the density of the smoke. Adjust the settings until you achieve the desired smoke effect.

7. Animating the Camera

To bring our design to life, we will animate the camera. Move the camera to the desired position and set a keyframe. Then, move the camera to the end position and set another keyframe. Adjust the timing and easing to create a smooth camera movement.

8. Finalizing the Render

With our design complete and the camera animation set, we can finalize the render settings. Adjust the bloom settings to control the intensity of the effect. Make any necessary adjustments to the scene and lighting to achieve the desired results. Once satisfied, render the animation and enjoy your Stranger Things intro design.


Congratulations! You have successfully recreated the Stranger Things intro design in Blender. By following the steps outlined in this tutorial, you have learned how to create the text, add the font, create an outline, design the lighting, apply materials, add smoke, animate the camera, and finalize the render. Feel free to experiment with different variations and effects to make the design your own. Have fun and keep exploring the world of Blender!

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