Unleash Your Creativity with the Random Drawing Generator Challenge

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Unleash Your Creativity with the Random Drawing Generator Challenge

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Random Drawing Simulator
  3. Pair Bob Ross
  4. Main Characters from Your Favorite TV Show
  5. Elvis on Halloween
  6. Conclusion


Welcome back to my channel! In today's video, we're going to dive into another random drawing simulator. I had a blast in the last one, so why not do it again? Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, this fun activity can help you practice your drawing skills. So grab your drawing tools, and let's get started!

Random Drawing Simulator

In this segment of the video, we'll be using a random drawing generator to come up with unique and exciting drawing prompts. Last time, we drew a beautiful, sexy Jacksepticeye on the red carpet, a pickle Bob Ross, and a Disney Princess Jenna Marbles. Today, let's see what our prompt will be.

Pair Bob Ross

Our prompt for today is "a pair". So, let's get creative and imagine a fusion between a pair and the legendary Bob Ross. I'll be using Photoshop for this drawing, so let's create a new layer and begin our masterpiece.

The first step is to sketch out the basic shape of Pair Bob Ross. We'll give him the iconic Afro hair and a cute little palette in his hand. Don't worry if it's not perfect yet, we'll fix it up later. Let's add some flair to our creation by giving Pair Bob Ross some cool feets and a little hand holding a paintbrush.

Now it's time to add some color. Let's make the palette a warm brown shade and give his hair a touch of orange. We want to create a soothing atmosphere, so let's paint a nice sunset as the backdrop. Pair Bob Ross is going to bring life to this canvas with his vibrant paints.

And there you have it, our first drawing of the day – Pair Bob Ross painting a beautiful sunset picture. Despite a few imperfections, I love the overall result. Pair Bob Ross is just too adorable!

Main Characters from Your Favorite TV Show

For our next drawing, we'll be imagining the main characters from our favorite TV show aged 50 years. Since I've been binge-watching That '70s Show lately, let's focus on Eric Foreman, the central character of the series. In the show, the characters spend most of their time hanging out in Eric's basement, so it's only fitting to choose him.

Let's age Eric Foreman 50 years and create a representation of him as a grandpa. We'll give him a cartoony appearance with his signature bow legs, glasses, and a bit of a gut. Despite the aging process, he still maintains his sarcastic attitude. Eric Foreman may be 67 now, but he's still the same old funny guy we know and love.

Elvis on Halloween

Time for our final drawing – Elvis on Halloween. This prompt gives us the opportunity to explore a different art style once again. Let's create a chubby version of Elvis and dress him up as a pumpkin. We'll start with a pear-shaped body and give him jet black hair, just like the King himself.

To complete the look, we'll dress Elvis in an orange pumpkin costume. The contrasting black outline will enhance the overall appearance. Our little pumpkin Elvis is a delightful addition to our collection of drawings.


In today's video, we embarked on a random drawing simulator and created some unique and entertaining artwork. From Pair Bob Ross to an aged Eric Foreman and pumpkin Elvis, we let our creativity flow. Remember, art is subjective and fun, so don't be afraid to experiment and embrace imperfections.

Thank you for joining me in this artistic journey. If you enjoyed the video, don't forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel for more exciting content. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram for updates on my creations. Keep practicing your drawing skills and stay creative! See you in the next video!


  1. Explore the world of random drawing simulators
  2. Unleash your creativity and practice your drawing skills
  3. Create unique and imaginative fusions like Pair Bob Ross
  4. Age your favorite TV show characters and give them a new twist
  5. Embrace different art styles and have fun with your drawings
  6. Dress up Elvis as a pumpkin for a festive Halloween touch


Q: Where can I find the random drawing generator mentioned in the video? A: The video didn't provide a specific link, but you can easily find online drawing prompt generators by searching on popular search engines.

Q: Can I use a different drawing software instead of Photoshop? A: Absolutely! The choice of drawing software is entirely up to you. Use whichever program you're comfortable with or explore new ones for a varied experience.

Q: Can I create my own prompts for the random drawing simulator? A: Yes, you can definitely come up with your own drawing prompts. Being creative with your prompts adds a personal touch to your artwork.

Q: Is there a specific technique mentioned for the drawings? A: The video didn't cover specific drawing techniques, but it encouraged experimentation and embracing imperfections. Feel free to explore different techniques that suit your style and enjoy the process.

Q: Are there any recommendations for other random drawing simulators? A: The video didn't mention any specific recommendations, but you can find various drawing prompt generators online that offer a wide range of ideas to spark your creativity.

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