Unlock the Secrets of Interlocking Letter Logos with GIMP

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Unlock the Secrets of Interlocking Letter Logos with GIMP

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Choosing the Right Font
  • Setting up the Document
  • Creating the Letters
  • Adjusting the Overlapping
  • Adding Color to the Logo
  • Exporting the Logo
  • Conclusion



In this tutorial, we will learn how to create simple and eye-catching interlocking letter logos. Logo design is a crucial aspect of branding, and with the right techniques, you can create impactful and memorable logos. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced designer, this tutorial will guide you through the process step by step. So, let's get started!

Choosing the Right Font

Before we dive into creating the logo, it's important to choose the right font. The font you select will greatly impact the overall look and feel of your logo. For this tutorial, we recommend using a lighter weight font that allows for easy intersection of letters. One such font is Arbitron medium, which you can download for free. However, feel free to experiment with different fonts to achieve the desired effect.

Setting up the Document

To begin, open your design software and create a new document. Set the dimensions to 1280 by 1280 pixels, or adjust it according to your preferences. This size provides ample space to work with while maintaining a high-resolution result. Once you've set up the document, we can move on to creating the letters.

Creating the Letters

Using the text tool, select the font you've chosen and create the letters for your logo. For this tutorial, we'll be using the letters "D" and "G." Place each letter on its own layer, ensuring flexibility and easy manipulation. Once you've positioned the letters, we can proceed to adjust their overlapping.

Adjusting the Overlapping

To achieve the interlocking effect, we need to carefully position the letters so that they intersect in a visually pleasing manner. Using the move tool, select the first letter and crop its content. Lower the layer's opacity to see through it and position it to the left. Repeat the process for the second letter, ensuring it intersects with the first letter in an appealing way. Keep in mind that each letter's shape may require some experimentation to find the best intersection point.

Adding Color to the Logo

Now that we have the basic layout of our logo, let's add some color to make it stand out. Select the layer of the letter you want to colorize and go to the "Colors" menu. Choose "Colorize" and adjust the saturation and lightness to your liking. You can experiment with different colors or even input an exact hex code if you have a specific color in mind. Once you're satisfied with the color, merge the layers together and continue refining the logo.

Exporting the Logo

Once you've completed the logo design, it's time to export it for further use. Turn off the visibility of the background layer, ensuring a transparent background for versatility. Crop the content to remove any unnecessary space and save the logo as a PNG file. This file format maintains the transparency, making it suitable for use on websites, mobile applications, and any other medium where the background needs to show through the logo's negative space.


Creating interlocking letter logos requires careful attention to detail and an understanding of design principles. By choosing the right font, positioning the letters effectively, and adding a touch of color, you can create visually striking logos that leave a lasting impression. Remember to experiment and have fun with your designs. With practice, you'll develop your unique style and create logos that truly represent your brand or client. Happy designing!


  • Learn how to create interlocking letter logos
  • Choose the right font to achieve the desired effect
  • Set up the document with the appropriate dimensions
  • Create the letters and position them on separate layers
  • Adjust the overlapping to achieve a visually appealing result
  • Add color to make the logo stand out
  • Export the logo as a transparent PNG file for versatile use
  • Develop your design skills and create impactful logos
  • Experiment with different fonts, colors, and layouts
  • Impress your clients with professional and eye-catching logo designs

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