Unlock the Secrets: Unwritten Rules of FFXIV

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Unlock the Secrets: Unwritten Rules of FFXIV

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Queueing for Extreme and Savage Content
  3. Proper Use of Limit Break
  4. Informing Others if You're New
  5. Avoiding In-Game Mods Discussions
  6. Etiquette for Joining and Leaving Groups
  7. Proper Positioning in Boss Fights
  8. Letting the Tank Pull
  9. Considering Healer's Pace as a Tank
  10. Allowing Players to Watch Cutscenes
  11. Main Tank Responsibility in Raids
  12. Interpretation of Jumping in Raids
  13. Proper FC Invitation Etiquette
  14. Avoiding Emote Spam in Chat
  15. Targeting NPCs/Object Key Bind
  16. Melding Gear for Maximum Effectiveness
  17. Understanding Palm Banders in Deep Dungeon
  18. Efficient Mob Killing in Deep Dungeon
  19. Avoiding Conga Line of Mobs
  20. Participation in Mount-Related Activities
  21. Specific Emotes during Boss Fights
  22. Understanding the Purpose of Farm Parties
  23. Proper Etiquette for Winning Mounts
  24. Sticking Around in a Farm Party
  25. Conclusion

The Unwritten Rules of Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV is a massively popular MMORPG with a vibrant community. While the game has its established rules, there are also unwritten rules that players adhere to. These unwritten rules encompass etiquette, common courtesy, and best practices. In this article, we will delve into the unwritten rules of Final Fantasy XIV and provide a comprehensive guide for both new and experienced players.

1. Queueing for Extreme and Savage Content

One of the most significant unwritten rules in Final Fantasy XIV is not to queue up for extreme or savage content using the duty finder. Instead, it is expected that players will utilize the party finder for these challenging encounters. Lower level extreme trials or savage raids can be completed with an "undersized party" (unsynced), consisting of a smaller group of max-level players. By doing so, players can swiftly and effortlessly progress through the content without lengthy queue times.

2. Proper Use of Limit Break

The use of the limit break ability is a crucial aspect of Final Fantasy XIV combat. When it comes to using the limit break, there are specific guidelines to follow. As a general rule, tanks and healers should avoid using the limit break in dungeons, unless there are three limit break bars and most of the party members are dead. In most cases, the limit break is reserved for DPS players to maximize damage output. It is advisable to use the limit break on bosses when all the bars are full, or on a pack of mobs in the case of an AOE limit break.

3. Informing Others if You're New

When participating in group activities, such as dungeons or trials, it is essential to communicate if you are a new player. By informing others, you give them the opportunity to provide guidance and explain any unfamiliar mechanics. The Final Fantasy XIV community is known for its willingness to help new players, so don't hesitate to speak up if you're unfamiliar with specific content.

4. Avoiding In-Game Mods Discussions

While modifications, or "mods," exist for Final Fantasy XIV, discussing them in-game is generally frowned upon. Topics such as interface changes, visual enhancements, or even cosmetic alterations should be avoided in public chat channels. It is best to keep mod-related discussions in private messages or external forums to maintain a positive and inclusive gaming environment.

5. Etiquette for Joining and Leaving Groups

When joining a group, whether it be for a dungeon or a raid, it is customary to greet your fellow party members with a simple "hi" in the chat. Similarly, when leaving a group, it is polite to say "bye" as a courtesy. These small gestures of communication foster a sense of camaraderie and respect among players.

6. Proper Positioning in Boss Fights

During boss fights, it is crucial not to stand in front of the boss with the tank unless there is a specific mechanic that warrants it. In most cases, standing behind the boss not only ensures a better view but also reduces the risk of being hit by frontal attacks. Following this positioning guideline contributes to smoother and more efficient boss encounters.

7. Letting the Tank Pull

One of the core responsibilities of a tank in Final Fantasy XIV is initiating combat and pulling enemies. As a non-tank player, it is important to let the tank take the lead and decide when to engage enemies. Even if you believe the tank is too slow or not managing the threat well enough, it is best to avoid taking matters into your own hands. Allowing the tank to establish aggro ensures a controlled and organized approach to combat.

8. Considering Healer's Pace as a Tank

As a tank, it is essential to be mindful of your healer's pace. If you notice that the healer is lagging behind, struggling to keep up, or has exhausted their sprint ability, it is considerate to slow down or pause briefly to allow the healer to catch up. Remember that healers have limited mobility compared to tanks, so taking their capabilities into account fosters a better gameplay experience for everyone involved.

9. Allowing Players to Watch Cutscenes

Final Fantasy XIV features engaging storylines and cutscenes that players may want to fully immerse themselves in. If you encounter a party member who is watching a cutscene, it is important to exercise patience and refrain from progressing without them. Disrupting someone's storytelling experience can detract from their enjoyment of the game. Respect their desire to fully engage in the story and wait for them to finish watching the cutscene before proceeding.

10. Main Tank Responsibility in Raids

In raid encounters, coordination and teamwork are vital for success. If you find yourself in a raid where the other tank has not activated their tank stance before engaging the boss, it is your responsibility as the main tank to assume the role. Ensure that you have your shield oats (or equivalent tanking abilities) activated, effectively holding the boss's attention and mitigating incoming damage. By taking the lead in these situations, you contribute to a cohesive and efficient raid group.

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