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Unlock Your Creativity with FREE Color Palettes

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Valentine Color Palette
  3. Cherub Color Palette
  4. Easter Color Palette
  5. Shamrock Color Palette
  6. Bright Color Palette
  7. Celebration Color Palette
  8. Beach Color Palette
  9. Halloween Color Palette
  10. Naberous Color Palette
  11. Randomly Appearing Color Palettes
    • Transmission Color Palette
    • Eminence Color Palette
    • Guitar Color Palette
  12. Conclusion


In the world of Warframe, customization is key. Your Warframe's appearance is a reflection of your style and personality. One way to enhance your visual experience is through the use of color palettes. While many color palettes in Warframe can be obtained with platinum, there are also several non-platinum options available throughout the year. In this article, we will explore the different color palettes you can acquire without spending any platinum. From Valentine's Day to Halloween, we'll cover them all. So, let's dive in and discover the vibrant world of Warframe color palettes.

Valentine Color Palette

During Valentine's Day, the market offers the Valentine color palette for a mere one credit. This romantic-themed palette encompasses a range of pink, brown, and black shades. Whether you're feeling lovey-dovey or want to express your individuality, this color palette has got you covered.

Cherub Color Palette

For those seeking a more vibrant and energetic color palette, look no further than the Cherub color palette. Available during the Valentine's Stradavar event from Ticker at Fortuna, this palette will set you back 25 Familial Debt-Bonds. However, the stunning colors it offers, with its red, purple, yellow, blue, and brown hues, make it a worthy investment for those who want to create a synthwave-inspired look.

Easter Color Palette

As Easter approaches, so does the Easter color palette. Easily obtainable from the market for just one credit, this palette offers a range of dimmer varieties of yellow, blue, purple, red, and various combinations of these colors. While the colors may not be as vibrant as some others, they still harmonize well and are perfect for incorporating into your Warframe's appearance.

Shamrock Color Palette

During the St. Patrick's Day festivities, the Shamrock color palette becomes available on the market for one credit. This palette is a celebration of vibrant colors, with bright greens, oranges, and dark blues taking center stage. The combination of these colors can create a stunning and eye-catching look for your Warframe.

Bright Color Palette

If you're a fan of rainbows, then the Bright color palette is the one for you. It can be obtained from the second week of June until the end of the month for just one credit on the market. This palette features all the colors of the rainbow, ensuring you can create a spectrum of stunning looks for your Warframe.

Celebration Color Palette

Similar to the Bright color palette, the Celebration color palette is available during the same June timeframe for one credit. This palette shares similarities with the Bright color palette but also includes black and white colors. These neutral additions complement the other vibrant shades, providing a versatile palette for your customization needs.

Beach Color Palette

Join in the summertime fun with the Beach color palette. This special palette can be acquired from Nakak during the Dog Days event, typically held in the first or second week of June. It requires 100 Nakak Pearls, which can be farmed in approximately 30 minutes. The Beach color palette encompasses a range of bright colors, from sunny yellows to refreshing cyan blues. Additionally, it offers some dimmer variations of these colors and a valuable off-white shade, which is uncommon in non-platinum color palettes.

Halloween Color Palette

When Halloween approaches, you can unleash your creativity with the Halloween color palette. Available on the market for just one credit, this palette offers a selection of strong and visually appealing colors. From fiery reds and oranges to eerie greens and lime shades, this palette is perfect for crafting a vibrant or Halloween-themed look. Channel your inner Shrek, if you so desire.

Naberous Color Palette

The Naberous color palette is exclusive to the Naberous event, usually held during the first two weeks of October. This palette presents a plethora of purple, orange, and green shades. While not all colors may meet everyone's preference, the Naberous color palette is notable for its inclusion of a deep purple shade that can serve as an alternative to black.

Randomly Appearing Color Palettes

In addition to the event-specific palettes, several color palettes have a random chance to appear throughout the year. These palettes may require some effort, but they are well worth the grind.

Transmission Color Palette

The Transmission color palette can be found in the reward pool of the Nightwave, making it a potentially challenging palette to obtain. It features an array of blue, white, and purple shades, making it a must-have for those who favor a blue-themed aesthetic.

Eminence Color Palette

The Eminence color palette is a personal favorite among many Warframe players thanks to its assortment of captivating purple shades. However, obtaining this palette requires a visit to Baro Ki'Teer and an exchange of 220,000 credits and 220 ducats. The investment may be significant, but the result is an outstanding range of purple hues that will make your Warframe stand out.

Guitar Color Palette

For those seeking a more earthy and muted color palette, the Guitar color palette is worth considering. It can be purchased from Baro Ki'Teer for 300,000 credits and 150 ducats. The palette predominantly features shades of gray, blue, and brown, which may not be the most striking but can be blended effectively with other color palettes. Given that it is free, adding it to your collection is a no-brainer.


While many color palettes in Warframe require platinum, there are numerous non-platinum options available throughout the year. From Valentine's Day to Halloween, and even some random appearances, these color palettes offer a range of hues and shades for you to showcase your personal style. Whether you prefer vibrant and energetic palettes or more subtle and muted shades, Warframe has something for everyone. So, go forth and unleash your creativity, Tenno!


  1. Discover the vibrant world of Warframe color palettes without spending any platinum.
  2. From Valentine's Day to Halloween, explore the seasonal color palettes available to you.
  3. Stand out with the Cherub color palette's synthwave-inspired range of colors.
  4. Create a stunning and eye-catching look with the vibrant greens and oranges of the Shamrock color palette.
  5. Embrace a rainbow of possibilities with the Bright and Celebration color palettes.
  6. Dive into summer with the Beach color palette's bright and refreshing shades.
  7. Craft a Halloween-themed aesthetic with the fiery and eerie colors of the Halloween color palette.
  8. Unleash your creativity with the purple, orange, and green shades of the Naberous color palette.
  9. Grind for the Transmission color palette and become a fan of the blues.
  10. Make a statement with the Eminence color palette's captivating range of purple hues.


Q: Can I only acquire these color palettes during specific events? A: While some color palettes are tied to certain events, there are also random appearances throughout the year, giving you additional opportunities to obtain them.

Q: Are these non-platinum color palettes as good as the platinum ones? A: Certainly! These non-platinum color palettes offer a wide range of vibrant, subdued, and thematic colors that can rival their platinum counterparts. Plus, they provide a more accessible option for players who don't want to spend platinum.

Q: Which color palette would you recommend for a vibrant and eye-catching Warframe design? A: The Bright color palette and Halloween color palette are excellent choices for vibrant and eye-catching looks. The Bright palette covers all the colors of the rainbow, while the Halloween palette offers striking reds, oranges, and greens.

Q: Can I mix and match colors from different palettes? A: Absolutely! Warframe's customization system allows you to freely mix and match colors from different palettes. Experiment and create unique combinations that suit your personal style.

Q: Are there any upcoming non-platinum color palettes to look forward to? A: While there are no guarantees, new non-platinum color palettes occasionally make their debut. Keep an eye on news and announcements from the developers for any upcoming color palette releases.

Q: Can I sell or trade these color palettes? A: Unfortunately, color palettes in Warframe are not tradable or sellable. Once you acquire a color palette, it becomes permanently unlocked for your account's use.

Q: Are there any downsides to using non-platinum color palettes? A: The main downside is that some of these color palettes are only available during specific events or have a chance to appear randomly, requiring some patience and effort to obtain. However, the variety and quality of the colors make it worthwhile for many players.

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