Unlocking the Power of Dalle 3: A Comprehensive Tutorial

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Unlocking the Power of Dalle 3: A Comprehensive Tutorial

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. How to Access Dolly 3
  3. Testing Dolly 3's Abilities
  4. Creating a County Map of New Jersey
  5. Designing an AI Logo
  6. Generating a Photorealistic Image with Dolly 3
  7. Creating a Muscular Female Boxer Image
  8. Challenges with Hand Images
  9. The Limitations of Dolly 3
  10. A Comparison with Other AI Platforms
  11. Dolly 3 in the Context of AI Presentations
  12. Conclusion


Dolly 3, the latest release from the OpenAI team, has generated significant excitement among users. In this article, we'll take an objective look at Dolly 3 and its capabilities. While initial impressions may have been positive, it's important to delve deeper and understand the nuances of this AI model. We'll explore how to access Dolly 3 and provide a step-by-step guide for users. Additionally, we'll test Dolly 3's abilities by requesting various tasks and evaluating its performance. Through this comprehensive analysis, you'll gain a clearer understanding of the strengths and limitations of Dolly 3.

How to Access Dolly 3

To access Dolly 3, there are multiple pathways you can follow. One option is to navigate to bing.com, where you can find the free version of Dolly 3. However, if you prefer a more advanced experience and enhanced features, consider subscribing to Chad GPT 4. By visiting chat.openai.com and signing in, you gain access to Dolly 3 within the Chad GPT platform. It's worth noting that Dolly 3 is currently in beta mode, which means there may still be some refinements and improvements to come. Once you're within Chad GPT with Dolly 3 enabled, you'll discover its ability to understand prompts effectively, thanks to its expertise in large language models.

Testing Dolly 3's Abilities

To truly comprehend Dolly 3's capabilities, it's crucial to subject it to rigorous testing. By exploring its performance across various tasks, we can gauge its strengths and weaknesses. Let's dive into specific use cases and evaluate the outcomes.

Creating a County Map of New Jersey

In an attempt to assess Dolly 3's proficiency, we asked it to create a county map of the state of New Jersey. As a resident with in-depth knowledge of the area, it seemed like an appropriate challenge. Initially, excitement filled the air as the map was generated. However, upon closer inspection, it became apparent that there were significant flaws. The spelling of "New Jersey" was incorrect, and none of the counties depicted matched the actual counties in the state. While Dolly 3 attempted to provide a result matching our prompt, it fell short in accuracy.

Designing an AI Logo

Next, we wanted to test Dolly 3's ability to create a futuristic AI logo for a company called Promo Ambitions AI. Unfortunately, Dolly 3 struggled to accurately interpret our request. Although some of the generated logos were visually appealing, none of them correctly identified the company name. As a result, the logos would require further editing and customization by a skilled designer using programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. While Dolly 3 showcased potential, it did not deliver an optimal outcome for this task.

Generating a Photorealistic Image

The request to generate a photorealistic image of Elon Musk riding a horse yielded disappointing results with Dolly 3. While the AI model was unwilling to create images of specific public figures like Musk, it did suggest generating an image of a generic man riding a horse as an alternative. This response lacked creativity and fell short of expectations. In contrast, other AI platforms were able to produce more vivid and engaging images, making Dolly 3 appear lackluster in comparison.

Creating an Image of a Muscular Female Boxer

Our attempt to generate a photo of a muscular female boxer using Dolly 3 proved to be underwhelming. The images generated resembled poorly-rendered characters from video games, with some failing to portray a female boxer accurately. Dolly 3's performance in this task highlighted its limitations in producing realistic and visually appealing depictions. With alternative AI platforms, such as Mid Journey, offering more impressive and lifelike results, Dolly 3 paled in comparison.

Challenges with Hand Images

Dolly 3 faced difficulties when generating images of hands in response to a request for a businessman shaking hands with a schoolboy. Although the images appeared visually acceptable at first glance, closer examination revealed disproportionate hand sizes. In one example, the boy's hand was significantly smaller compared to the businessman's, resulting in an unrealistic and elongated appearance. This lack of attention to detail suggests a subpar performance by Dolly 3 when it comes to accurately rendering complex features like hands.

The Limitations of Dolly 3

Throughout our testing, Dolly 3 demonstrated limitations that must be considered. While it excels in large language model space, comprehending prompts effectively, its performance in generating accurate and visually pleasing outputs fell short. Dolly 3's generative nature often resulted in outputs that only partially aligned with the intended concept, requiring further refinement and editing. This indicates that user direction and refinement may be necessary to achieve satisfactory results.

A Comparison with Other AI Platforms

When comparing Dolly 3 to other AI platforms like Mid Journey and Adobe, it becomes evident that Dolly 3 is not necessarily superior. While Dolly 3 may offer certain advantages in terms of language understanding, its performance in generating images and visual content lags behind its counterparts. Platforms like Mid Journey and Adobe consistently provide more captivating, realistic, and usable outputs. As such, users should carefully evaluate their specific requirements and consider alternative platforms before fully committing to Dolly 3.

Dolly 3 in the Context of AI Presentations

For those involved in AI presentations, Dolly 3 may not be the most suitable tool for creating educational diagrams or visual aids. Despite its large language model prowess, Dolly 3's output when asked to create a diagram explaining machine learning concepts proved to be subpar. The resulting diagrams lacked clarity and accuracy, offering little value for educational purposes. Presenters and educators would be better served by utilizing other resources and platforms that provide comprehensive and accurate visual representations.


In conclusion, while Dolly 3 generated significant excitement upon its release, a closer examination of its capabilities reveals a mixed bag of results. While it demonstrates proficiency in understanding prompts in the large language model space, Dolly 3 falls short in generating accurate, visually appealing, and contextually appropriate outputs. When compared to other AI platforms, it becomes clear that alternatives such as Mid Journey and Adobe offer more robust and reliable solutions for users seeking high-quality outputs. As Dolly 3 continues to evolve, it may improve upon its current limitations, cementing its place in the AI landscape. However, for now, users should carefully evaluate their needs and consider alternative options before fully embracing Dolly 3.

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