Unlocking the Power: Parallel Honda Generators

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Unlocking the Power: Parallel Honda Generators

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up the Generators
  3. Testing the AC Units
  4. Measuring Amps and Watts
  5. Comparing the Generators
  6. Is Two Generators Better than One?
  7. Considerations for Different Trailer Sizes
  8. The Importance of Load Management
  9. Performance of the Honda Generator
  10. Conclusion


In this article, we will be comparing Honda's new generator with the old generator to see how they perform in parallel. We will test the loads using appliances such as microwaves and AC units to determine if the generators function properly under high load conditions. Additionally, we will examine the accuracy of monitoring devices and discuss the benefits of using a parallel box and the Watchdog for tracking voltage, watts, and amps. We will also provide insights on the performance of the generators, their amp spread, and their effectiveness in managing different loads. By the end, you will have a better understanding of whether using two generators or one larger generator is the better option for your needs.

Setting up the Generators

Before we dive into the testing, let's first discuss how the generators are set up for parallel operation. By using a parallel box, you can easily connect the generators together, regardless of whether you choose to use the Honda parallel box or a custom-made one. The parallel box is essentially a collection of wires that securely connect the generators. It is important not to overthink this setup as it is a simple process. To ensure the electrical system's safety, we recommend using the Watchdog, a monitoring device that allows you to track volts, watts, amps, and more. This device provides accurate measurements and is a significant improvement over other meters on the market.

Testing the AC Units

To test the generators' performance, we will initially turn off the eco mode on both units and then proceed to turn on the AC units. It is crucial to switch off the eco mode when running the AC units to ensure they operate optimally. We will start with a 15K AC unit, which has recently been equipped with a soft start system for smoother operation. As we turn on the AC unit, we observe that the meter on the right, connected to the new generator, occasionally spikes up and then slowly settles. This delayed response is a recurring issue with this particular generator. Despite this, both generators effectively power the AC unit, with a small amp spread of around 2 amps.

Moving on, we will activate a second AC unit, this time a 13.5K one, also equipped with a soft start system. By gradually increasing the load on the generator, we ensure a smooth transition. Similar to the previous test, the generator on the right exhibits a slower reaction time. However, once the load stabilizes, we can observe a slightly wider amp spread of around 3 amps. It is essential to note that the overall performance of both generators is satisfactory, and they handle the AC units efficiently.

Measuring Amps and Watts

To obtain precise measurements of the generators' output, we rely on the Watchdog and handheld meters. Comparing the readings of both devices, we notice that the Honda generator's display, combined with the app, offers accurate information about the output level. The readings on both meters are nearly identical, further confirming the accuracy of the Honda generator's monitoring system. During this test, we must use a bonding plug since the Watchdog is being utilized. However, it should be noted that the parallel box itself is bonded, making it a safe and effective solution.

To assess the generators' performance under higher loads, we proceed to turn on the electric water heater, which draws substantial power. As expected, the meters on both generators spike momentarily and then stabilize. This demonstrates the capability of the generators to handle a high load without any issues. Additionally, we activate the converter, which helps manage and distribute the power in the trailer. It is recommended not to turn on all appliances simultaneously, allowing the load to gradually increase and stabilize.

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