Unpredictable Eye Look Generator Collab!

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Unpredictable Eye Look Generator Collab!

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Collaboration with Gigi loves Beauty 2
  3. The chosen palette: Glam light and Michaela pot 2
  4. Swatching the shades
  5. Applying Beauty kills in the crease
  6. Deepening the outer corner with Stobbies
  7. Adding depth with I love you
  8. Brightening the inner corner with Glazed
  9. Adding a touch of Mama Wang
  10. Completing the eye look
  11. Final thoughts and recommendations
  12. About Glam light and their products
  13. Conclusion

Applying Randomly Chosen Shades to Create an Eye Look

The beauty community on YouTube is no stranger to collaborations and challenges. Today, we are embarking on a unique challenge with our friend Gigi of Gigi loves Beauty 2. Inspired by her previous videos, we are taking the leap and allowing a random number picker to choose the shades we will use to create an eye look. The palette of choice for this challenge is the Glam light and Michaela pot 2 palette. With 30 shades of blues, purples, golds, pinks, and more, this palette offers endless possibilities.

Let's dive into the excitement and see which shades fate has chosen for us. Using a random number picker, we have selected Beauty kills and Mama Wang as our shades for this look. While Beauty kills is a shimmering greenish shade and Mama Wang is a light purple shade, we accept the challenge and embrace the opportunity to step out of our comfort zone.

Starting with Beauty kills, we apply it to the crease using a Luxy brush. Building up the color on the outer corner and halfway over, we blend it seamlessly with a clean brush from Profusion. Next, we deepen the outer corner with Stobbies, a shimmering brown shade. With a tap of the brush, we add depth and dimension to the look.

Moving on to I love you, a shimmering blue shade, we further enhance the beauty of the eye look. This shade gives a pop of color and adds a touch of vibrancy. To brighten up the inner corner and create a beautiful contrast, we use Glazed, a bright white shimmer. Blending it with the previous shade, we create a seamless transition.

Lastly, we introduce Mama Wang, a light purple shade, to tie the entire look together. Using a light hand, we softly apply it to the outer edge, ensuring it blends harmoniously with the other shades. To intensify the color, we wet the brush with a setting spray and apply it under the eye. The final result is a stunning eye look that combines various shades and textures.

To complete the look, we add liner, lashes, and a few final touches. Using Essence lash like a boss mascara on the top lashes and Ulta lash flash on the bottom, we achieve a fluttery effect. A touch of BH power pencil in the inner corner and Essence extreme lasting in the waterline adds depth and definition. To enhance the outer corner, we apply Stobbies to the lower lash line.

After completing the rest of our face, we pause to reflect on the experience. This challenge pushed us out of our comfort zone and allowed us to explore new color combinations. Despite initial hesitation, the chosen shades came together beautifully to create a unique and eye-catching look. We encourage you to embrace challenges and step outside your routine. The world of makeup is all about experimentation and self-expression.

Glam light, the creators of the palette used in this challenge, has a range of stunning products. They have recently made their way to CVS, making their collection even more accessible. If you haven't already, check out their website and explore their offerings. From beautiful palettes like the one used in this challenge to exciting collections like the Chucky palette, there is something for everyone.

In conclusion, this collaboration and challenge with Gigi loves Beauty 2 pushed us to unleash our creativity and embrace the unexpected. We had a blast exploring the Glam light and Michaela pot 2 palette and are thrilled with the final eye look. We hope this inspires you to step outside your comfort zone and experiment with different colors and techniques. Remember, makeup is all about having fun and expressing yourself. Let your creativity shine!


  • Collaborating with Gigi loves Beauty 2 to create a unique challenge
  • Embracing the randomness of a random number picker to select shades from the Glam light and Michaela pot 2 palette
  • Pushing ourselves out of our comfort zone and creating a stunning eye look
  • The beauty and versatility of Glam light's eyeshadows
  • Recommending Glam light's products and exploring their website
  • Encouraging others to embrace challenges and experiment with makeup


Q: Where can I find the Glam light and Michaela pot 2 palette? A: The palette can be found on Glam light's website and is now available at CVS.

Q: Are there any other challenges or collaborations on the horizon? A: We are always open to new challenges and collaborations. Stay tuned for future exciting projects!

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