Unveiling Jake Sully's Family Tree in Avatar 2

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Unveiling Jake Sully's Family Tree in Avatar 2

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Jake Sully: The Protagonist
  3. Tom Sully: The Late Twin Brother
  4. Neytiri: Jake's Love Interest
  5. Itukan: Neytiri's Father
  6. Moat: Neytiri's Mother
  7. Selwanin: Neytiri's Late Sister
  8. Kiri: The Adopted Daughter
  9. Miles "Spider" Sakura: The Adopted Son
  10. Taktiri: The Youngest Biological Daughter
  11. The Future of the Sully Family



In the immensely popular movie franchise Avatar, the character Jake Sully embarks on an adventure that captivated audiences worldwide. Now, after 14 years since the first film, James Cameron is set to release Avatar 2, introducing us to the expanded Sully family. This article takes a deep dive into the family lineage, including Jake and Neytiri's children and other lesser-known family members.

Jake Sully: The Protagonist

Jake Sully, portrayed by Sam Worthington, is the central character of the Avatar franchise. Born on Earth, Jake initially joined the Marines but suffered a severe spinal injury while serving in Venezuela. Paralyzed from the waist down, Jake's life takes a dramatic turn when he assumes his late twin brother's place in the Avatar program on Pandora, a moon inhabited by the indigenous Na'vi species.

Tom Sully: The Late Twin Brother

Tom Sully, Jake's late twin brother, was a scientist involved in the Avatar program. Unfortunately, Tom was tragically killed by a thief during a robbery attempt. The Avatar body grown specifically for Tom can only be operated by someone with the same DNA, leading the Resource Development Administration (RDA) to recruit Jake as a replacement.

Neytiri: Jake's Love Interest

Neytiri, portrayed by Zoe Saldana, is the daughter of the Na'vi clan leaders and becomes Jake's love interest. Neytiri, whose full name is Neytiri Tatsaha Moyete, holds the title of princess within the Matikaya clan and is destined to be the future spiritual leader, or Ta'ik, of the clan. After teaching Jake the ways of the Na'vi, they fall in love and bond under the Tree of Voices, a sacred location for the Na'vi people.

Itukan: Neytiri's Father

Itukan, Neytiri's father, is a significant figure in the family tree of the Sullys. As the former clan leader of the Matikaya clan, he plays an important role in the original Avatar movie. Tragically, Itukan is killed during the RDA's attack on the Na'vi's home tree.

Moat: Neytiri's Mother

Moat is Neytiri's mother and the spiritual leader of the Matikaya clan. As Jake's mother-in-law, she also connects him to the Na'vi people. Moat has the ability to interpret and communicate with Eywa, the deity of Pandora, making her a shaman within the clan.

Selwanin: Neytiri's Late Sister

Neytiri also had a sister named Selwanin. Both Neytiri and Selwanin attended Dr. Grace's school to learn English and human culture. Tragically, RDA soldiers killed Selwanin in front of Neytiri, leading to the Na'vi's abandonment of the schoolhouse and the banishment of humans from the Matikaya clan.

Kiri: The Adopted Daughter

Kiri is Jake and Neytiri's adopted daughter. Born on Pandora, her true parentage remains a mystery. Kiri's human features bear a striking resemblance to Dr. Grace Augustine, leading to speculation of a connection between them. Some theories suggest that Kiri may be a result of Dr. Grace's reincarnation through Eywa.

Miles "Spider" Sakura: The Adopted Son

Miles Sakura, nicknamed "Spider," is another adopted child in the Sully family. He is a human raised as a Na'vi, explaining his blue-striped body and the need for an exopack to breathe. Miles was orphaned on Pandora when his mother, Pass Sakura, was killed during the battle for the Tree of Souls. Although Jake accepted him, Neytiri never fully embraced Miles as part of their family.

Taktiri: The Youngest Biological Daughter

Taktiri is the youngest biological daughter of Jake and Neytiri. Details about her character are limited, but she is seen in the trailer for Avatar 2, arriving at the "Midcanic Land" location and attempting to escape a sinking ship with Neytiri. It remains unclear whether Taktiri has been kidnapped or if she plays a significant role in the film's plot.

The Future of the Sully Family

As the Sully family expands, the future of their lineage is uncertain. With their children facing unique challenges and circumstances, it remains to be seen how their destinies unfold in Avatar 2 and beyond. The intricate relationships and family dynamics promise to add depth to the story, creating a rich tapestry of interwoven characters.

Pros and Cons


  • The article provides an in-depth exploration of the Sully family, including both main and supporting characters.
  • It offers insights into the relationships and dynamics within the family, generating intrigue for fans of the Avatar franchise.
  • The article hints at potential plot developments, piquing the reader's curiosity about the upcoming film.


  • The article relies heavily on information from the trailer, meaning some details may change or evolve in the final movie.
  • Certain aspects of the family tree, such as the origins of Kiri and the future of Miles, remain speculative, leaving room for interpretation.
  • The article focuses primarily on the Sully family, potentially neglecting other significant characters in the Avatar franchise.


  • James Cameron's highly anticipated Avatar 2 will introduce an expanded Sully family.
  • The Sully family tree includes Jake and Neytiri's children, as well as other important family members.
  • The intricate relationships and dynamics within the Sully family promise to add depth to the story.
  • The future of the Sully family remains uncertain, with unique challenges faced by each member.
  • Fans of the Avatar franchise eagerly await the release of Avatar 2 to see how the family's story unfolds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will Avatar 2 focus primarily on the Sully family? A: While the Sully family plays a significant role, Avatar 2 will also explore other aspects of the Pandora world and its inhabitants.

Q: Are there any new characters in Avatar 2 who are not part of the Sully family? A: Yes, Avatar 2 will introduce new characters and expand the world beyond the Sully family, providing a broader narrative scope.

Q: Will the family drama in Avatar 2 be akin to other popular franchises like Star Wars? A: It is speculated that James Cameron aims to incorporate family drama, similar to the dynamics seen in Star Wars, within the Avatar franchise.

Q: Are there any hints about the potential plot developments involving Miles Sakura? A: The trailer suggests that Miles Sakura may play a pivotal role, possibly as a traitor or someone manipulated into betraying his family and siding with humans.

Q: How many children do Jake and Neytiri have in total? A: Jake and Neytiri have a total of five children - two adopted (Kiri and Miles Sakura) and three biological (Nathan, Loak, and Taktiri).

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