Unveiling the Gross Devil Fruits in One Piece

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Unveiling the Gross Devil Fruits in One Piece

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Creating the Silicone Molds 2.1 Using Brush-On Moldable Silicone
  3. Making the Chocolate Shells 3.1 Adding Luster Dust for Coloring 3.2 Sealing the Chocolate Shells
  4. Filling the Devil Fruits 4.1 The Ope Ope Devil Fruit 4.2 The Maramera Devil Fruit 4.3 The Barabara Devil Fruit 4.4 The Gum Gum Devil Fruit
  5. Taste Testing with Friends
  6. Conclusion

Creating Disgusting Devil Fruits: A Fun and Gross Culinary Adventure

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to taste the devil fruits from the popular anime series, One Piece? Well, wonder no more! In this article, we will take you on a culinary adventure where we recreate these devil fruits with a twist – they will be intentionally disgusting! Join us as we delve into the process of creating these disgusting devil fruits and witness the reactions of our brave friends who will be trying them. Get ready for some revolting flavors and hilarious reactions!


Devil fruits are a central element in the world of One Piece, granting extraordinary powers to those who consume them. These fruits come in various flavors and forms, each with its unique abilities. To bring these devil fruits to life, we embarked on an unusual culinary experiment – creating replicas of the devil fruits that taste as repugnant as possible. We wanted to explore the boundaries of taste and challenge our friends' palates with these vile concoctions. So, let's dive into the process of creating these devil fruits and see what surprises await!

Creating the Silicone Molds

To begin our devil fruit adventure, we needed to create molds that would allow us to shape the chocolate shells into the desired form. For this task, we opted for a brush-on moldable silicone technique. This method involved applying layers of silicone onto a pre-existing mold, carefully brushing it on to capture all the intricate details of the devil fruits. We had to exercise patience and precision during this process as even a small mistake could ruin the molds. After 24 to 36 hours of curing, we successfully obtained beautiful silicone molds ready for the next step.

Making the Chocolate Shells

With the molds ready, it was time to bring the devil fruits to life using chocolate. We melted white chocolate and added luster dust – edible colored powders – to create vibrant and distinct shades for each devil fruit. The flavors were carefully chosen to match the appearance of the fruits. Tangerine for the Barabara fruit, red for the Maramera fruit, purple for the Gum Gum fruit, and a deep red for the Ope Ope fruit. After pouring the colored chocolate into the molds, we let them cool and solidify.

Sealing the Chocolate Shells

To complete the devil fruits, we needed to seal the two halves of the chocolate shells together. This proved to be a challenging task as the molds didn't always align perfectly. To overcome this obstacle, we used the heat from a plate in the microwave to level out each half before joining them with melted chocolate. We reinforced the seams with additional chocolate to ensure a secure bond. Finally, we applied more luster dust mixed with Everclear to enhance the colors and give the devil fruits a vibrant and enticing appearance.

Filling the Devil Fruits

Now that our devil fruits looked the part, it was time to fill them with repulsive concoctions that would surprise and disgust our friends. Each devil fruit had a unique filling designed to match its appearance and evoke a strong reaction. The Ope Ope fruit was filled with blue cheese and pear, creating a pungent and tangy combination. The Maramera fruit contained a cinnamon-infused chocolate pudding with a habanero kick, providing a fiery and unexpected taste. The Barabara fruit served as a refreshing palette cleanser with its lemon balm filling, reminiscent of a sour warhead candy. Lastly, the Gum Gum fruit hid an unusual blend of peanut butter and squid, presenting a bizarre yet intriguing flavor combination.

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