Unveiling the Kobold Press Gen Con 2023 Booth

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Unveiling the Kobold Press Gen Con 2023 Booth

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Cobalt Press
    • Animated Spell and Tarot Cards
    • Humblewood Campaign Setting
    • Adventure to the Big Bads
    • Hit Point Press
  3. Tales of the Valiant
    • What Makes Tales of the Valiant Special
    • The Alpha Release
    • Plans for the Future
  4. Tome of Beasts
    • The Fresh Coat of Paint
    • Regular Edition vs Pocket Edition
  5. Waste of Chaos
    • Partner Adventure Anthology
    • Apocalyptic Eldritch Setting
    • Choosing Your Flavor of Apocalypse
  6. Campaign Builder Series
    • Campaign Builder: Cities and Towns
    • Campaign Builder: Castles and Crowns (Upcoming)
  7. Tales of the Valiant on Kickstarter
    • Pre-Ordering and Backing on Kickstarter
  8. Favorite Moments of Gen Con
    • Connection with Fans
  9. Conclusion

Cobalt Press: Bringing Exciting 5D Content to Gen Con


As Gen Con 2023 reaches its final day, the gaming community is buzzing with excitement. Amidst the animated spell and tarot cards, the captivating Humblewood campaign setting, and thrilling adventures to the big bads, one company stands out as the go-to destination for amazing 5D content – Cobalt Press. In this article, we will explore the highlights of Cobalt Press and their offerings at Gen Con.

Cobalt Press

Cobalt Press is a renowned name in the gaming industry, providing unique and immersive experiences for tabletop RPG enthusiasts. With an impressive range of products, they have captured the hearts of gamers worldwide. Let's delve into some of their most exciting offerings.

Animated Spell and Tarot Cards

One of the standout features of Cobalt Press is their collection of animated spell and tarot cards. These beautifully crafted cards bring magic to life, adding an extra layer of immersion to your game sessions. Whether you're a spellcaster looking to cast your spells in style or a game master wanting to enhance your storytelling, these cards are a must-have addition to your gaming arsenal.

Humblewood Campaign Setting

Adventure awaits in the enchanting world of Humblewood. Cobalt Press's Humblewood campaign setting is a fantastical realm filled with anthropomorphic animals and captivating stories. Players can take on the roles of heroic birdfolk, clever foxes, and many other unique creatures as they embark on epic quests and face formidable challenges. With stunning artwork and rich lore, Humblewood is a setting that will keep both players and game masters captivated for hours on end.

Adventure to the Big Bads

If you crave thrilling adventures filled with danger and excitement, Cobalt Press has you covered with their "Adventure to the Big Bads" series. These award-winning adventures take players on epic quests to defeat powerful enemies and save the world. From treacherous dungeons to breathtaking landscapes, each adventure is meticulously designed to provide unforgettable experiences for players of all skill levels.

Hit Point Press

Another notable collaboration of Cobalt Press is with Hit Point Press. This partnership brings together the best of both worlds – Hit Point Press's incredible 5D content and Cobalt Press's creative flair. From spellbooks and items to campaign settings and adventures, Hit Point Press is your one-stop shop for all your gaming needs.

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